Konohamaru's Gift: The Ultimate Vacation
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Chapter 10: Prisoner, Demon Begone, and Sasuke!

"Are you serious?" questioned Hiashi, raising an eyebrow and looking between the two children before him. The male nodded seriously and his daughter nodded curtly. "Alright then. When Hanabi turns thirteen, you will be married. Now, you are fiancées. You can go now."

"SUGOI!" yelled Konohamaru as he ran through the Hyuuga estate, Hanabi riding piggyback. The girl was glad she had a few years before marriage. Plus, Konohamaru was officially hers no matter what. And she had gotten free ramen earlier, which she now thought was one of the best things on Earth.

So, all in all, it was a good day.

Tsunade glanced at the teen she had picked up.

"You are a prisoner of the Hidden Leaf." Said Tsunade slowly.

"Ch. Screw you, old hag." Replied the young woman, crossing her arms. "So you stopped me from using my chakra and took my weapons? Big deal…"

"As I was saying, I have more… Pressing, matters to attend to…" said Tsunade slowly.

'A vacation hardly is a pressing matter…' thought Shizune dryly, Ton-Ton oinked happily.

Tayuya rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. She ran away from Orochimaru and this was how they treated her? Jeez, good guys were weird…

If she only knew…

Seeing Neji's… Thing through spandex, was not something Sakura wanted to see. Ino and TenTen, obviously, had other opinions.

"FEAR ME!" yelled Neji, throwing a chakra ball at the diving board. It evaporated before hitting the board. It was not an energy blast or a ninjutsu. Just a waste of chakra.

TenTen, after getting over the nosebleed, grabbed her waterproof camera from her chair, created a bunshin, and made it push Neji in the water.

"Drippy…" whispered TenTen as Neji jumped out, laughing arrogantly. TenTen rapidly began taking pictures, and Ino focussed a hungry gaze on Shikamaru.

"My eyes…" sobbed Sakura as Lee held her close.

'What is wrong with everyone today?' wondered Shikamaru.

Sasuke and Kankuro wandered in then. Everyone stared blankly at Sasuke, who tilted his head.

"What are you looking at?" growled the Uchiha.

"He was sleepwalking, er, talking, earlier." Explained Kankuro. Everyone shrugged. Some were glad the Uchiha was still sane, yet some were hoping thier newfound girlfriends would ignore the Uchiha.

Chouji was walking down to the ice cream buffet, when he saw Gaara and Temari also going there. Though no one feared Gaara anymore (much, at any rate, and only in some cases), no one but his siblings, Naruto, and Lee were all right with being alone with him.

"Hello!" exclaimed Chouji, waving happily as he ran over. Gaara nodded at him, remembering the ice cream eating contest a month earlier. That earned a small amount of respect, defeating Gaara in an ice cream contest. Ice cream was to Gaara as ramen was to Naruto, as dango was to Anko.

"Hello Chouji-san." Said Temari sweetly, smiling brightly. Chouji blinked. Temari was pretty. Chouji was, in his oppinion, fat. The fact he never saw his fanclub, or knew it existed, simply pushed him to believe this. Pretty girls didn't talk nicely to people like him. Hell, only Shikamaru and Naruto talked nicely to him. And Gaara, apparently.

"Temari-san, Gaara." Replied Chouji. The three continued walked towards the ice cream buffet. "So, how come you were in Konoha?"

"Sand threw us out." Growled Gaara darkly. "I was planning on leaving anyway, so it's all well."

"Yeah. And Tsunade-sama was going to make us official Leaf-Nin." Added Temari shyly. Chouji grinned.

"Well then when we get back, how about I take you two and maybe your brother out for barbecue?" asked Chouji. He wasn't going to be rude to newcomers to his town, or people he barely knew that were being kind to him.

Temari simply looked at Gaara, and the two shared a look. Chouji decided they were telepathically connected, or it was a sibling thing.

"… Kankuro won't come." Said Gaara. "And only if there will be ice cream afterwards."

"Alright then." Chouji grinned.

Jiraiya sighed. All the kids were getting together. It was depressing really.

'I've loved her for as long as I can remember…' thought the Sannin wistfully. 'And she never once looked my way.'

Jiraiya glanced out the window and sat Anko and Kakashi, bare, cuddled against a tree. Jiraiya closed the window and stood up.


Jiraiya opened the door of his and Chouji's room. He slid it shut and leapt out the window, landing on a ledge. He stared down at the hotsprings. He had a perfect view. He disappeared in a poof of smoke.

'I'm just not in the mood today…'

Naruto blinked rapidly as he sat up from the couch. He looked around frantically, no sign of the strange teenager, and he wasn't really really short either. Apparently, it had been a strange dream. One that he refused to think about.

He looked over at his side and smiled. Hinata was curled up against his chest, still in her bikini and tired. Apparently, using Kage Bunshin no Jutsu took a lot out of her. It was actually funny, and slightly dirty. First, ten bikini clad Hinatas had been running over to the shocked Naruto, pulling him into the room.

However, before anything happened, the bunshins started fighting with each other, until they agreed to… Well, Naruto wasn't sure, but just as they started kissing him, the bunshins popped and Hinata fainted. Not out of embarrassment, but because she was out of energy.

Naruto picked up Hinata and carried her into the bedroom, setting her down and wrapping her in a blanket. He kissed her on the forehead.

"Sweet dreams, Hinata-chan…" whispered Naruto as he closed the door to the bedroom.

Naruto sat down on the couch and turned on the TV to the food channel, and oddly enough, there was a special bulletin on TV…

Hyuuga Hanabi grinned as she leapt over a fallen log. She owed her sister's crush a lot. Hiashi no longer was as clan-obsessed as he had been, at least enough so to had let Hanabi not only join the academy, but even make friends. Hell, she was engaged now!

She blinked when she saw movement in the bushes. Her target was there. Konohamaru was depending on her, she could not fail.

"Take this!" yelled Hanabi, throwing a shuriken into the bushes. There were yells and curses, and two heads poked out of the bush.

The heads, of course, belong to Moegi and Udon, Konohamaru's best friends, and the only other two members of the Konohamaru Corps.

Hanabi grinned…

"Hanabi-chan?" Konohamaru tilted his head, lost in thought. Hanabi looked behind her at the boy. She had been skipping stones, they had finished their picnic basket off a few minutes ago, and Konohamaru had decided to lie down.

"Yeah Kono-kun?" questioned Hanabi, eager to get back to skipping. Neji used to skip stones, and she was determined to break his record.

"Know what we should do?" asked Konohamaru, staring at his fiancée's face. She blinked when he didn't.

"What… And why are you staring?" asked Hanabi, raising an eyebrow. "You know… I could come over there…"

"Well, why don't you?" Konohamaru grinned, and Hanabi smirked and walked over.


Hanabi blinked. Wrong flashback.

"…" Hanabi sighed, looking up at Konohamaru, her head in his lap as he absentmindedly stroked her hair and told her about the adventures of himself, his friends Udon and Moegi, and Naruto.

"You know what? We should get Udon and Moegi and go on an adventure!" exclaimed Konohamaru, grinning. Hanabi raised an eyebrow.

"You're joking, right?" questioned Hanabi. Konohamaru looked at her, feigning being hurt. "… Fine, damn it."

"Alright then… I'll go that way, you go this way." With that, Konohamaru was gone, leaving Hanabi's head to hit the ground. She clutched her head and growled.

"Somehow, someday, I'll get my revenge Kono-kun…" Hanabi smirked and leapt into the trees in the direction that Konohamaru had pointed.

Hanabi nodded, that was the flashback she wanted.

"Yeah, Kono-kun wants you guys. Let's go."

Chouji, to his surprise, was having a fairly good time with Gaara and Temari. Gaara seemed to like Chouji, nowhere near as much as he liked Naruto, but enough not to stare at him, at the ready, like he did when looking at Sasuke.

"Waiter. I want chocolate vanilla swirl." commanded Gaara, when the waiter came for the check.

"I'll take…" Chouji rubbed his chin and gazed over the menu. "Strawberry. Yeah, that sounds good."

"Yeah, I'll have that too." added Temari. She smiled at Chouji, who blushed. Gaara, however, was watching the news. The special news that only aired in this particular channel, the FOOD channel.

"… Excellent…" Gaara smirked when the man on the TV announced a new topping.

"Do you have a tailed beast sealed in you?"

Temari's head snapped from looking at her empty ice cream bowl to the TV.

"Do you hate being pestered by their constant need for bloodshed?"

"What's a Bijuu?" wondered Chouji out loud. However, his mind cleared away that thought when a bowl of ice cream was sat in front of him.

"Or is your demon female and in heat? If so…"

Gaara grinned evilly as he pulled a bottle out of his pocket and sprinkled it on his ice cream. He ignored the yells of protest in his head.

"Then try Demon Begone! Simply sprinkle it on ice cream, eat it, and the demon won't bother you for a minimum of an entire week! Side effects include but are not limited to: happiness, increased amount of smiling, and sleep."

"Gaara…" Temari coughed and leaned over to whisper in her brother's ear. "Have you told Naruto about this? He deserves to know…"

"This product was created by Sabaku no Gaara, and all proceeds go to the Gaara Foundation."

"… The Gaara Foundation? Why is there one of those?" questioned Temari. Gaara shrugged.

"Read the mang-."

There were crashes heard from the hallway. The doors flew off their hinges and hit the wall, and there stood Naruto, looking possessed.

"Give me ice cream. One chocolate cone to go, extra Demon Begone on top."

Sakura decided to go to the dual sex hot springs, since everyone had suddenly shown up at the pool. And Sakura was pulling Lee with her.

"Lee-kun! Come on!" Sakura crossed her arms and looked at the door. Naruto had run past her when she walked in, and hadn't come back. She didn't know where Hinata was, but her and Naruto's door was closed.

"Sakura-chan…" stammered Lee as he walked out. "Er…"

Sakura smiled brightly and grabbed Lee's arm, and ran out into the hallway to nearly crash into Naruto. He blinked.

"Hi…" Naruto tilted his head and walked past the two into the hotel room, holding an ice cream cone protectively.

"… Come on!" exclaimed Sakura, smiling even more at lee, who grinned back. His teeth pinged.

Sasuke stood atop the hotel.

Itachi was nearby… He could feel it… Itachi wanted Naruto, but Sasuke wanted Itachi…

"Damn it… And I was sleepwalking too…" Sasuke scowled. "I'll avenge my clan someday…"

Sasuke leapt off the top of the building, preparing himself for a landing.

However, what the Uchiha lad didn't know is that he was about to fall right into the girl's hot springs, and in addition, the girls were a bit… Amorous…

Sasuke was falling to his doom.

Zetsu tilted his head.

"So… Kisame-san was captured?" questioned the plant-man.

"No. He betrayed us."

"… And?" Zetsu still didn't know what was going on.

"Bring him back."

"Oh." Zetsu shrugged and walked out of the cave.

Tsunade grinned when the carriage passed a large sign. A sign for a hot springs.

"…" Tayuya glared at the sign and Shizune rubbed her temples. Things were about to get interesting, that was for sure…

End Chapter 10

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