A/N- Before you read this, you have to read: In the Depths of Darkness first. Or you'll be clueless about this story. I mean it.


Sequel to: In the Depths of Darkness

Chapter 1: Back for More

There are times when we cannot accept defeat. And because of this, we never realize that there are many people who get involved.

"Damn it! You can't keep me in here forever!!"

But there are people who don't give a damn if innocent people will die, especially if it's for revenge.

"Shut up Atsuharu! You got yourself a visitor."

The cop walked away only to be hit on the head with an elbow.

"Who are you?"

The man smiled slyly at him and took the keys from the knocked-out cop.

"I'm your new partner in crime."

Shibuya University: Basketball court

"Heads up!"

A boy, with blue eyes and long bluish black hair that was tied into a ponytail, caught the ball that was passed to him. He dribbled it and made a fake shot which tricked his opponent as he ran under the court and made a common shot.

"You had me fooled again Mizuaki."

His real name was Kouji Minamoto but he hid his identity as a killer in the name of Kou Mizuaki.

"Great game though."

Kouji, or Kou, smiled to his fellow teammates as their captain gave them a water break. He walked over to the benches and grabbed a towel.


The boy looked up and took the bottle of water from his girlfriend, Izumi Orimoto.

"Thanks Mi-chan." He smiled at the blonde girl who smiled back.

"Stop calling me that Kou-kun."

"I can't help it; 'Izumi-chan' is too long."

"Then drop the 'chan' and start calling me by my real name."

She gave him a short, chaste kiss. "Don't exhaust yourself."

"I won't."

The captain called the team back and just as Kou was about to go back, his cell phone vibrated.


"Yes Mizuaki?"

"Can I answer my phone first?"

"Yes, go ahead."


Kou got his phone out and answered it.


"Kouj- I mean, Kou!"


"Call the others and get here immediately!"

"Uh… okay."

They both hung up.

"What's wrong?" Izumi asked, seeing the look in his eyes.

"My dad wants me and the others home."


"Gome, but, my dad called and he wants me home." He said, turning to his captain and teammates.

"I see, be sure to show up tomorrow then." His captain said, allowing him to go home early.

"I will." He got his backpack and Izumi went with him to look for the others.

They went to the soccer field and looked for Takuya Kanbara, Kouji's best friend and partner in assassination.


Just like Kouji, Takuya also needs to hide his identity, so, his pseudonym is Tayuki Kiroaki.

"Hold on a sec!" Tayuki kicked the ball and scored a goal. "Oh yeah! Did you see that?! Was I good or what?!"

"Tayuki! Get your butt over here!" Kou yelled, running out of patience.

"Alright, alright." He ran to his buddy. "What's up?"

"What's up is my dad, a.k.a. your boss, wants us home, NOW!"

"Okay, okay! Calm down! I'll go get my stuff."

Izumi giggled "He hasn't changed for the past two years hasn't he?"

Kou rolled his eyes. "He'll never change."

When Tayuki was done, they went to look for Kouichi, also known as Kouji's twin brother, who has the stage name Kiei Kazuma. Why not Mizuaki? To avoid confusion when one of them is called by their last names so no one will be mistaken as who is who.

"I think he's at the library." Izumi assumed.

The trio went to the school library to look for Kiei.

When they reached their destination, Tayuki cupped his hands around his mouth and telled. "Kiei! Are you in he-" Kou and Izumi quickly covered his mouth.

The Librarian glared at them. "Keep your voices down!" She hissed.

They nodded and sighed as the two glared at the big mouth.

"Sorry…" He mumbled.

Kiei walked over to them and greeted with a smile. "I heard the 'loud mouth' call my name, why?"

"Dad wants us home, it's something important."

"Oh, okay."

They went out of the school campus.

"What about Tomoki and Junpei?" The girl asked.

Junpei Shibayama was also part of their group and his nom de plume is Jiro Sakayuko. He was the oldest member. Tomoki Himi, meanwhile is known as Toki Hinato in his school. Tomoki was the youngest but the 'genius'. He's in charge of the high-tech gadgets the HQ have.

"Dad will be the one to call them." Kou/Kouji answered.

The group had reached the Minamotos' dojo and immediately went to the big room where meetings are usually held.

Tomoki and Junpei were already inside as well as Kousei.

"Why'd you call us all here chief?" Takuya asked.

Kousei sighed. 'He's calling me that again…' "A spy of ours had just received information of Atsuharu."

"So? He's in jail right?" Junpei said in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone.

"Yes, but,"

"But what dad?" Kouichi questioned.

"He escaped."

"No way!" Tomoki got up "That can't be."

"But he did."


"Atsuharu has escaped jail, with a help from our family's rival."

The group remained quiet. After all these years, Edo Atsuharu is now a fugitive. And who knows what he could cause them in the present if what he had done in the past almost caused them their lives, plus, a new enemy emerged from the darkness and they're back for vengeance, they're back for more.

Sencho- Captain

Arigatou- Thank you (informal way)

Gome- Sorry (Informal way)

A/N- In the Depth of Darkness is not at all over! This is the continuation. Edo Atsuharu has escaped jail, what are his plans of revenge to the Minamoto twins? Who is the guy who helped him escape? These questions may be answered on the next chapter! I'll try to make the next one longer…