Longing Love – Prologue

Longing Love – Prologue


For My Fans - After a long time, I've decided that I'm going to try and finish Longing Love, however, I'm totally re-doing the fic. If you've already read my old "Longing Love" Then I suggest you read all of this, since almost nothing is the same. Longing Love was my first fic ever, along with my first Kensuke-ish fic ever, which I never finished ^^; Since it was my first, it had major spelling mistakes, grammar, you name it. The new version will be a lot better...and a lot more detailed. Hope you enjoy the brand new Longing Love! ^^

For Those Who Have No Idea - *Waves* I'm Crow, a major fan of Digimon. Anyway, have no idea what's going on? Oh well ;P All I can say is that this fic contains yaoi, which is male x male relationships. No like, no read. Get the drift? All flames will be laughed at...and will feed the fire of my writing. Flames actually inspire me, not bring me down. You should know that if you've ever been to any of my sites. Anyway, still up to it? Then go ahead and read :P

Disclaimer – I do not own Digimon, yada yada...the characters...they all belong to Saban, etc. I'm only borrowing them for my writing pleasure D

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Four human bodies and four smaller ones hung from ropes, dangling high over a hideous monster, its fangs and claws ready to tear apart anything that happened to fall. It roared, saliva dripping from its three mouths. Each mouth was lined with long sharp fangs, that were clearly made for ripping and tearing apart flesh. It could probably swallow the children whole. And there I was again, in the same place, staring up at the horror in front of me. I had been through this before, just a few weeks ago. The memory was still burned into my mind. How could I forget something like that? What it was like to pick between my friends? Who was to live and die? But that wasn't the worse of it. I knew that at the same time, my dreams would be shattered once again, by the same person.

"What luck you all dropped by. You see, it's Deltamon's lunchtime, and I think eating your friends will make a well-balanced meal, don't you? " He laughed. It was the same line that started everything. I had to be dreaming, right? I had to. I found myself unable to move, just like the last time. His stare had me caught, and he held me there.

I choked as I felt the words form in my mouth. I didn't want to say them...was there any way to stop this? Any at all? I was answered by my own voice, as I broke and felt them slip through my mouth. "Oh, no you won't! I'll never let you get away with this!" Again, I felt my face change to a glare. It was like I was living in my own body, only I couldn't control it at all. I was forced once again to replay the scene in front of me.

"It appears you have no choice. If you want mercy, you must beg for it." I couldn't help but note the grin on his face, although I couldn't see his eyes. Once again, I was confused. Why would he have me beg? It made no sense.

"Huh?" I heard Veemon beside me. He was just as confused as I was.

"You heard me, you pathetic loser! Now on your knees and beg!" Lashed the cold voice.

I felt the hopelessness and despair as I fell to my knees, obeying his command. Somehow it didn't bother me that I was bowing to the enemy. "Please Master, spare my friends."

I heard Veemon's yell as he told me not to. Again, I had failed him. If only I could have been as strong as him. I didn't have the power to stand against that voice. It was his voice. Something about that voice that sounded so familiar. If only I had put my finger on it in the first place, I could have changed what was about to happen.

The scene changed around me, the sand dropping beneath my hands and knees. I was left in darkness, wondering what the hell was going on.

"Never!" Came a voice, my voice, out of nowhere. It echoed through the darkness, repeating over and over.

I snapped my head around, looking for something, anything. Through the darkness a dim picture appeared. It was hard to make out, but I could tell what it was. It was my memory. The Digimon Emperor stood in front of me, smiling evilly. I could tell that he was listening to me talk, but I couldn't hear anything. It was like one of those old movies where there's no sound.

But the silence was soon broken as I saw him reach up to his face in slow motion.

"No..." I choked, not even hearing my own voice.

He reached up, took hold of his glasses, and before me stood the face that I've always worshiped, idolized. My hero, gone evil. Again, I felt the coldness rush over me as he confirmed who he was.

"I can be and I am. Ken Ichijouji!" He declared.

The words echoed around, over and over, until Ken Ichijouji's name was the only sound in the world of darkness. I felt a burning in my eyes and knew that it had to be tears. Tears for all my pain, and the suffering I was yet to face.

"NO!!!" I cried, before totally sinking to the ground, letting the tears flow freely.


I woke up with a start, wet and cold from the sweat. It had been a dream, a dream re-lived, but in any case, still a dream. I was breathing deeply, trying to calm down. It had seemed so real...just like always. The same horrible, frightening nightmare that plagued me. It broke my heart over and over. Ken..the Digimon Emperor? How was I supposed to fight against him now? There's no way I'm going to hurt Ken...no matter what. But when the time comes, what will I do? Will it always be like this...him the enemy?

There's so many questions I have, and nobody to answer.

Notes – Well, this is the Prologue...just thought I'd let you guys know what's going on before the fic actually starts. Bet you can guess who's talking ;P Anyway, as you've noticed, this fic takes place before Ken gets good and all...yeah, I know I'm a bit too late, but remember, I started this fic wayyy before...I'm just re-doing it ;P Anyway, Part One will be up shortly...very shortly. Reviews are always welcome...and so are flames ^^