So many images flashed through Super Amy's mind as she flew Sonic-speed towards Station Square. Most contained Sonic, which confused her even more. Why was she seeing so much of him? He's the enemy, but then, so was everyone else now. She realised she'd been tricked. Eggman was lying all along. She didn't know anything any more. But she couldn't help but wonder why that blue hedgehog wouldn't fight her like the rest did, or why she went and saved him? Then, everything went black…

The X tornado few through the thundery sky with everyone inside looking for Amy. They had all recovered from the fight, Tails was still a little in shock but was well enough to pilot the plane. Knuckles looked over at Sonic, who was staring out the window, worried.

" Are you ok Sonic?" He asked putting a hand on his shoulder, they were in a double seat,

" Yeah…" Sonic lied sadly

" Ow my freaking head…" Pizu wined holding his head

" Shut up Duck Tape boy!" Piko yelled

" Ok…" Pizu said and everybody turned and looked at him like he was crazy " Uh… I mean… You shut up!" everybody went back to searching and ignoring Pizu's and Piko's conversation.

" Why would she betray us like this?" Piko asked sadly

" Maybe she's drunk?" Pizu said

" Yeah… Wait, 12 year olds don't drink!"

" I did."

Rouge looked at Pizu, shook her head and turned to the rest " Cmon guys, think! Where would an evil person, or Amy, go when they have that much power?"

" Um… Hey! Lets ask Shadow! He was evil at one stage!" Tails said

Shadow looked at Tails offended " I wasn't evil! Just… Misunderstood! Besides, I wouldn't have a clue where she would go."

" What about Pizu?" Cream asked holding Cheese

" What about me?" Pizu said clueless

" Well, you're evil, aren't you?"

" Oh yeah, that's right…I forgot I was evil and psychotic…"

" How could you forget you're evil?" Knuckles asked raising a brow

" I don't know… Now lets see, where would I go if I had a sudden out burst of power and rage… Oh! The nearest city!"

Sonic stopped day dreaming and looked at Pizu " Station Square!… Why the nearest city?"

" Y' know, Lots of things to destroy, watch the people scream and run around in circles before dieing… It's entertaining!"

" Like Pie?" Piko asked

" Yeah! Like Pie! I've studied evil for years."

" Ok… Tails! To Station Square!" Sonic said pointing to the up coming city, and The X Tornado sped off towards it.

Amy found herself standing on a grassy cliff that was next to a huge lake in the middle of a Jungle or Forest. The sky was full of pitch-black clouds, and it was raining heavily, the only light, was the lightning crashing down everywhere. But there was another source of light; A huge shadow with evil red eyes destroying everything in it's path! The sight of it made her sick to her stomach and shudder uncontrollably.

" What will we do Spine?" she gentle female voice ask.

She turned around and saw a whole tribe of Hedgehogs and other animals. The men and some woman held weapons, while others stood behind and watched in fear. The Woman who had spoke was a White Cat. She had a collar around her neck with a light blue crystal hanging down from it, wore a top like Tikal's (White and shows belly button), a pair of jeans and black shoes. She had long hair and wore it in a ponytail and she had long whiskers and pointy ears that moved once in a while. Next to her stood a muscular, red, Male hedgehog. He also wore a collar on his neck, this one also had a blue crystal. His hair (Quills) were in the shape of a Mohawk, though they curled down slightly, he wore no shoes or gloves.

" We are going to have to attack." He answered

" Attack! But we are too weak!" A teenager boy hedgehog yelled

" I'm afraid we don't have a choice…" He answered with his eyes closed.

Amy then saw three girls and two Pikachus behind them. Because she knew this was a vision, or dream, she walked closer to the tribe and got a closer look at the children. The first one was a pink hedgehog, or was it a cat? She must have been both. She looked about two and she had a long tail with a ring hovering on it, but the ring was larger than she was, and she wore a collar, with another crystal on it. The two Pikachus looked 5 and they looked remarkably like Pizu and Piko… The last girl was a pink hedgehog that looked like the "Hedgecat's" twin, she had a collar that had another crystal on it, what was with the crystals? She stared at the pink hedgehog, it reminded her of someone… Then her eyes widened, that girl was… HER! Then suddenly she noticed something unbelievable.

" It's him again…" She whispered. There he was… A 5 year old Sonic was holding the little Amy protecting her from harm… Next to him was a 6 year old Knuckles, except he was a lot more cowardly than he was in the future… he was hiding behind sonic with tears running down his face. Amy stared at Sonic in shock.

Spike turned to the white cat

" Kitty, I want you to take Pizu, Piko, and the kids and run as far away from here as you can." He said

" But Spike… What about you?" She asked, tears forming in her eyes,

" As leader of the Rose Tribe, I must stay and fight as well. Sselemon has already taken too many lives… Now Sonic and Knuckles will have to grow up without a mother or father…" He said clenching his fists " please… run…."

Amy gasped. Those poor boys…

Kitty nodded in understanding, and picked up the children. They looked at the shadow, their Father (Spike) and then their mother (Kitty) afraid, Naive to what was happening. Kitty took their hands and ran away into the forest behind them, and Amy followed. But the shadow noticed, and shot a beam of power at them! Amy heard a deafening scream and she ran faster and gasped, as she saw Kitty on the ground, bleeding! The girls and the Pikachus were on the ground unharmed, but in shock, knuckles was crying loudly.

" (Cough) Sonic… Take the rest far away from here… Just run like you've never ran before…" She managed to say before closing her eyes. Sonic's eyes widened and hesitated, but then pushed the kids up and signalled them to run. He and the others ran for the jungle but stopped, staring up into the dark glasses of a bald, fat man with an orange moustache.

" Come on kids! We have to get out!" He said while other children and mothers ran past him.

Sonic was about to go but stopped. He left Amy! He turned around and ran to amy, who was crying on her dead mother's body. Sonic walked up towards her.

" Come on Amy! We ha- ha- have to gwo!"

Little amy stopped and looked up and stared at the monster in front of her that had killed her mother… Then her eyes started to glow a light blue colour and her hair and crystal started to hover…

Then everything went black again…


The X Tornado had landed in the city on a street and everybody was outside discussing the situation, while it was pouring down with rain.

"Sonic, Amy's coming this way and will be here any second! What are we gonna do?" Tails asked

Sonic had thought about this the whole time, and had made up his mind.

" The only way to, make her listen, and remember, we have to fight her." He said.

" Are you sure you're ready?" Rouge asked hugging Knuckles

" I'm sure…" Sonic said looking to the ground

" We'd like to help, but we're too weak from the last battle, you're on your own Sonic." Shadow said

Sonic nodded,

" But how are we gonna get these people to a safer place?" He asked

" Run everybody! A battle's gonna happen!" Cream yelled

" Chao Chao Chao Chao! ( Yeah, get the hell out of here ya damn Hobos!)" but the Humans ignored them

" We can fix that." Pizu said, grabbing his Ducktape and caned Whipped Cream and he climbed on top of the Tornado X, Shadow following. Shadow cleared his throat and…


Everybody in the city looks at him like he's crazy, then looks at pizu, who was holding out his ducktape and had whipped cream coming out of his mouth.

" Rar."

" EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!" All the Humans scream and run for their lives leaving the street to the Sonic team.

" All right." Pizu and Shadow say and hi-five. Pizu then grabs his cream and starts spaying it down his throat.

" Ready?" Shadow asked

" Ready." Sonic answered, and the 7 Chaos Emeralds circled his body rapidly, turning him into…


Thanks Pizu.

" That's what I'm here for."

Just as that happened, Super Amy came speeding towards them and landed metres away from Super Sonic.

" Well, Well, Well. Look what we have here. So, are you gonna fight me this time?" She said smirking

" You bet."

The two stared at each other for a while, then launched themselves at each other. Super Amy was throwing kicks and punches at Super Sonic, but he dodged every one, and punched her up into the air.

Super Amy stayed hovering in the air, before Super Sonic came up and tried to grab her, only to be grabbed himself (Its not what you think.). Super Amy held him by the neck and threw him into the ground. He smiled to himself and pushed himself off the ground at high speeds. His knuckle launched into her stomach, making her winded. She held her tummy and looked up at him, waiting for him to finish her off, but he didn't, he just stood (Or hovered) there smiling warmly. What was this guy's problem! He decided to take the chance and she went to attack him while he was off guard, only to be attacked herself. Super Sonic punched away at her rapidly, and knocked her to the ground. She got back up and flew up to Super Sonic and started fighting again.

Cream couldn't stand seeing them fight like this any more, and she hugged Cheese and closed her eyes.

" Tell me when it's sae to look…" She whimpered to Pizu and Piko

" Ok Cream." Piko said warmly, while Pizu stuffed his face with popcorn.

Knuckles and Rouge were still holding each other, they had somehow become closer by the events in the past few days. Shadow was silent, like his normal self. Tails was silent as well, except for constant whispers saying,

" Please don't die, please don't die, please don't die…"

It had all come down to this. Super Sonic and Super Amy were hovering just above the ground now, both panting and worn out. Especially Amy.

" Wh- Why are we… Fighting?" Amy managed to ask looking to the ground. Sonic smiled and hovered closer to her.

" Because you can't find the truth. Nor handle it." He said softly.

Amy looked up at him.

" We're you're friends Amy. Don't you remember the old days, adventuring, rescuing, kicking Eggman's ass… Don't you remember all that?" He said softly.

Amy didn't know anything anymore, and he was getting too close to her! She remembered the vision she had earlier, and filled with anger, completely losing it!

She grabbed her Hammer and swung it at Super Sonic! She stopped herself from hitting him as the Hammer was only inches from his head, and he didn't move an inch. She let the Hammer drop to the ground and she fell to her knees, breaking into tears. She went out of Super mode and went back to normal. She was so confused, why had she stopped herself from hitting him? It would have finished him off! Sonic came out of Super mode too. He walked closer to Amy and dropped to his knees to look at her. She looked up at him,

" I…I just can't remember…" She said sadly

Sonic smiled with his eyes half open, he rested his hand on Amy's face and pulled her closer. Amy tried to resist, but she couldn't, she didn't want to… Sonic leaned in closer and closed his eyes, Amy did the same. Then finally their lips met, in a burst of passion. Everything else was blocked out as they were in their own world, just the two of them. Everything in this time all flooded back to Amy, she remembered who she was! But she didn't really care at this time as she was kissing her one true hero.

Everybody except Cream, Knuckles and Pizu were shocked.

" Is it safe to look yet?" Cream asked

" Yep." Pizu said. Cream removed her hands from her eyes, looked at Sonic and Amy and squealed,

" EEK! My eyes! They burn!"

" Pizu!" Piko yelled

" What?" Pizu said innocently

Sonic and Amy broke the kiss and looked at each other lovingly and out of breath.

" Are you back?" Sonic asked panting

" Uh huh." Amy replied staring into his emerald eyes

Sonic whispered something in Amy's ear.

" I love you too Sonic the Hedgehog." Amy whispered and they kissed once more.

"Thankyou Sonic…I finally know who I am… I am friend to those around me… I am the girl to protect you and hold you forever… I am… I am… Rose…

The End