To all readers of My Finest Hour:

Hello-hello! Okay, so I know this story has almost hit its "complete-for-a-year" anniversary, and I was bored in study hall yesterday and I just started jotting down a prologue…for a sequel to My Finest Hour.

I already have the prologue and half of chapter one completed, all I have to do is type it up into Word and posted, but I thought I'd give you a heads up beforehand.

I just wanted to tell you guys how much it meant to me that I got over 830 reviews on this story, I mean wow. It was the highest reviewed Degrassi story on FanFiction, which seriously almost made me cry!

I was just reading over some of your reviews from this story, you guys seriously brought tears to my eyes, THANK YOU!

I haven't been reading Degrassi FF's very much anymore, but with the new season just around the corner (me and my BFF are watching all three showings that Friday, lol…well, any probably TiVo'ng it, haha), I decided to make the sequel for it.

So I hope you'll all R&R, because you guys are amazing!

It should be posted later on tonight.

Lotsa love,