I am Rose

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This is mainly based on Sonic X. In this fan fic the X Tornado is a separate plane from the Tornado 2 and it has 7 seats. Ok, I'm getting sick of people deleting my stories. So I'm gonna be extra careful. This is the second time this has been on here, so tell me if I did something wrong, and I'll fix it immediately. No flaming please. The last one I got made me cry.

Chapter 1- The battle

The sky has gone black and lightning shot everywhere. The Sonic team was face to face with their archenemy, Dr Eggman on the Egg Carrier 4, finishing off the fight. He was in a Robot shaped like a Scorpion with missile launchers and sharp needles all over it, especially the tail. Sonic was in his attacking position with a cheesy smirk on his face with a bit of bruising and blood running down his face. Tails was in his Tornado 2-walk mode and was getting ready to fire full throttle. Knuckles was behind Sonic with his bruised and hurt knuckles in front of him ready to punch eggman flat. Rouge was standing beside Knuckles with her wing badly ripped and burnt. Shadow was beside Sonic giving eggman a hating look with blood coming out of his mouth.Amy was tightly gripping her Piko piko hammer with bruises on her head not knowing what to do. She fell scared and angry at the same time. But yet, she felt like she was useless.

"So Sonic, Ready to die?" Eggman said gripping his controls

"You wish Robuttnik!" Sonic said not being threatened in any way.

"Try and Dodge this!" Eggman yelled and missiles launched right at Sonic and tails!

They stepped to one side and the missiles flew straight past them

"Really Eggman, do you think you can hit the fastest hedgehog in the world with missiles that move like snails?" Sonic said sarcastically

"Sonic! Look out!" Knuckles yelled and jumped out of the way of the missiles.

Faster than Sonic and tails could react, the missiles came back and hit them in the back.

Sonic got up a little bruised but tails was lying on the ground unconscious and bleeding with the Tornado2 destroyed.

"Rouge! Get Tails out of here!" Sonic yelled and Rouge agreed. She picked up tails and started to run off until Eggman fired another missile at them, causing Rouge to be knocked to the ground and drop Tails.

"Going somewhere? But the parties just begun!" Eggman said and whacked Rouge and tails to one side with his huge metal tail. "Whos next?"

"EGGMAN! YOURE GOIN DOWN!" Knuckles yelled and threw his fists at the robot! He smashed one of the robot's legs and got electrocuted by the wires! He screamed in pain and fell to the ground knocked unconscious from the shock.

"Big mistake doctor!" Shadow yelled and spin dashed at eggman. But before he could hit Eggman, he was struck down by one of the metal pincers and sent smashing into the ground.

Sonic was getting tired and concerned for his friend's safety. I have to do something… Sonic thought, then he noticed Eggman was coming for Amy!

"RUN AMY!!" Sonic screamed but amy was to scared and shocked to move. She stood there trembling expecting the worst. Eggman fired tons of needles at Amy and Sonic watched in horror as they came spiralling towards her!

"AMY!!" Sonic screamed and jumped in front of the shots kicking them all away. Then the Metal tail moved rapidly towards him, and he tried to jump out of the way. But before Sonic could do anything, the metal tail wrapped itself around him and started crushing Sonic's body. Sonic started screaming in pain as the huge needle stabbed him while still crushing Sonic's body! Amy was Horrorfied! Sonic was being drenched in his own blood! But her fear and sorrow quickly turned to rage remembering how he saved her before,

"LET HIM GO!!" She screamed and she destroyed the tail, causing Sonic to drop to the ground. Amy carried on destroying the robot and eventually reached the cockpit where eggman was.

"Easy amy…don't come any closer! Go away!" Eggman said tried to escape but amy crushed the cock pit, making the robot explode! The blast knocked Amy back and sent her flying into the wall. "Ill get you for this Sonic Heroes!!" Eggman screamed as he flew off into the sky Team Rocket style.


Rouge and Tails got up weakly and saw Eggman's robot destroyed and on fire.

Tails held his arm in pain and ran over to Knuckles and Shadow who were gaining consciousness. They were hurt badly, especially knuckles.

"Ugh, my head…" Shadow groaned rubbing his head

"We need to get outta here! This place is gonna blow!" Tails said helping Knuckles get up

"Wait, where's Sonic and Amy?" Rouge said looking around, but it was really hard to see since there was so much black smoke around.

"I-Is that….Sonic?" Knuckles said weakly staring into the smoke where two Shadows were walking weakly out of the darkness. It was Sonic caring Amy! He was covered in blood, burns and bruises and only just conscious, while Amy was unconscious in his arms much the same way.

Sonic fell to his knees in pain while the others stood around him seeing if he was ok.

"Well, what the hell are we waiting for? Lets go!" Sonic said looking up suddenly.

Tails nodded and pressed a button on his watch and out of no where, the X tornado flew in with Cream in the Cockpit!

"I didn't know you could fly a plane." Rouge said helping knuckles into his seat.

(In this fan fic the X Tornado is a separate plane from the Tornado 2 and it has 7 seats. Back to fan fic.)

"Im a fast learner!" Cream replied happily while letting Tails into the front seat.

Shadow picked Sonic up and put him in a seat. Sonic put Amy down next to him gently (double seats) and watched her breathe weakly.

As soon as everybody was in, the X Tornado flew off just in time to clear the explosion of the egg carrier 4. Sonic felt sore and tired, and still shocked for what Amy did. He stroked the bit of hair covering her face and noticed a huge bruise on her forehead. Finally he passed out from exhaustion, with one question hovering in his mind, Why.

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