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A/N: Just in case I have newbies to the show reading this, P3, is the club owned by Piper. Also, Piper and the other two Charmed Ones(Paige and Phoebe), know Chris is Piper's son from the future.

A/N 2: I could not remember the manager of P3's name so I named him Sam, his name is mentioned and that's all, I never let him talk, so basically he is the prefect man, lol.

Insignia: means the sign of the Charmed Ones, which in fact in the shape known as the Trinity, or Power of Three.

This is my second attempt at a Charmed fanfic. The first was a one shot, titled Barbas Chronicles. Now that I got my nervous jitters out of the way (NOT!) I decided to try to write another one.

Epilogue is just to explain Pandora's myth, so my story will make sense, lol.

Epilogue: Pandora.

To Prometheus the Titan and to his brother Epimetheus was

committed the task of making man and all other animals, and of

endowing them with all their needful abilities. This Epimetheus did,

and his brother overlooked the work. Epimetheus first gave to the

different animals their several gifts of courage, strength,

swiftness and cunning. He gave wings to one, claws to another,

a shell covering to the third. Man, superior to all other

animals, came last. But for man Epimetheus had nothing,-- he had

bestowed all his gifts elsewhere already. He came to his brother for

help, and Prometheus, with the aid of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, went up to heaven, lighted his torch on the chariot of the sun-god Apollo, and brought down

fire to man. Fire enabled him to make weapons to subdue wild beasts,

tools with which to till the earth. With fire he warmed his

dwelling and bid defiance to the cold. With fire, man was more than equal to all other

animals, and reveled only the gods themselves.

Woman had yet to be made. The story is, that Zeus made her, and

sent her to Prometheus and his brother, to punish them for their

presumption in stealing fire from heaven; and man, for accepting

the gift. The first woman was named Pandora. She was made in

heaven, every god contributing something to perfect her. Aphrodite

gave her beauty, Hermes persuasion, Apollo music. Thus

equipped, she was conveyed to earth, and presented to Epimetheus,

who gladly accepted her, though cautioned by his brother to

beware of Zeus and his gifts. Zeus had given Pandora a box, and told her never to open it, but one day, Pandora was seized with an eager curiosity( a gift given to her by Zeus), to know what this box contained; and one day she slipped off the cover and looked in.

Forthwith there escaped a multitude of plagues for the hapless man,--

such as gout, rheumatism, and colic for his body, and envy,

spite, and revenge for his mind, death and deceit-- and scattered themselves far

and wide. Pandora hastened to replace the lid; but, alas! The

whole contents of the jar had escaped, one thing only excepted,

which lay at the bottom, and that was HOPE. So we see till this

day, whatever evils are abroad, hope never entirely leaves us;

and while we have that, no amount of other ills can make us

completely wretched.

Chapter 1: Back to the Past.. Again

"Maria. Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Rosanna.

"No, but I have no other choice." answered the young 16 year old brunette.

"Yes you do, you can wait for Chris to return!"

"What if he never returns?" asked Maria.

"That will never happen, ok it might. But Maria this is crazy!"

"Look all I have to do is go back in time, and prevent Pandora from opening that stupid box."

"Maria, I still caution you against this, undoing something in the past, could have catastrophic affects for our future." said Rosanna. She had to talk Maria out of doing this, it could open up a can of worms too big for even them to survive.

"Will you quit worrying, I have thought this out, and it will work."

"Have you thought this out? Let's not forget you may not exist if you succeed."

"So I will say goodbye now then." she said sadly. "Rosanna I have no choice, Wyatt is going to kill my father tomorrow!"

"I know, and I am very sorry for that, but there is more at stake here and you know it, what about the prophecy?"

"The odds of that thing coming true, are about as good as me marrying Wyatt."

"Eww, on so many levels." said Rosanna. "But if it does come true, you will have killed our friend, and his mother!"

"Look if it goes bad, I will kill myself rather than hurt them, alright?"

"You have the spell, right?" she asked, as she gave in to her charge. "You know the one Chris used to go back?"

"Yes I have it." Maria answered. "I reworded it so it would work for me."

"You what?" asked Rosanna. "You know how dangerous changing a spell is, what if something goes wrong."

"Relax it won't, remember I had a good teacher who taught me magic."

"Yeah, well that's first nice thing you have said about her in years."

"Yeah, I must be slipping cause I hate her."

"Yeah, I know. What did your dad say when you told him you were doing this?" asked Rosanna "Or did Wyatt block you from seeing him again?"

"No I saw him. He said to be careful." said Maria, as she turned to finish drawing the Charmed insignia on the wall.

"You didn't tell him did you?"

"No I didn't." she said, smiling at the fact that she had forgotten her best friend and mentor was an empath.


"Look I just have to trust that he will understand. I am doing this for the greater good, something he should understand. And I am doing it to save him." said Maria. "Now go stand over there, so I can go, and get back before dinner."

"As long as you realize, that in doing this, you and your father may cease to exist without some kind of evil."

"It's a chance I am willing to take to get rid of Wyatt's evil. And bring our Chris some happiness, we both know he deserves it after all he has been through."

"That is true. " she said trying not to remember the hurt that Wyatt had inflicted on his younger brother. "Alright, I know I can't talk you out of it. Your just like your mother!"

"Don't say that, I hate her!" yelled Maria.

"Yeah, well she still loves you!" yelled Rosanna. "And so do I, so please be careful."

"I will, ain't I always?"


"Oh shut up, I will be back in a flash." she said as she unfolded the paper she had just taken out of her pocket. She walked over to the Charmed sign she had etched on the wall with chalk. She she stood in front of it she chanted the words:

Hear these words, hear the rhyme

Heed the hope within my mind.

Send me back to where I'll find

What I need in Pandora's time.

As she spoke the last words the insignia on the wall started glowing bright white, and opened to reveal a blue portal. Maria walked into the portal, and prayed her friend couldn't hear her heart beating, or feel her fear.

As Rosanna watched her best friend disappear in the portal, she knew she should have tried harder to stop Maria, but she knew that there as no way to stop Maria when she got something in her head. Wait there is someone who she would have listened to, I need Chris!

Rosanna stepped forward, and chanted the words she knew by heart:

Hear these words, hear the rhyme

Heed the hope within my mind.

Send me back to where I'll find

What I wish in place and time.

As she watched the portal opened she realized she had one shot at making her mistake work out for the better good. Maria was out of control, Bianca was dead, and Wyatt was as terrible as ever. And she needed Chris to help her sort it all out. She took a deep breathe and ran into the portal.

Chris walked down the steps of P3, carrying a small box of CD's. He had promised his mom he would drop them off. He had wanted to just orb them there, but she said the manager Jerry, would be there, cause they were receiving shipment from the wine distributor around noon today.

He looked around and didn't see Jerry anywhere. He walked over to the bar, and reached behind the counter-top to get the keys to the back room. He walked back toward the door, he opened the door and flipped the light-switch, and placed the box on the shelf with the other CD's.

Flipping the light back off, he walked back through the door, pulling the door closed behind him, he locked it back up. He remembered the last time he had been back here. It was the night Phoebe outed him as Piper second son. He knew Phoebe from his future, and had known that it would be her that would figure out the truth first.

He also knew in the future, she was a lot different than she was now, in fact they didn't get along too well in the future. But while he was getting to know his mom and dad, he had also gotten to know his two aunts better as well. And as a result, he knew it would change how he saw her in his future.

Paige was also a different person from who she is in his future. Here she is more carefree, not so worried about everything. Then again, in his future, they had all lost Piper, and none of them had ever recovered from it.

He made is way back to the bar and placed the keys back. As he turned and began walking toward the exit, he was only 20 feet form the bar, when a bright blue light flash in his face, and something hit him hard in the chest, throwing him back against the bar, hard!

He hit the floor. The wind was knocked out of him, and he looked down to see what had hit him, half expecting another attack from the whatever demon of the week He was unsure of what had just happened, but the blue light looked familiar. His eyes fell on what appeared to be a woman, her blond hair was all up in her face, praying it wasn't some demon, he reached out to her, "Are you alright?"

As she pulled herself off of him, she brushed her hair out of her face. "Yeah, I'm fine, it was a rougher landing than I had expected. Oh God!" she said looking at Chris for the first time. "Chris, don't yell, I can explain!"


"I had to come, it's Maria."

"What happened? Did Wyatt hurt her?" Chris said as he picked himself up of the floor, and reached down for her.

"No, not this time, anyway." she said as she took his hand, and he pulled her up. "She went back in time."

"She what? Why didn't you stop her!"

"You know Maria, you know once she gets an idea in her head, no one can talk her out of it."

"Yeah, she's that much like her mom."

"Yeah, don't I know it."

"Alright how far did she go back, maybe I can go after her."

"She went back too far for even you to travel, she went back to ancient Greece."

"What on earth for?"

"To stop Pandora from opening the box, and releasing evil, thus preventing your big brother from turning evil." she said in a rushed way. "Something you should understand!"

"Yeah, and what else? Come on I can tell by your face there is more."

"Maria's father is sentenced to die tomorrow."

"No wonder she took the risk." said Chris, if anybody could understand the need to save a parent, it was Chris. Although saving Piper wasn't the reason he came back. "Alright, we need the Charmed Ones, maybe they can help us."

"Alright let's go," she said as they both orbed out.

Halliwell Manor ...

Chris and Rosanna orbed into the living room of the Halliwell Manor, he looked around and noticed no one was in the room. "Mom!"

"Coming!" yelled Piper from upstairs.

"What? Oh yeah, I forgot she was alive here." she said, then noting the pained look on Chris' face said. " Sorry, I didn't mean it like that."

"Yeah I know, big shock for me too." he said.

"So do they all know who you are?"

"Yeah, Phoebe figured it out, and then so did everyone else." he grinned. He could hear footsteps coming from upstairs. "Even Leo."

"So how do you two get along here?"

"Who me and Leo" asked Chris. Rosanna nodded, so he answered, "You know as well as I do, that there is no love lost between me and him, but getting to know him, in this life, before I am even born, makes me hope things are different between us when I get to go home."

"I hope so too Chris, for your sake, and his."

They looked to the double doors just as Piper walks in, "Hey Chris, what's up? Who's she?"

"She's .." he started before catching the look from Rosanna. "Look I have to tell her, cause we need their help."

"Tell me what?" asked Piper, as she looked from her son to the mystery girl.

"Alright, my name is Rosanna." she said, making it clear to Chris that it was all she as going to say.

"She's from my future."

"Chris!" yelled Rosanna."Alright, alright, your right, we need their help to get Maria back."

"Whose Maria?"

"She's ... a friend of ours." said Rosanna, and after glancing at Chris, continued. "She went back into the past."

"Oh not again." said Piper.

"Hey what's going on?" asked Paige as she came into the room. "Whose she?"

"She Rosanna, and she's from Chris' future." answered Piper.

"Another one?"

"Yea another one!" said Chris. "Look, can we discuss this later, we have to get Maria back!"

"Alright Chris," said Piper. "We will get her back, now how far did she go?"

"Back to ancient Greece, to prevent Pandora from opening the box. Thus preventing Wyatt from being evil." answered Rosanna, as if she had rehearsed it a million times.

"So it's true, he is evil." said Piper. Even though Chris had told her, she still hoped it wasn't true somehow, but in her heart and in his eyes, she knew it was true.

"Yeah, I'm sorry Piper, but it is true." said Rosanna

"Wait, you know me?" asked Piper.

"Yeah, I do." said Rosanna, realizing she had just made a huge mistake. Thinking fast she added, "At least I feel like I do, from what Chris has told me."

Chris looked at Rosanna, he knew she just lied, but he also knew why. He could still remember the day that he, Bianca, Rosanna and Maria had come up with the plan to send Chris back into the past to prevent Wyatt from turning evil. Even knowing what would happen to Bianca in the process, he felt sure that if he had to do it all over again, he would, especially if I got back to the future, and had actually succeeded.

"So Pandora really does exist?" asked Paige, breaking the awkward silence. "I thought it was just a myth."

"For the most part it is, at least the Gods part of it." said Rosanna. "People back then, as it is now, didn't understand magic. The Gods as they were called, where witches, warlocks, Elders, white-lighters, and of course demons."

"Yeah, I figured that." said Paige.

"So what is this box actually?" asked Piper.

"Oh the box part is not a myth, it in fact is a box that holds trapped evil spirits, that were trapped by your ancestors actually. It was opened by a young woman, who was tricked by a evil Warlock." answered Rosanna.

"Alright, how can we help?" asked Piper

"We need the power of three." said Rosanna. "It's the only power strong enough to go back that far. You three have to go back in time."

"How is it that Maria was powerful enough to go back?" asked Piper, looking at her son and then at Rosanna. "Unless I am mistaken the Power of Three doesn't exist in the future."

"Your right, it doesn't. Maria is part witch and part something else. Please don't make me tell you, cause you can't know. All I can tell you for sure, is her other half, won't hurt you."

"Good to know," said Piper.

"Yeah." said Paige. "I'll go call Phoebe at work, tell her we need her."

"Thanks." said Rosanna.

"Don't think us yet, we have to figure out how to do it." said Piper.

"Yeah, and usually that's the easy part." joked Paige.

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