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Chapter 3

As the credits rolled for the movie, Michelangelo had to admit that he felt much better. He had allowed his mind and body to relax and was no longer stressing over the earlier episodes in the kitchen. Donatello had not had any more problems with the sauce throughout the movie.

"Maybe I am making too big a deal out of this." Michelangelo thought to himself, "Everybody has areas that are harder for him or her to learn to do. I have problems understanding Donnie's science, Raph has trouble learning manners, and even Leo must have something he has difficulties with. So what that Donnie is having trouble learning to cook. He is always taking things slowly for me and I will just take it slowly for him. Coolness. I can do this."

After his own little pep talk to himself, Michelangelo walked towards the kitchen while putting his apron back on. He was now ready to instruct his bro on the finer points of spaghetti meat and noodles. Fortunately for Michelangelo, he did not hear his other two brother's placing bets on the outcome of this meal.

"Donnie are you ready to finish dinner?" he said bounding into the kitchen.

"You bet I am." Donatello said, "Check out this sauce bro. It has been agitated to a farthing of an hour at the appropriate calefaction."

"Come again Dude?"

"I stirred the sauce every fifteen minutes at the correct temperature. I tasted it and it is delicious Mikey."

"Um…excellent Don." Michelangelo commented while washing his hands, "Now put the sauce on the lowest temperature so it stays warm while we start with the meatballs. Go and get the five pounds of ground beef and the eight Italian sausage links out of the fridge. Good. Now I always rinse the meat off before cooking. You never know who packaged the meat or how clean they were dude. Totally gross-ular!"

"Nice to know you care about sanitation and hygiene Mikey." Donnie said impressed.

"Of course bro. Who'd want to eat food packaged by somebody who had just picked his or her nose? Gross out city." Michelangelo said, "Now take the Italian sausages and smash them into a bowl and then add the ground beef and mix completely. Then roll the meat into quarter sized balls."

"Check." Donatello said beginning his new task.

"Good. Now you will place your meatballs in this large casserole dish that I have already covered in tin foil which will help with clean up later. Put in two teaspoons of olive oil so the meatballs won't stick to the pan and place them in the oven on 350 degrees. The meatballs will cook for thirty minutes."

"Check." Donatello said.

"When there is only ten minutes left to go on the meatballs you fill this large pot with water and one teaspoon of olive oil. Bring the water to a boil and then add this whole, large box of spaghetti noodles. Boil the noodles for five to seven minutes and…Voila! Dinner is served. You got that Donnie?" Michelangelo instructed.

"Got it."

"Alright. I know you can do this because this is the easiest part so I will leave you to do this on your own while I make the salad in the next room and set the table."

"Are you sure Mikey?" Donatello questioned.

"You can do this Donnie. I'm sure of it. Just follow all of my directions to the letter and Sensei and the others will be singing your praises. Call me when dinner's on." Michelangelo said as he left the kitchen with the salad and dinner setting supplies.


Donatello did as he was instructed. He was quite proud of the perfectly quarter sized meatballs he constructed. However, instead of measuring the olive oil out as he had been instructed, he poured in way too much. He didn't think this would be a problem because all of his bros loved the taste of olive oil. What was a little too much anyway? It only added to the flavor right? He then carefully placed his precious meatballs in the properly heated oven and set the timer.

"I'll just get the water ready in the pot so it will be done when it is time to start the noodles." Donatello thought, "But this pot that Mikey picked doesn't seem big enough to hold the noodles that the five of us will eat. I'll just get another pot."

Unfortunately, our favorite scientist began exploring and found a neat little gizmo that peaked his interest…a pressure cooker.

"Perfect." Donatello said out loud, "It even has a lid so the water comes to a boil faster."

After twenty minutes the timer went off and Donatello placed the water/oil combination on a stove eye set on high. He decided that it also wouldn't hurt to go ahead and add the noodles as well and placed the lid on the pressure cooker.

After ten minutes several things happened at once. Donatello smelled something burning and opened the oven to see the meatballs on fire thanks to having too much oil in the pan. He quickly turned off the oven and desperately started fanning the burning pan with his apron only to catch the apron on fire as well. Then the pressure cooker started bouncing dangerously on the stove.

"MIKEY!!!" Donnie screamed throwing the apron on the floor and backing away to the opposite side of the kitchen. He accidentally knocked the glass jar of the spaghetti sauce onto the floor and shattering it into tiny pieces.

Michelangelo raced into the kitchen and took in the situation in a blink. He then grabbed his older brother and pulled him out of the kitchen just before the pressure cooker exploded sending water, noodles and shrapnel throughout the kitchen and dousing the fire. Michelangelo stood up and winced in pain since he had several pieces of glass embedded in the bottom of one of his feet and looked into his devastated kitchen to see noodles dripping down from the ceiling, water and glass everywhere, and the burnt remains of an apron and meatballs. Leonardo, Raphael, and their Sensei came racing around the corner for they had heard the explosion as well and took in the devastation in shock. All eyes turned towards a very shaken, uninjured Donatello.

"Um…oops," he offered sheepishly.

Splinter quickly took charge of the situation seeing that Michelangelo had reached his breaking point. His whole body was trembling with anger and adrenaline.

"My son you are injured," Sensei said to Michelangelo, "Come into my room so I can treat your wounds. Leonardo and Raphael go and pick up some pizzas to eat with the lovely salad Michelangelo has prepared. Donatello, clean up your mess and from here on out you are banned from the kitchen. Are we clear?"

"Yes Sensei," the brothers said heading towards their given tasks.

Splinter choose to ignore the, "You owe me ten bucks" that strangely remind him of Raphael's voice that echoed from behind the lair's door that Leonardo and Raphael had just exited.

After a talk with Sensei and a delicious meal of "ninja" pizza and salad, Michelangelo began to feel better. He felt kind of like a king being served since he had to keep his foot up on a chair. However, he found that he was unable to forgive Donatello that easily even after he had apologized to him profusely. Michelangelo had not spoken to his brother for several days after the horrendous cooking lesson.

"Ya goin to stay mad at Donnie forevah?" Raphael asked as he sat with his other three brothers on the couch.

Donnie looked up hopefully and listened to his baby brother's answer with a little trepidation.

"No dude. After seeing how hard Donnie had to work to clean and fix up the kitchen I think I can forgive him now. But I did learn some things." Michelangelo said.

"What's that?" Leonardo asked.

"One. Noodles do not scrape off of ceilings easily. Two. Sometimes you have to accept defeat. Finally, three never allocate to that with acumen masterminded-ness to participate in food preparation since not all with acumen masterminded-ness has the inclination towards such a task.

"Huh?" Leonardo and Raphael said as Donatello and Michelangelo laughed.

"In other words," Donatello said sharing a smile with Michelangelo, "don't ever ask me to cook again. Just because I'm a genius in some things, doesn't mean that I am a genius in all things. Forgiven Mikey?"

"Forgiven Donnie.

Mikey has a new rule for the kitchen now.

"No Donatellos allowed!"

The end.