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- - - - -

Chapter 1

- - - - -

Degrassi Junior, Emma Nelson felt near queasy, she was catching bits and pieces of the conversation, "Jay…he may need a bit of tutoring…you…Toby…Liberty…you get paid at the end of every week…if he doesn't pull up his grade he won't graduate," Ms. Kwan said.

"So it might not be me…?" Emma questioned.

Ms. Kwan shook his head, "No, you, Toby or Liberty. You'd get paid 75 dollars each week, but I highly recommend that you do it…"

75 bucks? To tutor Hobart!?

"Toby's smarter than me," Emma objected.

"It would help improve your grade too…not that it needs improvement, but it'd help you graduate a year early. Jay doesn't know yet, but I'm going to tell him once he gets to class,"

Emma sighed, she definitely needed the money, with Snake's high hospital bills he hadn't been able to be teaching since his cancer came back and Spike was struggling to maintain two jobs, "I'll think about it…I mean nothings definite yet right?"

Ms. Kwan nodded, "Nothing yet, thank you Emma, now you better hurry…the bell rang five minutes ago, and my class is showing up…I'll write you a note so you're not late to Mr. Armstrong's,"

Emma nodded as she scribbled down a pass and handed it to Emma with a smile.

"Thank you," Emma said and tucked it in the pocket of her khaki pants, and hurried out of the classroom.

- - - - -

"I don't need a tutor," Jay objected to Ms. Kwan.

"Yes, if you want to graduate you do," Ms. Kwan said sternly, "You have a choice though of a tutor," she said a bit more brightly.

"Oh yeah?" Jay asked boredly, "Who?"

Ms. Kwan smiled, "Toby Issacs, Liberty Van Zandt or Emma Nelson,"

Great, a geek, a nerd, and the biggest bitch on the face of the earth. Thanks Kwan.

"Is it really necessary?"

Ms. Kwan nodded, "Who'll it be?"

You're serious?

"Emma…I guess," Jay shrugged.


"Just who I thought you should pick, Emma will be great," Ms. Kwan smiled.

Jay rolled his eyes, "When do we start?"

"Monday, five hours a day, five days a week,"

What the fuck? Are you borderline insanity? Five hours daily with Green Peace?!

Jay groaned and stalked out of the classroom.

- - - - -

"Yo Green Peace," a familiar voice said from behind Emma, who was twirling her combination into her locker.

Emma sighed and ran a hand through her long straight blonde hair and she spun around, "What?"

Jay walked closer, "You're starting to tutor me on Monday, five hours a day, five days a week,"

Emma's mouth dropped open, "Why didn't you pick Toby or even Liberty?"

"They're geeks,"

"And I'm…" Emma drifted off, knowing an insult was coming her way.

"Worse than them, but you look the most normal,"

Emma rolled her eyes, "Gee thanks,"

Jay returned the eye roll, "Now look, you don't say anything about this to anyone,"

Emma stared at him dully, "As if you're something to brag about,"

"Just don't okay?"

"Whatever, if it's because you don't want anyone to know you're dumb…don't worry, they already know,"

"Ooh, feisty are we?"

"Just shut up," Emma said and slammed her locker door, forgetting what she even needed it for and stalked off down the hallway.

Jay leaned against her locker, watching her walk away, Man, she is sure one hell of a fireball.

- - - - -

"In this form of a sentence, the verb would come before the subject while in this one it is vice versa," Emma tried showing Jay the order of sentences, it was useless.

He had the mind of a third grader when it came to English.

"You don't understand any of this do you?" Emma asked, turning to face him.

Jay shook his head, "Nope,"

Emma rolled her eyes, "Didn't think so,"

"I might if I knew what you were talking about!" Jay exclaimed.

Emma threw her hands up in frustrating, "I'm trying to teach it to you!"

"Shh," the librarian shushed them.
School had gotten out fifteen minutes earlier and they met in the library after they figured everyone they knew were gone.

Jay sighed, "Well you could try to describe it with a bit more oomph,"

Emma groaned, "Why do I even bother?" she asked herself.

"Because you just do…" Jay answered.

Emma glanced up, "I said that aloud?"

Jay smirked, "You didn't know?"

Emma sighed, "Let's try this one more time," she said and showed him the sentence.

- - - - -

After another forty-five minutes of Emma describing everything to Jay drug by, Emma's alarm on her cell phone went off.

"Shit," Emma whispered.

"What?" Jay asked, looking up from the book and turning to her.

"I have to go pick up my brother from daycare, just meet me at my house in like a half hour or something, my mom won't be home until late and my dad's with Joey for a few days,"

"I could give you a ride," Jay said, standing up.

"You don't have to," Emma stood up, grabbing her books and scooping them into her arms before tossing them into her mint green messenger bag.

"It'll be fine," Jay said, wrangling his keys out of his pocket and heading to the door.

Emma sighed and followed him heading outside to his Civic.

She climbed in the passenger seat as he put the key in the ignition and sped off.

"So how are we going to be able to tolerate each other for five hours a day?" Jay asked as they drove along the road.

"Well," Emma said, "We'll have to find someway to…"

"I don't want anyone knowing that I need a tutor, especially not Alex, Amy, Towerz or any of my friends,"

"Sorry if you're embarrassed, it's your own fault,"

"That I got a bad grade?"

Emma glared at him as if it was obvious.

"Fine," Jay said, "But like I said, no one sees us,"

Emma nodded, "Fine, pull in here," she said as they almost drove right past Jack's daycare center.

- - - - -

"Thanks for helping me pick him up," Emma said, climbing out of the passenger seat, with Jack in her lap as Jay got out of the drivers.
Jay nodded, "Yeah," he said, "So this is where you live…"

"Um…yeah?" Emma questioned.

"Sorry, just looking," Jay said.

You make no sense.

"Uh huh…you've been here before…when we went to Wasaga?" Emma said confusingly.

"Right, sorry…let's just get inside,"

There you go.

"Sure," Emma said and walked inside of the house, Jack bouncing on her shoulder and her messenger bag slapping against her hip.

Jay followed her and the two disappeared through the door.

- - - - -

"You are so frustrating!" Emma exclaimed.

"What?" Jay asked.

"Didn't you learn this in like fourth grade or something?"

"Like I paid attention," Jay scoffed.

"Maybe you'd pay attention if you just had Toby or Liberty tutor you,"

"Whatever, I don't need this shit," Jay said standing up and heading out of her house, slamming the door behind him.

Emma leaned her head against her couch, she wanted to sink to the ground when she heard her doorbell ring.

She headed to the door, opening it up.

And saw Jay.

- - - - -


Lotsa love, degrassichick92