I don't own Teen Titans. Plain and Simple. Now, in the story, it's pretty obvious that it's Trigon and Raven, but this is an AU(Alternate Universe for the newbies) Anyway, Raven can't go through walls or use her healing powers yet and Trigon only has a fraction of his power( You find out why later in the chapter) And they both live in this underground building thing not too far from Jump City. So enough gibberish, on with the fic....


" You are worthless! Meddling child! I told you not to get in the way!"

" I'm sorry, father."

" Your sorry!? You ruined my plan! It took sleepless nights to obtain the map of that building and you ruined it all in seconds!"

" I-"

Suddenly, the crimson skinned demon lashed out at his only child. He quickly brought back his fist and delivered a supernatural punch. She staggered back in reaction as his fist struck her face, his claw cutting her cheek. The purple haired girl backed away from her father seeking revenge but knew better than to mess with the demon. He snarled in fury as she winced at the surges of pain throbbing throughout her face. She lifted her hand from her cheek and examined the blood on her palm. Glancing at her father, he showed no sympathy for what he did. Typical.

" Get out of my sight." He growled as he barged his teeth fiercely

She stood there for a second, then slowly walked off to her room with her cape fluttering behind her. Her father watched her leave as he tightened his fists in hatred. No matter what she did, he was always there- Mocking her every move. She wanted to escape her broken home but she had no where to run. She had to face the fact that it was nearly impossible for her to provide for herself, for she knew very little of the outside world.

Earlier that day, he went into town. She was dragged along with him. Apparently, he needed her to help with his next attempt of domination. They went to the mayor's house in an attempt to kidnap him and she was to create a barrier to keep security from interfering. As they entered the building, the security went off and the tiny home went into lock down mode. He was furious. She lowered the barrier long enough for him to destroy what was in his path. What she didn't know was his reason for trying to take over the town. As they arrived outside the chamber that the mayor was hiding within, he brutally attacked the armoured door, giving her instructions to fight off any threats. But because her emotions of hate got out of control, her powers failed. The security overwhelmed them and they were forced to flee. Why couldn't her father just destroy them and continue on with his raid?

The reason the demon was trying to kidnap the mayor was to threaten the government by destroying town after town by taking their leaders and then plunging the towns into crime invested abysses. Eventually, the government would cave and give him what he wanted- An amulet that gave him his full powers back. He kept them inside the stone to keep them from debauching his body so that his powers would be easier to control and would have limits beyond his normal capability. His daughter however had no idea to his weakness and motives and remained oblivious to why he hadn't killed her by devouring her soul. In fact, there was much he kept from her... Like the outside world itself.

Her father, or a slave driver as she thought of him, kept her secluded in his secret haven hidden below layers of rock. She remembered as a child how he constantly tortured and insulted her time after time. Somehow, she gained control over her powers. Perhaps the hate she felt for him inspired her to be stronger? She didn't care, as long as she could avoid him, she would survive.

She glanced in the mirror as she walked akin to it and saw the wound. It was bigger than she thought but thought nothing over it. She had gotten worse damage from his outbursts than the minor cut carved in her skin. At one point, she remembered he broke her arm. He had returned angry and drunk and needed something-Or someone-To take his anger out on. She just happened to be in the room when he came home. In defence of his powerful attack, she blocked it with her arm but the pressure of the magic snapped her arm.

" Obsolete child! Always in the way!"

Followed by the battle cries from the hall, she heard the shattering of a glass object. Then the sounds of the walls being smashed by his mighty assaults chimed aloud, And the echos of his howls boomed through the empty corridor. She knew what was coming next.

" RAAH!" He screamed as he crushed a vase " I WON'T LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!"

His sharp scream pierced the dead air. The half-demon looked frustrated as she clenched her hand over her forehead. " No... Not again." She muttered with a slight presence of fear in her voice.

His heavy footsteps steadily marched to her room. Although he was fifteen feet away from her, she could almost feel his eerie breathing on the back of her neck. She rubbed the back of her neck to shake the feeling as a drop of sweat ran down her forehead. The footsteps were growing closer, and her time to escape was running out.





There was no escape, who was she kidding?. Her powers had limits and were unstable and his were legendary and were under control. There was no way to defeat him. They hadn't even fought yet, but she had already lost.




The footsteps stopped. Silence....... And then, in that instance of tranquillity, he assailed the door open, nearly swinging it completely off it's hinges. His cold glared paralysed her as he entered the doorway. She watched her own doom as he stalked towards her and grabbed the loose cloth on her cape's collar. He snorted and struck her temple with another fierce punch causing her to stumble down to the cold floor. His grip still remained hooked as he dragged her out of her room by her collar and down the hall to a room of metal. The room was designed to protect the inhabitants from the dangers outside. The demon had it built to keep the occupants inside.

The girl felt the chill of the stone floor run through her body, keeping her awake as she did nothing to get free. She allowed herself to be dragged to the iron room without trying to fight at all. The demon stopped at the entrance and swung open the metal padlocked door, bracing the darkness inside as it swept around him like a breeze of wind. He raised his daughter to his height and grinned evilly. She wanted to spit in his face, but decided to save it for when she had the upper hand. The demon brought her close to his face, to the point where his scent of death was the only essence she sensed and he bared his fangs to speak.

" Sweet dreams."

A sharp pain abruptly struck the purple-haired girl's stomach catching her off guard. She cried in agony as she slouched to loosen the feeling but to no avail, it didn't work. All she felt now was the burning feeling of a blade in her abdomen and the striking of needles over her skin. One blow was all it took, and she felt utterly useless because of it. Now she thought of herself as useless and weak as her parent perceived her as. He tossed her into the obscure room with intentions of damaging her further and waited eagerly to see if she would show signs of life. To his dismay, she groaned and tried to get up from the floor on her elbows. It was something to expect from his spawn.

He wasn't letting her got off so easily. He raised an open palm toward her and his eyes glowed in it's own spine tingling yellow. Just by tensing his muscles, a dark energy sphere appeared in front of him. He loved to feel in control. And with that, the blast shot at his offspring. She screamed as the attack struck, and she was concealed as the dissolved stones developed into thick dust clouds. His face lacked emotion as he turned away and closed the door.

There was the grinding of a metal slab and then a loud clang. That was all she heard. All she could do in her present state was open an eye to observe her new surrounds. All she saw was darkness. Complete darkness. He had locked her in the safe room, and she didn't know if he would ever let her out. Maybe he had left her there to die? Maybe he would return to continue his never-ending attack? Or perhaps she was going to die right there and then, without prolonged suffering... The negative thought raced though her head to the point where she unwillingly slipped into unconsciousness. Her last thought rang empty in her corrupted mind- To escape the cage and to fly away like a bird with newfound freedom.