SVU Squad Room – Wednesday – 3:30pm

A week had almost gone by since Olivia and Elliot's night together. Every time they looked at each other from their desks, Elliot couldn't help but smile at Olivia, who would give him a look. She then kicked him from under the desk and he kicked her back, starting to play footsies with each other.

"Elliot . . .." whispered Olivia.

"What?" he asked unknowingly.

"Stop kicking, you little tease."

"Spoilsport." pouted Elliot.

Olivia tried to stifle a laugh, but she couldn't help it. Elliot was too funny and crazy and just seeing him made her think about what they had done with each other that Friday night. The sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell of her partner made her shudder.

What was about to make her shudder was the presence of Dr. Hendrix, who had just come into the squad room and approached the two detectives at their desks.

"Good afternoon, Doctor," said Elliot, acknowledging her.

"Hi Elliot," said Rebecca. "Hi Olivia."

"Hi Rebecca," said Olivia.

"The medical examiner's office has released Miranda's body from the autopsy and her funeral is scheduled for tomorrow morning," stated Rebecca.

"We will clear our schedules for tomorrow," said Olivia. "Thanks for letting us know."

"No problem." Rebecca then turned to Elliot, "Can I talk to you for a second?"

Elliot glanced at Olivia, then at Rebecca and shrugged his shoulders, "Sure."

They went into the hallway and Rebecca had started the conversation.

"I'm sorry for what I did the other day, Elliot. I wasn't thinking and I know that kissing a man whose wife had just left him wanting a divorce and taking his kids isn't a good idea."

Elliot looked at her for a moment and he could see she was being sincere, "It's okay and I accept your apology, but it can't happen again."

"I totally understand," she said with a slight smile. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you then."

Central Park – Manhattan – Thursday – 8:00pm

The stars were shining brightly so Elliot and Olivia decided to go out and look at the beautiful sky over the New York skyline. They discussed about Miranda's funeral and Elliot talked about forgiving Dr. Hendrix and how she had wanted the three of them to become on good, professional terms.

"I've learned a lot about forgiveness and how you should forgive the ones you love and even your enemies, because you may never know when you may have another chance," said Elliot, reaching out to take Olivia's hand into his and leaning in to kiss her.

"So have I," said Olivia. She nestled into his arms and Elliot brushed his cheek into her hair, smelling of her scent of the shampoo she had put in there earlier that day.

"What is it?" he asked her.

"You," she replied. "Just you. Us. Together forever."

"Together forever," repeated Elliot.

They both sat there on the bench and watched the stars shine for a little while longer.