Hello all. So this is my first anime fanfic. Warning: this is suppose to be stupid and funny! I got the idea one night when my friends and I were sitting around watching Inuyasha. (Yes, we really do act like the girls in the first chapter. You'll realize how sad this is for college students when you read it.) I don't know if it'll even go anywhere, but I thought I'd post two chapters to see what kind of response I got. I don't own any of the anime characters, blah blah blah. Oh, very important note. This does contain references to the last episodes of Wolf's Rain, so if you don't want to know what happens, then don't read on. THere, I've warned you. So read on and please review!!!

"And I shall take you down to Hell with me!" shouted the evil priestess.

"NO!!!" A lone slipper shot through the air and slammed into the minuscule TV like a scud missile, causing the alarm clock sitting haphazardly on top to crash down to an almost certain death.

"Jena! You're going to kill your alarm clock if you keep throwing stuff!" A petite brunette laughed as she adjusted her glasses. The culprit, a young girl of about twenty with blue eyes and hair that sometimes was red and sometimes purple, stood to go collect her slipper turned weapon of mass destruction.

"Well, if stupid Kikyo would just die and leave Inuyasha and Kagome alone then I wouldn't have to throw things at the TV," she stated matter-of-factly as she stepped over her roommate, Kirsten, who was sprawled out on a monster green beanbag chair that dominated most of the floor space in the small dorm room. It was the meeting place of the small group of five girls who were comically hooked on anime. Well, okay, so four were hooked on anime, one was just there to laugh at the reactions of the others, which as you can tell got pretty humorous.

"I mean, what is it with the Japanese and their fascination with falling in love with dead people anyway?" Jena continued her tirade as she sat back down next to Karli, the small brunette with glasses. "Look at Kenshin and Tomoe! I mean, seriously! One guy is alive and standing right in front of you while the other is six feet under. Hmm, which would you choose?"

"Yeah, but Kenshin killed her first love," Karli tried to explain. Jena would have none of it, much to the amusement of Kirsten, Reanna and Becky.

"Well, she's the one who let herself fall in love with him! As if that movie wasn't confusing enough! I spent the first half of it trying to figure who's side I should be on," Jena said as she leaned back against her closet. Reanna laughed and sat up.

"Hmm, reminds me of another movie we watched. One with a certain princess called Mononoke," she said as she grinned at Jena, causing the light to dance off her braces.

"Hey! How was I to know! That Lady chick with the guns was nice to lepers!" Jena shouted in mirth, unable to hide her smile at the absurdity of their conversation.

"But she was still trying to destroy the forest," Kirsten counteracted. "And she cut off the forest dude's head."

"Which is why you want to be on Ashitaka's side," Karli said as she settled back against the bean bag chair. Becky just sat and smiled.

"Could we please just watch Inuyasha? We need to finish this DVD before Wolf's Rain comes on," Reanna said as she turned her eyes back to the TV.

"Fine, but I'm not making any promises that I'll contain my annoyance for a certain dead priestess," Jena muttered from her side of the room.

"Just don't break your TV," Kirsten pleaded.

Ten minutes later, a stuffed ducky flew through the air, hitting the TV and once again, knocking the dilapidated alarm clock to the floor.

"Inuyasha!!" Jena screeched as she sat, arm pulled back and ready to throw another stuffed animal.

"No! Not my Kyo plushie!" Karli yelled as she tried to grab it from the murderous hands of Jena.

"Jena! Would you watch it!" Reanna said as she laughed from the other side of the room. Becky sat up and tossed the ducky back over at Jena.

"Next time, aim so that it doesn't fly off the TV and hit me," she said with a smile.

"Please, just put Kyo down," Karli pleaded, still trying to reach for the orange cat.

"He deserves it! Inuyasha is just leading poor Kagome on! Argh! Why won't he just admit that he likes her and forget about Kikyo! I mean seriously! One is alive and healthy and obviously likes him while the other is dead! She eats other people's souls! He must be some kind of idiot."

"Kikyo needs to just go away," Kirsten said from the bean bag chair, her brown curls falling over the side.

"Jena, please, give me Kyo before you hurt it," Karli said. Jena realized she still had the stuffed animal in a tight grip and grudgingly handed it to Karli.

"Men are scum. Especially ones that are half animal," she said, glaring at Inuyasha's face on the TV screen as she leaned back against the closet.

"Um, Jena, it's just a cartoon," Becky said, staring peculiarly at Jena.

"Yes, but the concept still applies. Somewhere out there is a guy who acts just like Inuyasha and there is some poor girl that he has stringing along behind him." There was silence in the room as the credits began playing. Then sudden laughter burst forth. Jena looked around, confused. "What?" Karli stood and turned the DVD player off.

"Sorry, but that last comment brought to mind a certain Stu that you are fond of complaining about," Karli said. Jena turned a slight shade of red.

"Well, he does act like him," she said weakly.

"Shut up guys! Wolf's Rain is on!" Reanna said.

"Hopefully this one will be happier than the last one. I almost cried when Toboe died," Jena said as she wrapped her arms around a pillow. "I thought Reanna was going to have a breakdown." Reanna glared at Jena.

"It was sad. And I do recall seeing tears in your eyes as well." Jena shrugged and turned her attention to the TV.

"Oh, guys, I think this is the last one," Karli said as she settled down next to Jena. "Um, it doesn't get too happy, but the ending is kind of nice." The girls watched as the gang climbed up a snow covered mountain on the TV. Jena sat up and leaned forward.

"What do you mean?"

"Just watch." The twenty or so minutes passed in tense silence before Jena, the over dramatic one, shrieked as the show neared the end.

"No! Not Hige! They killed Hige!" she shouted.

"They killed everyone!" Kirsten shouted as she sat up and looked back at her traumatized roommate. Jena sat strangling her pillow in a death grip. Her blue eyes were wide and watery.

"That doesn't matter, they killed my favorite character! Why do they always have to kill my favorite character? First Speed on CSI: Miami, and now Hige. What's next? Are they going to kill Shigure off of Fruit's Basket?" Karli laughed as Becky and Kirsten rolled their eyes. Sometimes Jena could over react a little too much.

"Um, actually the people who made this anime have a tendency to end things very sadly. And I seriously doubt that anyone would kill off Shigure." Jena buried her face in her pillow as Reanna continued to cry silently.

"I can't watch it anymore, Hige's dead." Karli pulled the pillow away from Jena.

"Just watch." Jena turned her attention back to the TV. Soon, the snow melted and scenes of a bustling city filled the screen. One by one, the different characters entered, none acknowledging that they knew the others. Tsume rode by on a motorcycle, Toboe was picking up a kitten from a box, and then Hige appeared.

"He's alive!" Jena yelled happily. Karli rolled her eyes. She couldn't help but laugh at her friend's child like reactions.

"I don't like it. They don't get together! I thought that they would all wake up together in Paradise, but no, the cycle starts all over again!" Kirsten said, agitated.

"I liked it. Hige's alive," Jena said, now hugging her pillow.

"Um, got a Kleenex?" Reanna asked. Jena stood and grabbed one off the dresser and handed it to her. Reanna quickly wiped away the remnants of tears from her cheeks.

"So, that's it?" Kirsten said after a few moments of silence. Karli nodded.

"For now, anyway." Reanna stared at her hands.

"I'm depressed now," she said, still sniffling.

"Don't be sad! Hige's alive!" Jena said again, much to the annoyance of everyone else.

"At least Inuyasha ended somewhat happy," Kirsten said as she sat up. Jena rolled her eyes as she dropped her pillow on the floor.

"Okay, bedtime. I've got church in the morning," Jena sang as she hopped over people and pillows to the sink to brush her teeth. The girls slowly stood and turned off the TV.

"Night," Karli said as she and Reanna left. Becki waited until Jena finished brushing her teeth.

"10:15 right?" Jenna nodded.

"Night." Becki slipped out of the room, leaving Kirsten and Jena to themselves. Jena stretched and sighed, fatigue quickly overcoming her.

"Well, that was fun," she said as she pulled her socks off before climbing into the top bunk. Kirsten pulled on her bathrobe and grabbed her shower caddy.

"I'm off to the showers. Night Jena."

"Night," Jena mumbled as she snuggled under her blue and purple patchwork quilt, not bothering to reach for her headphones like she normally did to fall asleep. Kirsten slipped out of the room. "Hmm, sleep, nice," Jena thought hazily as she drifted off to dream.