Wheels upon Wheels

Chapter 1 :Arrival

Disclaimer : Wheel of Time belongs to Robert Jordan, and no one else. This story may not be used for profit by anybody, not even me.

In my sleep, I moved around trying to get in a more comfortable position. I absently knocked my empty coke bottle on the ground, then left my arm dangling in the grass, more in comfort in my new position.

It took more than a few seconds from my sleep-clouded mind to react to the new stimuli, but it did eventually get me to react.

'Wait a minuteā€¦ Grass ?'

I shot up at that point, also realizing that I couldn't hear the boring voice of my psychology teacher, or that the usual clatter of class was replaced by the song of forest life. I had been resting on a large and somewhat flat rock, believing it to be my school desk.

I figured out with a quick look around that I wasn't even in the same country, as the climate could tell in a second. It had been winter and full of snow at home, while my new location was as temperate as summer.

After a minute of thinking, I came up with three possible conclusions : one, I had been somehow teleported a large distance south, two, I had gone back in time more then five hundred years, or three, I was in a completely different world.

Among these I pinned my hopes on number one as, in that case, I could probably buy at least a phone call to my parents, and get help. The other two options meant no outer help was available.

I quickly gathered everything, making a quick mental list of all my possessions : winter coat, schoolbag, school notes, even the empty coke bottle. I quickly realized that everything I owned in that fateful class had made the trip with me. I put everything in my schoolbag, as the climate was way too hot for me to be wearing my coat, and because I wouldn't know what could be useful or not.

I choose a direction and started walking, hoping to get out of this forest, and into civilization, soon.