Half Elf Princess

Return to Middle Earth

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Lady Love's Challenge: Name can be what every the author wants. If you are up to this challenge then here you go! A lord of the rings/SailorMoon crossover story!!! Serena/Legolas romance! Serena is an elf princess that must marry the prince of Mirkwood who she doesn't even know! They are both mad at this arrangement but go with it to please their parents and for their kingdoms. The first meeting doesn't go as well, but the soon start to express feel for each other slowly. But when Serena and Legolas are taken hostage they must work together to get out of this mess. Legolas learns that Serena is not all looks and not strength. She can fight just like him.

Note: I will try to keep to the challenge as much as possible. Lady Love said I don't have to put the part where they're taken hostage; just when they get married and Legolas witnesses her fighting ability. I'll have a bit of fun with it and suggestions will be welcome. I can't remember everything that happens in LoTR.

Princess Serenity wanted to learn about middle Earth and begged her parent's permission to journey down there. She met the Lord and Lady of Lothlórien and became close to Galadriel. They taught her elvish and she was a quick learner. When she met the Elf warrior, Haldir, she immediately fell in love with him. It took him a while to realize his feelings but Celeborn and Galadriel insisted on him finding a bride; that it would be good for him.

"It would be good for both your lands," Galadriel always told him.

But their love was forbidden, for Serenity's parents were not happy of her being married to an elf—not human. So Serenity ran away and they eloped. Eventually, her parents felt sorry for what they have done for pushing their daughter away. They wondered if they would ever see her again. What would happen to the moon kingdom if she never returned?

Years passed; Serenity and Haldir had a child. A girl. Because she was half elf, they gave her an Elvish name: Serewen, meaning Serena. Serewen inherited her mother's beauty and father's determination. The elvish blood that ran through her veins made her eyes sharp as an eagle's and her reflexes that of a cat. Her favorite possession was a bow her uncles Orophin and Rumil gave her for her last birthday. Serenity was not very happy with it.

Time to time, elves from Rivendell, Mirkwood and other cities would come to Lorien. Serewen loved to see them and ask questions of their cities. It was how she met the prince of Mirkwood, Legolas for the first time and they became good friends.

Though Serenity loved her life in Cerin Amroth of Lorien, she still missed her home and thought often of the Moon Kingdom. She didn't speak much of it but Haldir knew she missed her home and sometimes told her to go to the Moon Kingdom. Serenity however, did not want to take Serewen from Middle Earth, not when she was so happy there. But soon, she had no choice. Little did she know, her kingdom was in danger and needed her back.

Serenity laughed as she watched Serewen play with Legolas. Serewen had taken his cloak and he was chasing her around the place.

"Give that back," Legolas said playfully. "Come on, now!"

But all Serewen could do was laugh. Then he grabbed her and picked her up as he play-argued with her in in elvish.

"No one will come back to Lorien," said Galadriel as she approached Serenity's side, "if she continues to run off with their cloaks."

"She doesn't nearly tease anyone as much as she does Legolas," Serenity smiled. "Just look at them. I think Legolas enjoys it. She has been so happy here. I just wish…my parents could be here now. They were so angry with me that day. They just could not understand."

"Serenity, come with me," said Galadriel.

"What is it?" Serenity asked as she followed Galadriel.

"There has been something on my mind," Galadriel answered. "I must show you."

"You mean—in the water?" Serenity inquired, "but you do not know what it will show you."

"I just hope it does show you what it has shown me," Galadriel said sadly.

They came down to the steps. Serenity watched curiously as Galadriel poured the water in the basin. "I saw it earlier this morning. Look."

Serenity paused and gazed into the basin. For a moment she saw only her reflection and then she saw the Moon Kingdom. She saw her mother sobbing in her throne and her father was not there. Serenity looked closer in the basin. Then people rushed into the doors carrying her dying father. They all looked like they came from a battle.

Serenity looked up at Galadriel, "Umin hanya," she whispered, meaning, "I do not understand."

"It is happening now," said Galadriel. "Your father is dying. Your mother is sick. They will not make it."

"Lá," Serenity mumbled, shaking her head. "Lá." (No.)

Galadriel put her hand on her shoulder. "Nanyë nyérinqua," she whispered. (I am sorry.)

"I must leave."

"Man lúmessë lelyuval?" (When will you go?)

"Right away," she answered. "With my parents dying, I am the only one left to rule." She started walking to the castle.

"Will you be back?" Galadriel asked in elvish.

"I do not know," Serenity replied. "I do not know." She came to Serwen, who was still playing and talking with Legolas. "Serewen!"

"What is it?" Serewen asked.

"The Moon Kingdom is in trouble," she said. "We must go."



"No!" Serewen shouted. She ran to Galadriel and threw her arms around her waist. "I am staying here!"

"Listen to me, Serewen," Serenity said firmly. "You are heir to the throne. When I die you will have to rule after me."

"No, you go!" Serewen cried. "I will stay here in Middle Earth. I do not want to go to the moon!"

"What is this?" Haldir demanded, walking down the steps.

"Father!" Serewen exclaimed. "Mother says we have to go to the Moon Kingdom. I don't want to go. Tell me I can stay!"

Haldir looked at Serenity. "Mana?" (What?)

"My parents are dying," Serenity explained. "We saw it in the mirror. There has been a battle."

"Shall we send warriors with you?"

Serenity shook her head. "I must go alone. I don't think my parents would want it."

"Father, I don't want to go to the Moon Kingdom," Serewen mumbled.

"Serewen, come," he called and Serwen let go of Galadriel and went to Haldir. "Your grandparents do not want elves at the Moon Kingdom but they will accept you."

"Father, no."

"Áva quetë!" he muttered. (Do not speak!)

Serewen frowned and he continued.

"You will have to be strong now," he continued. "The Moon Kingdom needs you now. Remember what you have learned in Middle Earth. Go with your mother."

She paused and slowly nodded her head. "Tancavë." (yes)

He hugged her. "Melinyel, Serewen." (I love you, Serewen)


Serenity and Serewen made their goodbyes and reluctantly left Middle Earth to return to the Moon Kingdom. Serewen never forgot her time on Middle Earth. She continued to speak in Elvish and would spend hours practicing her archery skills. She longed for the time when she'd go back.


Queen Serenity woke up with the dream still vivid in her head. "Haldir," she whispered as she got out of bed and looked out the window.

She saw that Serewen was already awake and speaking with her guardians, the sailor scouts. Serewen was not pleased with having guardians at first, but since they were girls around her age, she became comfortable with it and they all became great friends. Serewen even found love with Prince Darien of Earth. Everything was going well for them in the Moon Kingdom, even though Serewen still missed Middle Earth and the elves.

Queen Serenity knew that Queen Beryl was still at large and was nervous about her attacking the universe.

That evening, the castle was decorated floor to ceiling for a grand ball in celebration of the engagement of Serewen and Prince Darien. The food was divine and the music was more melodious than Serewen could imagine. She was dancing with Prince Darien.

"Are you afraid of the Negaverse?" he inquired.

"No," she replied. "I'm ready to fight them."

"Serewen," he whispered, "You don't have to fight."
"Are you saying that I can't?" she asked. "My sailor scouts can, why can't I?"

"You're the princess," he said. "They're supposed to protect you. How can they if you're in the middle of a battle?"

"I am very skilled with the bow," she told him. "You know that."

"Princess, it will take more than arrows to fight the Negaverse," he said. "We can't let you get hurt. You're the heir to the throne and you can rule the Moon Kingdom if you're dead."

"I know," she mumbled. "I know."

"The first place Queen Beryl will attack with be the moon," he told her. "Then she'll move onto the universe."

"There are people on Middle Earth that can help," said Serewen.

But then, it was too late to send messengers to Middle Earth. There was a loud explosion outside.

"What was that?" Serewen demanded. "What is going on?"

The guardian cats came running into the castle. "Under attack!" Luna cried. "We're under attack!"

People everywhere gasped and shrieked.

"We need everyone to fight!" shouted Artemis. "Everyone, to the armaments!"

Serewen looked at Darien, "you heard Artemis. We need everyone to fight!"

"Instead of you, Serewen." He said to her.


"Hide, Serewen," said Prince Darien.

"Hide, hide where?" Serewen inquired. "Where am I supposed to go?"

"Stay in the castle," he told her. "Don't leave!"

"But Darien!" she protested. "I can fight! I want to fight by your side!"

"You're the princess," he insisted as he ran to the armaments, "You are not to be fighting!"

Serewen balled her hand into her fist. She had not been training herself so long for a fight to be shut out now. She heard more explosions outside and the palace shook. Serewen stumbled outside to see what was going on. Queen Beryl was outside with her generals and demons. They were attacking everybody. She watched restlessly as her sailor soldiers were destroyed one by one.

"NO!" Serewen cried. "Sailor scouts!"

all her people were falling left and right. Darien was fighting three dangerous looking beasts. She couldn't stand and watch anymore. She was going to fight whether Darien wanted her to or not. She turned and hurried to the armaments, pulled off her fancy gown and slipped into a suit light armor. Serewen took down her pigtails and braided it like her father's.

She draped her cloak around her and took her bow. "Qualmë cotumonyain!" (Death to our foes!) She hissed as she walked out of the armor, settling her quiver of arrows on her back.

The people of the moon gasped in surprise as they saw the Moon Princess walking out in armor. "Princess, get back inside!" they cried.

But the Princess paid them no heed an attacked with full force, remembering everything the elves taught her. She encouraged the other fighters. She gave orders in elvish, though they didn't entirely understand.

"Áuta i lóme! Aurë entuluva!" she shrieked as she shot one of the minions. (The night is passing! Day shall come again!)

"Hain dago! Hain dago!" she urged. "Kill them! Kill them!"

Her words of encouragement seemed to help the battle. They fought with more vigor. "Maetho 'nin gurth! Ortheritham hain!"

(Fight to the death! We will defeat them!)

She turned and saw Queen Beryl speaking with Darien. "Why don't you leave the Moon Kingdom?" she asked. "And you can rule the Negaverse with me?"

"No!" Serewen exclaimed.

"What?" Queen Beryl mumbled turning. "Oh, it's that you, Moon Princess?"

"Serewen, get back into the castle!" Darien yelled.

"Holmelya ná ve orco!" Serewen snarled as she unleashed an arrow.

The arrow shot Queen Beryl in the side. She hissed and moved backward. "What—what did you say to me?"

"I said that your smell is like an orc!" Serewen muttered, though she had never met them. She learned the insults from other elves.

"Why you…!" Queen Beryl grunted as she walked toward her. "No one speaks to Queen Beryl like that!"

"Bada mibo orch!" snarled Serewen, "now I've told you to go kiss one!"

"Run, Serewen!" pleaded Darien. "Go!"

Queen Beryl lifted her hand and hit the Moon Princess with a major energy blast. She was thrown back ten feet.

"Serewen!" called Darien. "No!"

"If you will not join me," said Queen Beryl as she looked back to Darien, "then I will destroy you!"

Darien prepared himself for attack with his sword. He ran toward her and just as he was about to strike her, she hit him with a very powerful energy blast and flung him into the darkness of space.

"Your prince is dead and floating around space now," said Queen Beryl as she turned her eyes to Serewen, who was trying to get to her feet. "But do not worry—I will reunite you!"

Serewen hissed, grabbed her bow and arrow and aimed it at Queen Beryl's heart. "Lasto lalaith nín! Listen to my laughter, Beryl!" she hissed as she released the arrow and laughed like mad when it plunged into her heart.

Queen Beryl shrieked in pain as she covered her heart. Her minions began to crowd around her and Princess Serewen.

"We shall destroy you!" they hissed.

"No!" Queen Serenity shouted, walking out with the cresent wand in her hand. "It is I that shall destroy you!" She had a cut on her forehead and arm. Though she looked very weak and injured, she had a determined look on her face.

"The Crystal," gasped Beryl, "get the crystal from her!"

"Lacho calad!" Queen Serenity yelled fiercely at the horde of demons. "Drego morn!"

(Flame light! Flee night!)


A powerful, pure, silver force spread around them and eliminated the minions including Queen Beryl and the Negaforce. Rubble burst off the castle and bodies were flown everywhere. Queen Serenity held on tight to the wand and Serewen watched in shock, unable to move from where she lay.

"Mother!" she cried out.

Then, it was over. Queen Beryl and the Negaforce were destroyed but sadly, so was the Moon Kingdom. The castle was torn apart and Serewen could not see anyone alive. Were she and her mother the only two survivors? With all the strength drained from her body, Queen Serenity dropped the crescent moon wand and fell.

"Mother!" Serewen yelled, getting to her feet. "Mother, are you all right?"

"Serewen," Queen Serenity mumbled.

Serewen hurried to her mother's side and helped her sit up. "Mother, you did it! You stopped Beryl!"

"I'm proud of you, Serewen," Queen Serenity said, blood trickling from her lip. "Your father…would be most proud."

"You saved the Moon Kingdom, mother," Serewen said. "I must go and search for survivors—see if everyone is all right—but you hold on."

"No," Serenity grunted, "stay here. I am dying, Serewen. You must listen to me carefully."

"What is it, mother?" Serewen inquired.

"The Moon Kingdom is destroyed," said Serenity weakly. "Beryl unleashed the power of the Negaforce. Everything is gone. No one can still be alive."

"But we won," Serewen insisted.

"Yes—we do not have to worry about Beryl any more," Queen Serenity gasped.

"She killed the scouts," Serewen mumbled.

"Remember what Galadriel always said?"


"Nilmë ná ve lótë ya losta tennoio—Friendship is like a flower that blooms forever. Remember Middle Earth?"

"Of course I remember Middle Earth!" Serewen exclaimed. "How can I forget?"

"You are to go back there," Queen Serenity insisted. "There is nothing left here for you."

"You're going with me, aren't you Mother?" Serewen asked sadly.

"I'm too weak to travel."

"But Father can heal you!" Serewen yelled. "Elvish healing—is—there is nothing like it!"

"Take some moon dust to Galadriel," Serenity continued, "she asked me to bring her some."

"Mother," Serewen whispered, "I am not leaving without you."

A lelya Endorenna!" Serenity yelled in a whisper. (Go to Middle Earth!)

Serewen frowned.

"Alone," Serenity whispered. "Ma hanyalyen?" (Do you understand me?)

When Serena did not answer, Serenity repeated the question.

Serewen sniffed and felt hot tears sting her eyes. She nodded. "Hanyan." (I understand.)

"Your father will be waiting for you," she said. "We…arranged a marriage for you…incase something happened to the Moon Kingdom."

"You what?" Serewen gasped.

"Remember Legolas?"

"Barely," Serewen answered. "He came from Mirkwood?"

"Yes," she nodded. "You two always got along so well. He agreed to marry you."

"How come you never told me this?" Serewen demanded.

"You were too young then to understand," Serenity told her. "We were going to tell you when you were older."

"But Mother—I was engaged to Darien—I can't marry someone else now."

"No, of course not," Serenity whispered. "You just lost your home and so many people you have loved. You shall marry Legolas when are you are both ready. Now go."

"Are you sure…you can't come with me?" Serewen asked. "Father can help you. Galadriel knows more about Elvish healing than everybody."

"I must remain here," Queen Serenity asked, tearing her dress, grabbing some moon dust and pouring it in. "Give this to Galadriel."

Serewen took it and looked at her mother sadly. "Mother, I—I will miss you!" she threw her arms around her and sobbed.

"Namárië!" Queen Serenity mumbled. "Tell your father I love him…tell everyone…how much…I missed them…."


Holding the moon dust in her hand, Serewen left for Lorien. She still felt weak from the battle. Her head was swimming and she couldn't really remember where Cerin Amroth was. Eventually, miracoulsy she made it at the gates. The elves did not recognize her. They thought she was human.

"Who are you?" they demanded. "What are you doing here?"
She started speaking to them in Elvish.

"Mana quentel?" asked an elf. (What did you say?)

"I must…see Lady Galadriel," she whispered. "Mother wants her…to have moon dust…get…my father…Haldir."

"It is Serewen!" called out an elf when he recognized her. "She is wounded. We must take her to Galadriel."

They helped her up the steps and inside the palace where the Lord and Lady of Lorien sat. They were shocked at what they just brought in. She was still mumbling about the battle—both in English and Elvish.

"It's Serewen, Lady Galadriel."

"Serewen!" Galadriel walked swiftly toward her. "Serewen, you are hurt! What happened?"

"Galadriel," Serewen gasped, throwing herself into her arms. "The Moon Kingdom…Queen Beryl…we were too late!" she broke out into sobs. "Everyone is dead! I had…no where else…to go!"

"Shh," Galadriel whispered, stroking her hair. "You are safe now. We will take care of you." She looked at the guards. "Get Haldir."

"At once!" they exclaimed.

"I fought them…but in the end…it wasn't enough," Serewen cried. "Mother's dead! She wouldn't come…too weak for the journey here!"

"You made it, Serewen," Galadriel said calmly, "and here, you will be safe."

Haldir rushed in, "Serewen?"

"Father!" Serewen cried, turning around. "Mother is dead! The Moon Kingdom…"

"Don't talk," said Haldir. "You injured. Let us mend your wounds. You need rest. Everything will be all right."


Lady Love: I hope you like the start. I did! I like this new Serena.