This story is a continuation of For The Love Of My Brother, so if you haven't read the first story then please do so.

It takes place 9 years later. Amber and Chris are now married with two children Ashley (7) and Piper (5) Amber is also now pregnant with baby number three.

Wyatt and Autumn have three boys Wyatt (9) Christopher (7) and Wesley (5). Amber and Chris still live in the Mansion or the new "Halliwell Manor" with Wyatt and Autumn. It has 10 bedrooms so needless to say they have the room.

The story is going to open on Wyatt's 9th birthday and the family is getting ready for the festivities. But they are unaware of the danger that the three boys are in. Will Wyatt be able to save his children from becoming the rulers of all evil, a title that he himself had just vacated a few years before? Will the boys be able to resist the allure of evil, unlike their father? You'll have to read the story to find out.

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