Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, because if I did Ron and Hermione would be together already.


If you're reading this then you've obviously either become extremely bored or are in a desperate need to help Harry feel better after my death. For starters I feel compelled to thank you for…well for being you…I don't know Harry would be without you. It is at this time that I feel that he will need you, and Hermione, most of all. My death will most likely have hit him harder than a hippogriff to the head. Please be assured that it was never my intention to cause Harry, or any of you, any more pain and suffering then you have already been wrongfully forced to endure during your young lives. But unfortunately this is not a perfect world that we…now you all live in.

Secondly there are a few things that you should know about life. Even though I have only known you a short time I have found you to be exactly the kind of friend that Harry needs in his life. A friend that will be with him to the end, no matter what he says. You are a friend that would give his life for Harry without a second thought. There are few friends in this world like you Ronald, and for that Harry is very fortunate. Never let go of your better qualities like your determination, your loyalty, and most importantly of all…your heart. Harry would not have made it this far without you and will need you in the battles to come. Be a good young man and heed well the words of your mother and father for they truly do have the best intentions for you and your brothers and sister in mind. Don't be to horrible to Percy, while it is true that he has strayed and is under the false impression that Dumbledore is losing his mind I feel that when the end comes he will be where he belongs, right there beside you and the rest of your family. Do well in school for after the final fight is over and Voldemort is no more there will still be a need for young gentlemen like yourself.

On a more personal note Ron, don't be afraid to hide your true emotions from those that you truly care about. Even though you might try and hide behind your humor and your friendship I beseech you to not let fear rule your heart. Go out and take what you want. I am beyond convinced that the object of your affection feels the same. But like you she is too scared to own up to her feelings lest the object of her affections, you, not return those feelings. Despite what others might say love is the most powerful force in the universe Ronald. It is powerful enough to overcome any fear, any obstacle, and any reservation. You and she share such a love that I have only seen once before in my life, I saw it every time I looked at Harry's parents. You complete each other, where one is weak the other is strong. Your admissions of approval of her actions give her the strength to go on fighting. And a simple gaze and supportive word from her are all that you need to face any enemy, even I think Voldemort himself.

So in closing Ron…take care of Harry for me, make sure that he doesn't go off and do something stupid like trying to take Voldemort on all by himself…(something that you should not even think about doing either)…

Sirius Black

P.S.-Act quickly, and don't let a certain clever bushy haired friend get away, especially not to a Bulgarian quidditch seeker who shall remain nameless…