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Trigon looked down to where the silver blade had pierced him. He would have pulled it out immediately after being impaled but that would only take away the little time he had left to live.

It must have made his day to be tricked by his half-demon daughter and killed by a mutated human. His amulet was gone, and he was just as vulnerable to anything a human was. To think of such weakness, he spat to a side his own blood. Raven was now getting up and was in a better state than he. The demon couldn't even heal himself for that ability was reaped from him as well.

Raven wanted to make a Kodiak moment out of her father's expression and frame it in her room.

" Ugh... cursed brats...!" he coughed " This...isn't over!"

" I looks pretty over to me." Beast Boy grinned

The demon mustered what strength he had left to stand up and face them with his bloody war paint smeared everywhere. He examined the lava beneath and silently mourned the loss of his power before looking to the teens furiously. He tried to say something, but instead he stuttered more blood. Raven then illuminated the sword still jutting out of his body and tugged it out. She brought it to her hand and thought to herself it would make an excellent souvenir. Trigon rumbled in agony to the removal of the blade, and placed his stained hand over the wound in a futile attempt to stop the blood flow.

" It's all over now, in a few moments you'll pass on and leave everyone alone." Raven said bitterly

" Jump City might take a long time to be restored..." the changeling observed

" No... no, it can't end like... this!" Trigon stumbled on his words

" Well, father, it has." Raven walked towards him " I can make your end quicker, if you want... but then you don't suffer as much. What you're feeling right now is what your victims all felt before they died. Doesn't it feel nice?"

" They are just mortals... just mortals..."

" But don't you forget, I'm half-mortal and he's is a mortal. And you were brought down by us. You, a full blooded demon."

" Somehow... I'll get my revenge... even if I'm dead." He haunted

" You can stop trying to make me afraid of you, those days are gone." she was directly in front of him now, keeping an eye on how close he was to the edge

" Grrr... I need to take over this planet... But... I can't... Arghh..." he bent over slightly

" Goodbye Trigon..." Raven voiced

" Before I... say goodbye... I have a... going away present for you..."

His hands clasped the sides of her face and he pulled her into what seemed to be a head butt. She wasn't sure what he was doing until she noted their chakras were touching. For an instance, there was a red flicker between them, but it died out when Trigon gasped for air and released her. He staggered back with his hand firmly over his gaping injury and his feet met the mini wall of cement dignifying the margin of the building. His legs debilitated and he no longer was tensed up. As he fell back, he outstretched his hand reaching for nothing and muttered a profanity with his last breath. Raven stared him in the eye while he went over, Beast Boy approaching to watch as well. The demon fell limply down to his fiery demise to meet the same fate as his powers had. They both sighed deeply knowing it was all over at last.

" He's gone..." Raven muttered " He's really gone..."

The fires of hell that rushed through the city began to cease and sink back to where it came. And what didn't soon cooled into a grey matter. Emergency crews soon were able to rush to the destruction and save what was left. And they were unsure how safe the hollow mountains were that held so many lives dear. There was little sound of life around the area, and sirens still sounded too distant to clarify that.

" What was his 'going away present'?" Beast Boy asked

" I think he was trying to turn me into a zombie again, but luckily he kicked the bucket before he got the chance to." she responded

They both watched they sky revert from it's apocalyptic colors slowly to healthy shades of blue. The high temperatures soon reduced to the absent of lava leaving the climate to restore to normal. They both rejoiced to the fact that they got their revenge. Beast Boy grinned and snuck an arm around Raven, but as he did, a tremor commenced and took a large piece of the building with it. They both stood their ground in anxiety to what was the cause.

" Dude! What was that?" Beast Boy looked around

" It can't be... Trigon?" she questioned herself

" No way, we watched him fall into the lava! There's no way it could be him."

" You can never be sure with him, he's the nightmare that won't end."

Then, another mini earthquake rattled them up. The roof they were standing on was practically in shambles as a small convenient store buckled and busted to pieces. Whatever was causing the destruction couldn't be good... and there was still no sign of the source. Trigon would have showed himself by now.

And Raven clicked a thought and realized what was going on. And as she did, yet another building was desecrated into the earth.

" Oh no..." she whispered

" What? What is it? What's going on?" Beast Boy faced her

" Trigon's going away present... I can't feel any emotion without..."

She was cut short by the caving of the side of a building. The earthquakes and quivers weren't Trigon, they were Raven.

" Wait... what do you mean?"

" Beast Boy, we can't be together."

" ...We can still be friends... right?"

" No, I can't be around anyone anymore. Not like this... Trigon just had to ensure I was unhappy for the rest of my life... I'm going to have to go away from civilization and learn to control it..."

" How long will that take?"

" ... I'm not sure... It could take months... years or... I may never control it." she uttered closing her eyes, a distant earthquake causing abandoned cars to tumble about

" ...But how could it have happened, Trigon's powers were all gone!"

" He kept some in his body, just in case. And he fortunately used it for a final revenge."

" ... Then this is goodbye?" his voice squeaked

" I'm afraid so..."

" Then... can I have one last kiss?"

Raven looked up and took a look at all the damage already present damage and destruction caused mainly by her father. There wouldn't be much loss now if she allowed herself to feel one last feeling. She moved towards him and for the second, and maybe last time, they kissed. Beast Boy was almost afraid to let go fearing she would go and never come back, but he remembered, if you love something let it go, and if it comes back, it's yours forever. As they ended their passionate kiss, the buildings nearby shook violently causing dust and fragments to fall from it's splits. Raven then slowly backed away, their hands holding tightly, and their grip dropped as she walked away still facing the changeling. The short time friends stayed silent looking into each other's eyes until a crack ran right between them. Raven knew she had to go and slowly drifted into the air. Beast Boy waved and she gave a quick wave back as she turned away and flew off. Beast Boy watched the cloaked girl fly off followed by haste cracks and rumbles in the structures around her. He could only hope she would return someday... but could they be together if she did?


Hours had passed, and Beast Boy had gone back to his grandfather's— now his, manor. The walk home seemed eerie and depressing to him, and the silence of the manor's halls kept him in that mood. In a few days, he would have to attend his grandfather's funeral... and then he would live alone for the rest of his life. He tried to ignore that by turning on the television of which was broadcasting the recent destruction of Jump City.

" We're here live at downtown Jump City," the tv thundered to life " Where mass destruction has befallen the city. Eye witnesses say the damage was caused by 'the devil'. Although we don't have actual footage of this, we have an artist's depiction of him."

They then showed a well sketched Trigon on the screen, of which made Beast Boy shutter and change the channel.

" Late this evening," it began " Emergency crews rushed to the home of Pierre Logan where they found him dead at the scene. Mr. Logan was a local business man who was vice president of Rasson Incorporated. Neighbors say he was religious and was a fine man to have for a neighbor. His funeral date hasn't been decided, and his will has reportedly been left to his grandson, Garfield Logan. His grandson, whom is 19, is rumored to be taking his grandfather's place in the company."

Beast Boy flicked off the tv and thanked his grandfather for lying about his age in case something like this would happen. Now he wouldn't have to go live in a foster home due to a lack of relatives. Sure, having a giant house all to yourself is fun, but eventually it gets lonely. And as for the word of him taking his grandfather's place, that was just a fib.

" Things are gonna be really boring around here..." he said to himself " Maybe I can go somewhere..."

If he didn't wanted to die of a lack of socialism, then he would have to. But where? Then an excellent idea came to him— Military School. His grandfather always wanted him to go, and if he did he would get stronger. Then he would be able to do something if anything like the recent events reoccurred...


Raven have managed to fly far out past the outskirts of Jump city where she had finally calmed herself to the point that everything around her crumbled. She wasn't sure where she could go to be away from civilization. Not only that, she would find it hard to provide for herself in pure wilderness. Azarath— the place she would accept as her true home. She could never go back, for she was oblivious to it's direct location. She wouldn't go there anyway, not after choosing to go to Earth with her enormity of a father over staying in Azarath with her mother. Returning would only make her power-bound emotions go haywire and destroy it. It really seemed like she had nowhere to go where she could survive easily and not destroy and harm any people. She watched some dust rise and twirl about like a dirt devil as she planned her next action. Sighing, she returned to her airborne trip and decided to go to back to Trigon's lair to get her stuff and go stay in an abandoned church like she originally intended before meeting the kindness of Beast Boy. She was really going to miss him... and that thought was murdered when a light post suddenly exploded with a glass shatter. Trying to harness her curse was going to be burdensome, and once she did, she would have to decide if she could handle going back to resume a friendship with the changeling.

And thus, both friends and devotees had gone their separate ways to carry on with life, while trying not to think of each other. Would they ever see each other again, or just remember them as a lost love? Only when time passed would they know... despite that neither knew where the other had gone or what had become of them. And soon, time passed, and the months went by... still without forget of that person they once held in their arms.

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