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Epilogue: Candles and Diamonds

The flames of the tall scented candles which where resting in a three-fork candle-stick flickered in the dimly lit room, and spread their beautiful lavender smell around the room.

Kaoru paced the living room nervously, constantly checking to see if anything was missing.

She checked the table again.

Candles; check. Roses; check. Plates and silverware; check. Handkerchiefs; check.

She nervously adjusted the roses in their vase, and perfected the fold of the table cloth.

Her brain went across the events of the last couple of months as she worked.

Kenshin had stayed in the ICU for nearly five weeks until the doctors were satisfied. And during those five weeks she had never left his side. She had even slept in the hospital, and only returned home for an hour or two each day.

Her friends had visited too, and they had all been very uncomfortable around Kenshin, especially Sanosuke; the poor guy hadn't been able to look Kenshin in the eye at all until Kenshin told him it was okay.

And then of course Kenshin had asked her for answers, she knew she would have to tell him sooner or later, but she still dreaded it.

Yet, Kenshin's reaction to the whole thing amazed her; he wasn't the little bit upset. He told her he understood how she must've felt, and she had every right to do what she had done, but only wished that she'd have more faith and trust in him in the coming days. That set her on tears again, and Kenshin was granted the job of soothing her and comforting her.

Even after he was released, the doctors had forbidden him from going to work; he had to rest. Working so soon would exhaust him a lot.

And now, after three weeks from returning home, Kenshin had finally resumed his work.

She missed having him around the house the whole day, even though she had ended up wearing herself out to make him feel comfortable.

But she had seized the opportunity to whip up a fabulous romantic dinner for him-she didn't cook though, she didn't want to send Kenshin back to the ICU in an ambulance, so she had ordered Italian Cuisine.

Yes, he had forgiven her, but she didn't feel that her apologies were enough; she had to do something special for him.

She checked herself in the floor-length mirror again.

She was wearing a sleeveless, long, silk black dress, which was tight around the chest while the rest swirled loosely around her body and pooled around her feet.

Her hair hung loose and was pulled back slightly by an elegant silver comb. She had also attached her favorite tear-drop diamond earrings to her ears.

Her make-up consisted of a thin layer of pink lipstick, and a little blusher dabbed on the cheeks-Kenshin always said how much he preferred her without make-up, and there was no need to do the opposite.

The sound of the keys opening the lock made her jump. She quickly sprayed perfume around her wrists and against her neck, and then went to meet Kenshin at the door.

He was just shutting the door when she stepped into the hallway.

'Hi' she whispered.

Kenshin quickly put his hands behind his back, as if hiding something. 'Hi!' he said. 'Hey, is that a new dress?'

'Yeah' she replied, performing a quick spin in front of him. 'How does it look?'

'It's gorgeous, and it's you who's making it look so' he told her, smiling.

Kaoru blushed slightly. 'Thanks' she said softly. 'Now come on in'

Kenshin followed her inside. He was about to ask her about the reason behind her dressing-up, when his gaze fell on the table set for two in the center of the living room.

'Kaoru…' he started.

'Surprise!' she chirped, and she hugged him. 'Like it?'

'But…why?' he sputtered, as she let go.

'For you being the best husband a woman could ever have' she told him, smiling affectionately.

'Oh, Kaoru…' he whispered, and started to hug her too, but paused, and grinned. 'Oh, by the way, I've got a surprise for you too'

She frowned. 'Really? What is it?' she asked.

'This' he said, pulling out a thin box from behind his back. Kaoru watched curiously as he opened it for her. 'For you'

Kaoru gasped as the box opened to reveal a beautiful diamond necklace lying on the folds of the white satin.

'Kenshin, this…this…' she whispered.

'Do you like it? I spent hours trying to figure out which one to buy' he told her, smiling happily.

Kaoru's eyes leaked with tears and she bit her bottom lip. 'Oh, Kenshin, you're so stupid' she choked.

'Huh?' he said, confused.

'After all what I've done to you, you go and buy me a diamond necklace?' she said.

'I…d-did you want something else? I could get you a whole set of diamonds if you want' he said, totally missing the point.

'No!' she said, the tears starting to wet her cheeks. 'I…I just don't deserve this from you…I've hurt you and instead of hating me you go and get me a diamond necklace!'

'Oh, Kaoru, please don't cry' he pleaded, pulling her into his arms. 'And you deserve it, you really do…you even deserve more than this'

'No, I don't' she sobbed into his shoulder.

'Yes, you do' he replied. 'And I should know so, because I love you, Kaoru'

She looked up at him. 'I love you too, Kenshin' she whispered.

'Good, now let's see you wipe away those tears and try on the necklace to see if I've got good taste' he said, grinning.

Kaoru laughed and dried her tears. She faced the mirror they had in the living room. She bent her head and lifted up her hair. Kenshin slowly pulled on the necklace around her neck.

When he was done, she looked up.

'Oh, my God, Kenshin! It's amazing!' she whispered.

He rested his chin against her bare shoulder and they both stared into the mirror.

'See? What did I tell you? Do I have a good taste or what?' he said, drawing his hands around her from the back.

'Mmm' she murmured, putting her hands over his. 'Kenshin?'

'Yes, Kaoru?' he whispered.

'I've got another surprise for you' she whispered back.

Slowly, gently, she pulled both his hands and placed them on her stomach.

Kenshin paused, and then comprehension dawned upon his face.

'You're…Oh, my God! Kaoru, you're pregnant!' he exclaimed.

Kaoru smiled a bit shyly and met his gaze in the mirror.

'Are you happy?' she asked timidly.

'Happy?' he repeated, moving his hands over her stomach. 'Kaoru, I'm soaring!'

He whirled her around so she would face him. He cupped her face between his hands.

'We're gonna have a baby! A baby! Can you imagine that!' he cried, his eyes twinkling with joy. 'Oh, that's incredible! You're incredible, Kaoru!'

Kaoru laughed with merriment.

And as he pulled her face forward to kiss her, Kaoru felt all her worries and grief being washed away.

After all, what more could a couple ask for?

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