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It Begins

Randall Raines sat at a desk in a Ford vehicle dealership, tapping a pen against a sheet of paper, watching potential customers enter. He knew he should arise and help them – after all, that's what he was paid to do – but he was too preoccupied. His mind was still brewing on the breakup of two weeks previous.

"Hey! Raines!" a voice hollered. Randall jumped in surprise and looked up – but it was only his boss. He resumed pen-tapping. "Raines, get off your lazy ass and do some goddamn work, or I'll fire you this time!"

The employee merely sighed and retorted, "Go ahead. It's not like I'm going to do anything." With that, he arose to his height of 5'10" and leaned against the wall, crossing his somewhat muscular arms. His head, plastered with short brownish hair, hung as he stared at the ground, and the regularly handsome business suit he donned wrinkled slightly.

"Alright, Raines. If that's your attitude, you're fired," his superior informed him. Shaking his head disappointedly, he added, "Seems a shame though. You're one of the best. Have your belongings out in thirty minutes." He walked over to Randall's office door but halted, looking towards the dealership's entryway, where a man with greyish-white hair stood. The potential customer looked around, seeming thoroughly confused and as though he didn't belong. "I've got an idea, Raines. See that senior there? He doesn't know the first damn thing about cars… if you can get him to purchase a car for $1000 over the actual price, you keep your job."

Randall Raines rose his head slightly, and instantly recognized the new arrival. His eyes flared, a fire spurted in them, and, angrily, he shouted, "You cheap-ass son of a bitch!" The glass walls of Randall's office shook, attracting the potential customer's attention. "You're scum, asshole! You can't fire me – I quit!" With that, he shoved his possessions into a box, pushed passed his former boss, and walked over to the man who'd arrived a couple minutes before. "What do you want, old man?"

"Well, that's an inviting way to treat an old friend, Memphis. What was that little hissyfit about, anyway?"

Raines shook his head, "Nothing, I just quit. The cheap son of a bitch wanted me to cheat you, and he thought that you, of all people, knew nothing about cars." He motioned for them to go outdoors, which they did, the sun now beaming down on them. "So, Otto, why the visit?"

Otto Halliwell leaned up against a black Mini Cooper and replied, "You know Kip misses you, kid. He really wants to see you; he's still taking Helen's death fairly hard, although it was over a year ago…"

Memphis bowed his head in respect for his deceased mother. "Is that all you wanted? You could've just called."

"Actually, I promised Kip I'd make you go back," snapped Otto. "You're damn saucy today. And hey… seeing as you just quit your job… would you like a place at the repair shop? We could use more help."

Randall sighed. "I guess I could work for you. Does Kip actually miss me? Because he seemed so eager to get rid of me last time."

Ignoring the last two sentences, the elder grinned. "Thanks, Memphis. And we'd best get going."

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