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"WHO ARE YOU CALLING SHORTY!" a voice exploded. All the regulars stopped their running to look at the latest addition to the craziness. Jena's eyes widen as she watched a short blonde boy enter the clearing, followed by a huge suit of armor.

"Now, brother. I'm sure he didn't mean it," the armor said, attempting to move in between the smirking dog demon and the irate alchemist.

"I wondered when you would come back for more," Inuyasha said as he crossed his arms. "Think you can take me on, shrimp?" Jena rolled her eyes as she got up from the ground.

"Why is it that everyone here is so obsessed with fighting? God, I never realized anime was so violent," she said as she sighed and placed a hand on her hip. Karli's eyes widened as she gave Jena an incredulous look. "What?" Jena said as she caught sight of Karli's look.

"Please. One of your favorite movies is Spriggan. Like I'm going to believe that you never realized how violent anime is," she scoffed. Jena just shrugged and turned back to the quickly developing fight beginning to take place across the clearing.

"YOU THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH CALLING ME SHRIMP! I'LL KICK YOUR ASS, DOG BREATH!" Ed yelled as he lunged for Inuyasha. Luckily, Al grabbed him in time and began to pull him away in the opposite direction.

"Brother, please! You need to control your temper!" he said as a sweat drop appeared on his forehead. Ed continued to struggle against Al until he miraculously broke free.

"TAKE THIS, DOG BOY!" he shouted as he clapped his hands together and placed them on the ground, causing a large flash of blinding light along with a giant dust cloud.

"Oh, dear. This can't be good," Jena said. Karli shook her head.

"Nope, not good at all. Are you sure we're safe over here?" she asked, unable to pull her eyes from the scene unfolding before her.

"Not sure. I mean, there are a few hundred feet and about eight tennis players plus a lecherous monk and a demon slayer in between us, but who are they against a guy who can clap his hands and make giant guns appear?" As she said this, the dust cleared to show a giant cannon with Ed sitting on top of it, laughing manically. "Yea, we should probably run," Jena said.

"I agree," Karli said as the two turned to retreat to the forest.

"Where are you going? You're going to miss the fight," Fuji said as he somehow appeared right in front of the two girls. Jena yipped and jumped back.

"How'd you get there?" she asked, clutching Karli's arm.

"Move! We're going to the forest where it's safe! There are psychos fighting, if you haven't noticed," she said, her eyes wide behind her glasses.

"But don't you like watching fights?" Fuji asked, still smiling amiably.

"What's there to like? Someone always gets hurt, and more often than not, both people get hurt!" Jena shouted.

"But that's what makes it so enjoyable!" Fuji said brightly. "I enjoy watching others suffer."

"Ok, that sounds so much more frightening in person," Jena said as she let go of Karli's arms. Karli nodded. "Ok, retreat other direction!" Jena and Karli turned around and began running in the opposite direction, which unfortunately lead straight to the aforementioned battle.

"Wait! Why are we running this way?" Karli yelled.

"I don't know! I just wanted to get away from Fuji! He scares me!" Jena yelled.

"This whole place scares me!" Karli yelled back. The two stopped right before they reached the opposite side of the clearing where Kagome was now trying to stop Ed and Inuyasha from fighting.

"Would you both relax?" she shouted, glaring back and forth between the two.

"HE CALLED ME SHORT! HE MUST PAY!" Ed shouted from on top of the cannon. Inuyasha just smirked as he gripped the now transformed Tetsuiga.

"Hey, at least I'm not the one whose self confidence is so low that I fly off the handle anytime someone calls me short," he said.

"HEY! SHUT UP!" Ed shouted.

"Brother! Please! I don't want anyone to get hurt!" Al said, moving to join Kagome between the dueling duo.


"Brother!" Al shouted again. At that time, Shippo came bouncing out of the hut, followed by Kilala.

"What's going?" he said as he wandered up to Al. Al looked down and caught sight of Kilala standing next to Shippo.

"Ooo, kitty!" he sat as he sat down to play with her. Ed rolled his eyes.

"HEY AL! COULD YOU MOVE PLAYTIME SOMEWHERE ELSE! I'M TRYING TO HAVE A FIGHT HERE!" he shouted down. But Al didn't seem to hear him. He was too enraptured with stroking Kilala. By now, Shippo had climbed on top of Al's head.

"Wow, you're tall even when sitting, Al!" he cheerfully exclaimed. Jena had to struggle to keep a straight face as she looked from Ed, to Al, to Inuyasha who was now twitching.

"Hey, could you guys get out of the way! I'm trying to kick shorty's ass!" he yelled, quite obviously irritated that they had chosen now to be distracted. Kagome took the opportunity to yell "Sit boy!" right as a wrench flew through the air and hit Ed squarely on the head. Inuyasha face planted the ground as Ed fell off the cannon. Jena fell to the ground laughing the two lay moaning on the ground.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha grumbled as he looked up at the triumphant girl.

"What? I wasn't going to have you destroying the hut again! Everytime Ed comes over, you both nearly wipe out the clearing and the town," she said, glaring down at the prostate hanyou.

"Ah, so you do enjoy watching the suffering of others!" Fuji said as he walked up to the laughing Jena. She glanced up at him, and stopped laughing long enough to answer.

"Only when it involves those two," she said gleefully. Karli looked at the scene before her with amusement, but then began to wander. If a flying wrench had knocked Ed off the cannon, then that meant...

"EDWARD ELRIC! How many times do I have to tell you! Do not destroy MY AUTOMAIL!" a very angry girl said as she ran up to the group. She reached down to pick up her wrench and then aimed it menacingly at the injured alchemist.

"I wasn't going to hurt it! Sheesh, I was just going to hurt him," Ed mumbled from the ground.

"Yup, I knew it," Karli said as Jena picked herself off the ground. "All heck is breaking loose. We're never going home," she said, her voice void of emotion.

"Ah, I think you mean hell, and yes, it's been breaking loose for quite awhile now," Jena said as she brushed the dirt off her pants.

"There are so many characters here, I don't think I can keep up with them," Karli said. Jena nodded.

"My headache's coming back."

"Then try my special Inui juice. It'll take the pain away," Inui said as he appeared next to Jena and held out the bubbling mug of juice. She jumped back and shrieked.

"Would you stop doing that! It freaks me out!"

"Wait, who are you?" said a very confused Ed, recovering quickly from his injury. Winry looked over at the two strange girls as the wrench fell down to her side.

"Oh, this is Jena and Karli. They're psychics from another world," Kagome explained quickly as she was getting quite proficient at it. Ed perked up.

"Psychics?" he said as he stood and started walking towards them.

"Yea, we keep trying to send them home but SOMEONE keeps interrupting," Inuyasha grumbled from the ground. No one seemed to pay attention.

"Do you know anything about the Gate?" he asked. Jena laughed and crossed her arms.

"Do we know about the gate? Of course we do, but we're not telling you anything," she said, taking on a high and mighty air. Karli rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Quit bluffing. I know that you don't know anything. The last episode we watched went completely over your head," she said. Jena glared at Karli.

"It did not!" she shouted, glancing furiously at Ed who was a little bit confused.

"It did too! We had to pause it every 20 seconds so that you could ask another stupid question!" Karli yelled. Jena's bottom lip began to tremble as she turned away.

"You don't have to be so mean about it," she said as her eyes filled with tears.

"I'll comfort you!" shouted Miroku from somewhere in the crowd. His shout was followed by the sound of a slap.

"You will not!" Sango said as she rolled her eyes.

"I think I need some ice," Miroku said weakly as he started walking towards the hut.

"Um, what's going on?" Ed asked as he looked back and forth between the two.

"I don't know. Why don't you ask Karli. She seems to know everything," Jena said, still trying to hold in the tears that were threatening to fall down her cheeks.

"This is getting ridiculous," Inuyasha said. "You're such a drama queen." Jena glared at him.

"Oh, you want drama, do you? I'll give you drama!" she shouted as she started for the prone half-demon. Fear started to overcome Inuyasha, before he remembered that Jena was, indeed, only human. He jumped up and began laughing.

"Come on, bring it!" he shouted as he grinned. Al looked up from playing with Kilala.

"What's going on?" he asked, oblivious to the situation.

"You want a piece of this!" Jena shouted as she started to lunge towards him. Then, she was suddenly cut off by a wall of fire.

"Hey! Watch where you aim that thing!" Inuyasha yelled. "You nearly set my hair on fire!" Jena rolled her eyes as another figure walked into the clearing and joined their happy shindig.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you to play nice with girls?" a smooth voice asked. Jena began rubbing her forehead, attempting to stop the migraine that was coming on.

"Oh, God, not another one..."