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"Where is he," Hermione grumbled softly to herself with a very unhappy and upset pout on her face, as she held her wand at ready, and stared down into the chamber.

"He'll come, this is supposed to be his great moment in the sun right, his big victory over the boy who lived, he'll come Mione, trust me," Ron whispered back softly with a very certain look in his eyes as he laid a calming hand on Hermione's arm but kept his wand up at the ready.

"I know, I just wish he'd hurry up, all of this waiting is driving me crazy," Hermione pouted back with an anxious and apprehensive look on her face and tone to her voice as she let out a deep breath and tried to keep her cool.

"Thankfully Harry's keeping his cool, one way or another it'll all be over after tonight, we take out Voldemort and his followers will be leaderless, just think about it…no more worry, no more fear, no more pain and suffering," Ron started to say with a very serious look on his face before he closed his eyes and started to dream of a world without Voldemort, all before Hermione brought him crashing back down to reality.

"All of that existed well before Voldemort…or Tom Riddle, was ever born, and it will continue to exist long after he…and us, are long gone," Hermione stated with a very well thought out tone to her voice as she flexed her grip on her wand before she started to think that perhaps it would be a good idea to cast a few protective spells before Voldemort and his Death Eaters arrived.

"You're right, but I'll still feel better after he's dead and gone," Ron said back with a scared pout on his face as he pulled his hand from Hermione's arm, receiving a groan from her for breaking the physical contact, before he crawled out to the edge of the cliff that they were hiding on.

"We all will, but we can't think about that now, Harry is going to need us at our best if he's going to defeat Voldemort," Hermione replied sharply with an anxious and frustrated frown on her face before she crawled out to the edge of the cliff beside Ron and looked down at Harry. He had taken off his school robes and tie, anything that Voldemort could use offensively against him had to go, along with anything that would restrict his movements in any way.

"You two had better stay back in the shadows, if he notices you to quickly it'll be over before it starts," Harry shouted over at Ron and Hermione with a more scared than angry tone to his voice as he turned to face them and anxiously shifted his weight back and forth on his heels.

"Sorry Harry," Ron shouted back with a guilty and embarrassed scowl on his face before they all heard a noise and instantly went silent. They all waited on pins and needles to discover the origin of the sound. It was several seconds later when they let out a sigh of relief as nothing had popped out at them or cast any spells.

"This is," Harry started to grumble under his breath, as Ron and Hermione ducked back out of sight, before there was a loud commotion outside of the room. Harry instantly stopped speaking and rushed out of the dim light of the room and into the shadows, hoping to at least have a chance at getting a drop on Voldemort, though he fully expected that Voldemort had anticipated a trap. They waited in agonizing silence for several seconds before three death eaters stepped cautiously into the room, instantly being surprised at what they saw.

"Ron no," Hermione hissed as softly as she could while still not being loud enough for anyone other than her boyfriend to hear as she grabbed Ron's arm and pulled him back, keeping him from casting a spell that was already on his lips.

"But," Ron started to argue under his breath with a confused and very nervous look on his face before one of the Death Eater's spoke.

"The chamber of secrets, but who would have known," One of the hooded death eater's said with an awed tone to his voice as he stepped into the room and turned to the other.

"Potter…he would know, he fought the basilisk in the chamber," The other death eater, a woman, replied with a very noticeable amount of scorn and mockery in her voice at the mention of Harry.

"Then he must be here somewhere…hiding, we should alert lord Voldemort," The male death eater said with a nervous and almost scared tone to his voice as he turned back towards the door and started towards it before stopping suddenly.

"I will not run from a mere boy," Voldemort growled with an angry sneer on his face as he stared down the male death eater as he slowly entered the room of requirement.

"My lord," The female death eater exclaimed with a very reverential tone to her voice as he knelt down in front of him before he strode on past her as if she wasn't even there.

"So Mr. Potter, you want to play games eh, hiding from me like the rat that you are, I bet that your two pitiful friends are here with you, the mudblood and the blood traitor," Voldemort shouted out into the expanse of the chamber of secrets before up on the ridge Hermione nearly had to hex Ron to keep him from doing anything in retaliation. He turned to her and pleaded silently with his eyes but she set a determined look on her face and shook her head, waiting for Harry to make the first move. She didn't have to wait very long.

"Here I am Tom," Harry said softly with an eerily calm tone to his voice as he stood up from his hiding spot and walked slowly towards Voldemort, never once taking his eyes off of the man that had murdered his parents. The two death eaters looked ready to kill Harry instantly but a glare from Voldemort kept them both silent.

"Ready to die Harry," Voldemort asked with an extremely overconfident snicker to his voice as he pulled out his wand.

"After you," Harry calmly replied without batting an eye as he pulled his own wand out and pointed its tip straight at Voldemort's heart.


The battle was a terrible one, many times during it Ron could have sworn that those moments in the room of requirement would be his last. While Harry fought Voldemort he and Hermione siphoned off the two death eaters, making sure that Harry had a fighting chance. Even though they were both many years younger than their opponents Ron and Hermione fought bravely, though as time went on their inexperience began to show. Ron had to rely more on his quick reflexes and determination to keep just out of the reach of the spells cast at him while Hermione began to use the contents of the chamber to defend herself with. When a particularly powerful spell was cast her way she would duck behind something large and hunker down, letting the obstruction take the full force of the attack for her. Just when they had found themselves cornered back up on the ledge that they had started on, with both death eaters preparing to cast a killing curse, did the unthinkable happen. From out of nowhere it appeared, black as night and as ominous as doomsday. Even though he wasn't the smartest wizard in the world Ron instantly knew what it was. Sirius had disappeared into it almost exactly a year earlier. He had tried to ask Hermione about it, expecting that she had known that it would show up but when he turned to her he found her looking back at him with just as stunned of a look on her face.

The death eaters at first didn't notice it, but once they did they halted their attack. Ron guessed that they were trying to figure out if what they thought that they saw was the real thing and not some illusion. Not taking any chances Ron and Hermione pounced forward and hit the two death eaters with the most powerful hex that they could think of. Both death eaters went flying up into the air and straight towards the dreaded artifact. They only had time to begin to scream before they were sucked away to death. At this Voldemort momentarily took his focus away from Harry and growled as the death eaters disappeared forever. It was just the opening that Harry had been hoping and praying for. First from behind him and then from the tip of Harry's wand a stream of light rocketed out and struck Voldemort in the chest. Instantly he growled in pain and surprise, but it was to late. The last words that he would ever hear were spoken calmly by Albus Dumbledore.

"Goodbye Tom," Dumbledore said softly with a sad and somber frown on his face before Voldemort disappeared as well. It was finally over.


It would be nearly three months later, just as he helped Ron carry his luggage back onto the Hogwarts Express, that Harry explained it all. After Voldemort's death the wizarding world went first into a state of confusion and panic. But as word got out that the news of Voldemorts death was not a hoax and the pox on their world was truly gone forever did the celebrations begin. The trio had barely found enough time to finish classes and take a few tests. Though the fight hadn't taken long none of the trio had come out of it completely unscathed. Harry now had a noticeable limp that despite her best efforts Madam Pomfrey could not remedy. A slashing curse had just grazed Hermione behind her left ear. If she had turned out of the way any slower it would have killed her. The scar had healed somewhat since that day but for the first time Hermione was glad for her frizzy hair, as it covered up the scar that she was sure that everyone could see the moment that they looked at her. Ron had problems more similar to Hermione's than to Harry's. Having expected the room to hold up better had been surprised when a large rock directly in front of him had exploded upon impact from the spell of one of the death eaters. Shards of razor sharp rock had blown up into Ron's face. Hermione's heart had very nearly stopped beating the moment that she saw Ron with his face all covered in blood. She had almost dropped her wand at that moment. In the end thanks once again to Madam Pomfrey the old evidence of that injury to Ron was a scar that ran through Ron's left eyebrow. Ginny had fared much better as against her wishes both McGonagall and Dumbledore had made sure to keep her behind them.

As they sat down and slowly watched Hogwarts slip away into the distance Harry thought about getting some sleep, not wanting to answer any more questions. But just as he was about to shut his eyes Ginny had pounced on him and berated him for scaring her like that by not telling her his plan. In truth the plan had only come to him the day before Voldemort arrived at the school. He had at first thought that the plan was so full of holes that it couldn't work. But as he thought more about it, and talked to Dumbledore about it, the headmaster thought that it just might work. Needless to say the Ministry of Magic had a cow over it all but had to shelve their complaints given the result. Not all of the death eaters had been killed or captured that day, Lucius Malfoy had and a few others had slipped away after Voldemort's defeat and were now at large.

When first Ginny and then Harry fell asleep Ron thought about kissing Hermione right then and there. But she had been firm and explained that they needed to make their rounds as head boy and head girl. Reluctantly Ron had accompanied her on the rounds, doing his best not to poke fun at Draco Malfoy, who since Voldemort's death and his father's flight had kept himself absent from any gathering of more than a few people. Hermione ended up having to grab Ron by the collar and drag him away from Draco before she shushed him into the caboose and magically shut the doors behind them before placing a muffling spell on them. Ron was about to ask her what was going on when she pocketed her wand, pushed him up against the wall and smiled as she looped her arms around the back of his neck, pulling him into a kiss both knew was long coming.


Author's Note: Thanks to everyone for reading, reviews are always appreciated. I know that the battle was short and all but to be completely honest I found it very hard to think of how the battle would go. Most ways had already been done and I certainly wouldn't want to be accused of copying someone's idea of the final battle. Finally the thought of using the veil that Sirius had fallen through back at the end of fifth year popped into my head. I just found it kind of fitting that it would be how Voldemort would die, killed by the boy who lived and the one wizard that he had always feared. As for the volume one part since in this story it's only the end of the trio's sixth year there is still a seventh year to come, with Ron and Hermione being together, though with only the teachers at Hogwarts and a few others knowing, and now Harry and Ginny are together as well, though everyone knows about them. All is not perfect though as Lucius Malfoy and a few others are still loose and more than likely looking for revenge, seeing Voldemort as a martyr. So if enough people want me to continue this story then I'll start volume two of Letters From Beyond at the start of the trio and Ginny's seventh year. In closing again thanks to everyone for reading this story, I hope that you liked it, and as always reviews are appreciated.