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Half Elf Princess 6

Women in War

The riders of the Rohirrim arrived at Minas Tirith and the orcs formed ranks. Serewen sighed and wondered when Aragorn and the others would be arriving. King Théoden rode in front of them to encourage his army.

"Arise! Arise, Riders of Théoden! Spears shall be shaken! Shields shall be splintered! A sword day! A red day! Ere the sun rises!"

Serewen glanced at Merry and Eowyn. Merry let out a breath to keep himself from being nervous. Eowyn pulled Merry close. "Whatever happens, stay with me. I'll look after you."

The riders in the front line brought down their spears. King Théoden rode before them, clanging his sword against them. "Ride now! Ride now! Ride! Ride for ruin, and the world's ending! Death!"

"Death!" the Rohirrim shouted. "Death!"

"Qualmë!" Serewen cried. Death

"Forth, Eorlingas!" Théoden exclaimed and he rode by Serewen. "Give us a running start, Princess Serewen."

"Yes, King Théoden," Serewen replied, bringing out her wand.

The horns sounded and the riders began to charge. Serewen lifted up the Crescent Moon Wand. "Taste the power of the Moon Crystal! COSMIC MOON POWER!"

As the Orcs' arrows flew down to the Rohirrim, the blast from Serewen's crystal burned them to ashes. Orcs and Nazgul were thrown back.

"Qualmë urquin!" Serewen exclaimed. (Death to the Orcs)

With the first few lines of ors taken, the Rohirrim charged to pick up the rest. Serewen placed her wand on her belt and brought out her bow to fire at the orcs. Just like her battle at helms deep, she counted each fatality again. Serewen decided to estimate the deaths she made with her crystal as there were too many to count.

"Two hundred and fifteen!" Serewen exclaimed as she shot an orc in the throat.

Inside the mountain Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas were talking to the dead. They were not sure how to answer to Aragorn's request. "What say you?" he demanded.

"I wonder if we had made a mistake," Legolas mumbled. "Perhaps we should go to Minas Tirith on our own."

"Legolas is right," said Gimli.

"I am not leaving," Aragorn said defiantly. "What say you? Will you not fight for me?"

"Serewen's crystal could put them to rest," Legolas whispered.

"Even Serewen's crystal may be destroyed if we are outnumbered," Aragorn told him.

The King of the Dead looked at the others and approached Aragorn. "I shall fight for you as long as you give us your word you will free us!"

"You have my word," Aragorn said, "as the king of Gondor!"

'We're coming, Serewen,' Legolas thought.

"Drive them to the river!" Éomer shouted.

"Make safe the city!" Théoden ordered.

The Rohirrim continued to fight the orcs as they tried to retreat back to Mordor. Then strangely, everything became silent. Théoden and his army looked over to see a large group of Mûmakil, elephants with huge tusks carrying riders to the battle. Serewen looked on in shock.

"What are those?" she asked herself. "I've never seen those things before!"

"Reform the line! Reform the line!" Théoden cried. "Serewen, we may need your wand again!"

"Yes, yes," Serena mumbled, reaching for her wand and waiting for the beasts to come closer.

"Sound the charge!" Théoden exclaimed.

Gamling blew his horn and the Rohirrim charged forward. Serewen lifted up her wand another time. "Cosmic Moon Power!"

The blast from her wand took out one of the Mûmakil and its riders. The Rohirrim archers shot arrows at the others. Many of the Mûmakil toss the soldiers around like toys and stomped on them. Serewen moved her horse to avoid the large animal.

"It's impossible to bring these things down!" she exclaimed.

"Aim for the head!" Éomer ordered, shooting arrows. Serewen followed his order and fired her arrows as quickly as she could.

They fired at the same creature together. It stood up on his hind legs and Serewen backed up, trying to get her horse from becoming scared. She fired at the Mûmakil's belly and it began to stagger.

"Bring it down!" Théoden kept shouting. "Bring it down! Bring it down!"

One of the nearby Mûmakil fell and Serewen's saw Eowyn and Merry nearly flattened. Their horse took off and Eowyn rolled out of the way and Merry was thrown away.

"No," Serewen mumbled, "Eowyn, Merry."

"Merry!" Eowyn exclaimed, fright in her voice.

Serewen galloped over, swerving around orcs and Mûmakil. "Eowyn—I saw what happened!"

"I lost Merry!" Eowyn yelled. "Did you see what happened to him?"

Serewen looked around. "No, I didn't. Merry, where are you?"

They didn't hear him shout for him help and they didn't have time to look for him as another Mûmakil ran toward the two women. Serewen gasped and began tried to avoid it. However, firing and riding was difficult for her to do at the same time she fell off her horse. She landed painfully on the ground.

"Serewen!" Eowyn exclaimed, rushing to her. "Are you all right? Speak to me!"

Serewen groaned and tried to clear her head by shaking it. "Just bruised…"

"Hurry, get up!" Eowyn urged, putting her arm around her and lifting to her feet.

"Eowyn, look!" Serewen pointed at the Witch-King riding a fellbeastThe monster picked up Théoden and his horse in its mouth, shook him around violently and threw him. Eowyn and Serewen watched in shock.

"The King," Serewen mumbled. "No! Eowyn, go!"

Eowyn let go of Serewen and ran to defend her uncle. Serewen scrambled on the ground for her bow. "My bow—where did it go?"

As Serewen continued to look for her lost bow, she saw the Witch King grab Eowyn by the throat. "No, Eowyn!"

Serewen decided to forget her bow and she pulled out her spear. As she rushed over to aid Eowyn, Merry snuck up behind the Witch King and stabbed him in the leg.


Merry cried out as his sword fell apart. He fell back and grabbed his arm. Eowyn got to her feet, pulled off her helmet and shook her golden head.

"I am no man!" she hissed and she stabbed the Witch King in the face. Seeing that she was all right, Serewen turned to fight the orcs and Mûmakil. Then she sees Legolas climb on top of one of the Mumakil and kill the Southron warriors. He shot the giant creature in its neck and slid off its trunk to meet Gimli. Gimli looked at him angrily.

"That still only counts as one!" he barked.

"Legolas!" Serewen shouted.

"Serewen?" Legolas looked at Serewen and gasped. "Watch out!"

She turned and ducked as Legolas shot one of the orcs that was coming up behind her. Serewen cried out in shock. Legolas hurried to her and grabbed her by the arms.

"Are you all right?" he asked. "Are you hurt?"

"I'm all right," she nodded. She noticed the army of the dead take over the city, killing the orcs and Mûmakil from around her. "I see Aragorn succeeded in getting the Mountain Dwellers to aid him."

"He has," said Legolas.

"Serewen," said Gimli to her left. "I believe this belongs to you?"

He handed her a Lorien bow. Serewen grinned and kissed the dwarf on the head, causing him to blush and look flustered. "Le hannon!" (I thank thee)

After the battle at Minas Tirith, Gandalf talked about Frodo in the hall. Serewen stood close to Legolas.

"Is Frodo close to Mordor, Gandalf?" Serewen questioned. "What can you tell us?"

"Frodo has passed beyond my sight." Gandalf told them sadly. "The darkness is deepening."

"If Sauron had the Ring we would know it," said Aragorn simply.

"Aragorn is right," Serewen nodded.

"It's only a matter of time." Gandalf insisted. "He has suffered a defeat, yes, but behind the walls of Mordor our enemy is regrouping."

Gimli let out a puff of smoke from his pipe. "Let him stay there. Let him rot! Why should we care?"

Serewen grinned at the dwarf's comment. She somewhat agreed with him.

"Because ten thousand Orcs now stand between Frodo and Mount Doom," Gandalf told them and sighed. "I've sent him to his death."

"No," said Aragorn simply as he walked around with his arms folded. "There's still hope for Frodo. He needs time, and safe passage across the Plains of Gorgoroth. We can give him that."

"We can?" Serewen asked.

"How?" inquired Gimli.

"Draw out Sauron's armies." Aragorn explained. "Empty his lands. Then we gather our full strength and march on the Black Gate"

"Good idea," said Serewen as Gimli choked on smoke in surprise.

"We cannot achieve victory through strength of arms," said Éomer.

"Not for ourselves," Aragorn said:but we can give Frodo his chance if we keep Sauron's Eye fixed upon us. Keep him blind to all else that moves."

"A diversion," Legolas pointed out.

"Sauron will suspect a trap." Gandalf said. "He will not take the bait."

"Certainty of death," Gimli nodded as he smoked on his pipe. "Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?" He looked over at Serewen. "After all, we have something Sauron doesn't."

"That is true, Gimli," Serewen said, taking out her wand. "My Silver Crystal has kept us safe so far. Perhaps if I use it another time we may just win."

Sitting behind Legolas, Serewen and the army left for Mordor.

Near the Black Gate, Sam and Frodo made their way for Mount Doom. The Eye swept over the land, searching. It moved near Frodo and Sam.

Sam dove for cover behind a rock. "Frodo! Get down! Hide"

Frodo looked up and saw the great Eye. He stood for a while and crumbled down to the ground. "Frodo!" Sam cried.

Right outside the Black Gate, Aragorn and his army waited for battle. Aragorn rode forth to the gate with Serewen, Gandalf and Legolas. Aragorn called out.

"Let the Lord of the Black Land come forth." He said. "Let justice be done upon him."

The gate began to move forward. Serewen let go of Legolas and jumped from her steed.

"Serewen, no!" Legolas exclaimed.

"You all fall back!" Serewen commanded, pointing to the rest of the army. "I will do what I can!"

"Serewen," Legolas whispered.

"Go!" she shouted.

"Fall back!" Aragorn said and he pulled his horse to return with the army. Legolas however stayed to watch Serewen. Serewen marched to the open gate with her wand in hand. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate.

"Frodo," she whispered, "we are with you. You know what you must do."

Serewen opened her eyes and saw the Eye of Sauron ahead over the mountain. The army of orcs and cave trolls began marching forth.

"You see this, Sauron?" Serewen demanded defiantly. "You want this too? Come and get it then!"

Serewen waited for the army to come closer. Aragorn's army watched nervously. Aragorn began riding in front of the army to boost their courage.

"Sons of Gondor! Of Rohan! My brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the Age of Men comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!"

The army drew out their swords. Serewen lowered her wand and took a deep breath, gathering all the strength she possessed.


The power of the moon crystal sent of a blast of light and began to destroy all the orcs. Serewen kept hold of her wand.

As the two hobbits walked up the mountain, they saw the great light and the fall of the orcs. "Mister. Frodo, look!" said Sam. "What do you suppose that is?"

A weak and tired Frodo gazed at the scene. "Serewen…it's her and the Silver Crystal."

"She's using the Silver Crystal to stop the orcs," Sam whispered. "So and the others must be here to keep Sauron's eye busy for us!" he said excitedly. "Hurry Mister Frodo!"

Arm around Frodo, he pulled him up the mountain.

As the wave of Serewen's crystal brought down orcs and cave trolls, Serewen saw the Eye staring at her. She heard Sauron's voice.


Serewen's hold on her wand shook. "No…I won't let you win!"

She heard a high pitched laughter. It was Queen Beryl. "Pitiful girl, you think you can overcome the powers of darkness? You shall be destroyed!"

Serewen sank to her knees but did not let go of her wand. There were still many orcs to destroy. Queen Beryl's laughter echoed in her mind along with Sauron's whispers.

Then Serewen felt hand around hers. She turned to see Legolas.

"Legolas," she whispered.

"Don't let go, Serewen," he said softly, an arm around her as kept hold on the wand.

Serewen smiled. Legolas was lending her his own energy. Aragorn's army came closer behind them, ready to attack once Serewen's strength gave out. The blast soared forward, destroying everything in its path. Then with two thousand remaining of Sauron's army, Serewen dropped her crescent moon wand and fall back in Legolas' arms. She looked faintly up at him as Aragorn and the others charged passed them to pick up the rest of Sauron's army.

"Legolas," she whispered. "You…helped me. Why?"

"Because you needed me," he answered.

She smiled and rolled her head onto his shoulder. "Le hannon!"

"Serewen," he kissed her on the forehead and she slowly began to feel her strength return.

She heard a screech in the air and looked up to see giant eagles flying and attacking the Nazgûlon their fellbeasts.

"The eagles!" Pippin cried. "The eagles are coming!"

"Help me up, Legolas," Serewen urged. "this battle…is not yet over!"

"But Serewen," Legolas began. "You have done what you can."

"Something tells me Frodo is too weak to destroy the ring on his own," Serewen said, pulling on Legolas as she tried to get to her feet. "He has not had the support of the Fellowship since Borimir was killed and Merry and Pippin were taken. He needs help, I know it."

Serewen was right. Frodo stood at the Crack of Doom, staring at the fire with the Ring in his palm. He was trying to find the strength to dispose of the Ring that could destroy all of Middle Earth.

"Destroy it!" Sam told him. Frodo held out the ring over the fire but does not let go of it.

"Go on." Sam urged. "Now! Throw it in the fire."

Frodo continued to find the strength to do what he must. He couldn't do it. He lacked the strength.

"What are you waiting for?" Sam demanded. "Just let it go!"

As Frodo stared into the ring, he heard it call to him, beckoning him to put it on. Frodo turned to Sam with the ring pulled to his chest.

"The Ring is mine!" Frodo shouted and he yanked the ring off the chain.

"No," said Sam in disbelief, "no."

With an evil grin that did not suit him, Frodo placed the ring on his finger and disappeared. "Nooo!" Sam cried.

The Eye felt the ring nearby and turned to Mount Doom while the Nazgûl flew toward it. Serewen gasped. "No, they know the ring is here! Frodo must be wearing the ring!"

She called an eagle over and ignoring her husband's pleas, Serewen climbed onto the eagle's back and it flew to Mount Doom.

"Quickly!" she exclaimed to the giant flying bird and reaching into her quiver, she pulled out an arrow and began shooting the Nazgul down.

'I hope I am not too late,' Serewen thought as she came to the doorway and jumped off the eagle's back. She found Sam on the ground with a head injury.

"Sam?" she inquired.

Sam opened his eyes, "Frodo."

Serewen looked up and saw Gollum on the shoulders of an invisible Frodo. "No, Frodo!" Serewen cried.

As Gollum pulled his mouth down to bite off Frodo's finger, Serewen unleashed an arrow in his throat and he fell to the ground. Serewen took a step forward.

"Frodo, it's me, Serewen!" she said. "We have come to help you. You must destroy the Ring."

"No," said Frodo. "Keep away from me!"

"Look at Gollum!" she told him. "Look what the Ring did to him. That will happen to you if you continue to keep the ring. Do yu remember what you saw in Galadriel's mirror? The burning of the Shire, everyone enslaved. Is that what you want to happen? Do you really love that ring of power more than your home?"

"Listen to her, Mister Frodo!" Sam said. "Think of the Shire!"

Frodo remained standing where he was, trying to take in what they were telling him. Serewen felt she had no choice. Judging by the footprints on the ground, she figured out where he was. She reached for another arrow from her back and fired it at Frodo's leg. It grazed his skin and he cried out in pain as he held it.

"Stop!" Sam begged. "Don't do this, Serewen!"

"It's poisoned his mind, Sam," Serewen said, taking another arrow and pointed at the invisible Frodo. "Please Frodo, don't make me have to do this. There is an army out there fighting for you…dying for you! Do not let their deaths be in vain! Destroy the Ring, Frodo; before it destroys you and Middle Earth!"

Frodo paused and began to pull away the ring. He became visible and looked at it.

"Don't' even look at it, Frodo!" Serewen exclaimed. "Just throw it in the fire. You can do it!"

Frodo bit his lip and closed his eyes. Letting out a cry of frustration, he turned and tossed the ring over the edge. He fell down and pulled his hands to his head. Serewen walked over to watch it fall into the fire. It rested on the lava for a moment and sank. Serewen turned to Frodo and pulled him up.

"You did it, Frodo!" she said. "You did it. Come!"

Each with an arm around Frodo, Serewen and Sam hurried out of the mountain as the lava began to rise. They walked onto the rocks outside the mountain. Frodo stood still as he realized what just happened.

"It's gone." Frodo said softly. "It's done."

"Yes, Mister Frodo," said Sam. "It's over now."

"You both look so tired," Serewen said as she pulled the hobbits close to her. They settled them selves down on a rock and Frodo had a look of relief and hope in his face.

"I can see the Shire…the Brandywine River…Bag End…Gandalf's fireworks…the lights in the Party Tree."

"Rosie Cotton dancing," said Sam sadly. "She had ribbons in her hair. If ever I was to marry someone, it would've been her. It would've been her." As he started crying, Serewen shook his shoulders gently.

"Now don't you talk like that, Samwise Gamgee," Serewen told him, firmly. "We're not going to die out here." She looked at Frodo. "You are both going to live and return to the Shire. You'll tell them about your adventure and it'll be a story people will share for years."

She Frodo's forehead then pulled his head onto her shoulder and then kissed Sam's. She pulled her head down to her lap and lulled them to sleep by singing a song she learned on the Moon.

As the hobbits fell asleep, she looked up to see three eagles flying to them, one carrying Gandalf and another Legolas. She smiled at them and the eagles grasped Frodo and Sam. She slowly rose to her feet and the one carrying Legolas came closer. Legolas grabbed her arm, pulled her on the back with him and they soared away with Serewen falling asleep in his arms.

Serewen woke up in Minas Tirith, feeling warm and at peace. Finding a pretty dress on a chair, she slowly gout out of bed. She took off her nightgown and pulled on the pretty Elvin dress. It made her feel like a woman once again. Sighing, she stepped out of her room to search for the others.

"Serewen," said Legolas.

"Legolas!" she cried, turning around. "Oh, Legolas."

Legolas walked to her and pulled her into his arms. "We did it," he said. "Middle Earth is free."

Serewen looked up at him with a smile. "Yes. Free and safe."

"Le annon veleth nín," Legolas whispered. (I give my love to you.)

Serewen's smile broadened as she gazed into his eyes. "Gerich veleth nín" (You have my love.)

Legolas cupped her chin and lowered his head. Serewen closed her eyes and raised her lips to meet Legolas'. Once their lips touched, she felt a warmth and fire she never thought existed. They kissed just as they should have on their wedding day.

"Frodo's awake!" Gimli said happily, running to the kissing couple. "Legolas, Serewen—ah—oh."

Serewen and Legolas broke apart and looked at Gimli. He remained where he stood, looking embarrassed. "Sorry. Ah, well, Frodo's awake but I'll just leave you two alone for a while."

Serewen laughed and taking Legolas' hand in hers followed Gimli to Frodo's room.

Outside Minas Tirith, Gondor and Rohan stood to watch the crowning of Aragorn. "Now come the days of the king," said Gandalf as he placed the crown on Aragorn's head. The crowd cheered as Aragorn took a moment to catch his breath. He turned and raised his hands.

"This day does not belong to one man but to all. Let us together rebuild this world that we may share in the days of peace."

Everyone applauded and white flowers from the white tree fell upon the crowd. Serewen noticed the look Faramir and Eowyn shared as they cheered for their new king. Legolas, Serewen and other elves approached Aragorn. Aragorn placed his hand on Legolas' shoulder.

"Hannon le," Aragorn said. (Thank you)

Legolas smiled and Aragorn turned to Serewen. He kissed her on the cheek and looked behind her to see a banner of the white tree. The person holding it reveals herself as Arwen. Aragorn looked on in surprise as she came up and curtsied to him. He touched her face softly and they embraced, kissing each other. Everyone applauded and Arwen laughed as Aragorn smiled.

The new king and queen approached the four hobbits. They bowed to them and Aragorn shook his head.

"My friends," he said softly. "You bow to no one."

He knelt down in front of them, followed by the rest of the people. The hobbits looked overwhelmed but they were filled with gratitude.

Time came to say goodbye. Serewen kissed each hobbit on the forehead as she expressed her love and gratitude for each one. "Go back to your home," she said. "I am sure you will be happy to see it again."

They smiled at her sadly. Serewen turned to kiss Arwen on the cheek and congratulated her on finally marrying the man she loved. After saying goodbye to all her friends, she met with her father. He hugged her and kissed her forehead.

"I am glad I can be with you today," said Haldir. He looked at Legolas and with his hands on both their arms, pulled them together. "You are welcome to live with us, Legolas, unless you wish to bring Serewen with you to Mirkwood."

Serewen looked from her husband to her father. "Father," she began, "I think I want to go to Mirkwood with Legolas. I have never been to it."

Haldir smiled and nodded. "Merin sa haryalyë alassë." (I wish that you shall have joy.)

Haldir and Legolas embraced and with Legolas arm around his wife, he led her to a horse and mounted it. He pulled Serewen up in front of him and they rode off to Mirkwood, Serewen's new home with her new love.

With a look of peace and happiness, Serewen sighed and leaned into Legolas. The Moon Kingdom may have been destroyed. Darien may be dead. But now Serewen was able to start over in Middle Earth. It was safe now and she was able to find love again, with Legolas. She only wished her mother could see her now. Queen Serenity would be so proud.

The End

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