Longing Love – Chapter Two

Longing Love

Chapter Two


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Here I was, just waiting for the others to zip through to the Digiworld, and so far there was no sign of them. They had noticed me leave, right? There was no way they couldn't have. So what was taking them so long?

Maybe Takeru's hat was stuck to his head again....

But as the minutes counted on, they still hadn't appeared. I felt the anger of being abandoned and glared down at the small television that was our portal to the Digital World. "Are they coming or not?!" I cried loudly, not caring that there was nobody around to answer. How could they leave me in a time like this? When I needed them so much? Couldn't they tell that being alone right now was not what I needed, especially in the Digital World?

"...Not." I sighed, finally turning away and kicking at the dirt beneath my feet. Great, I was alone in my time of need. I had been right earlier. They weren't real friends, if friends at all. Real friends would be there for me, right?

"Why did I even come here in the first place? It's not like it'll help any. It'll probably just make my problems worse." But deep down I knew the answer. Had I come in hope of seeing my beloved Ken? Because there was no way he was going to notice me now. Without the others to help, I wouldn't be able to do any damage myself, and he wouldn't even know that I was here in the Digiworld. But I could still try...even if it was only to see him. I knew the danger, but I didn't care. Reaching into my pockets, I searched for my D-Terminal, but I couldn't feel it anywhere.

"So much for Digivolving...I left all the important stuff at home." Speaking of which, I realized that Veemon was nowhere to be found. All the Digimon had stayed in the Digital World for the night, keeping watch over what was going on. I hadn't seen him since the day before. I cupped my hands over my mouth, and started calling him, only to get no response. Great, now my Digimon had abandoned me too. What more could go wrong?

Kicking the dirt once again, I put my hands in my pockets and started walking. I didn't know where I was going, nor did I care. Nothing mattered anymore. Even if I was jumped by a ringed Digimon and killed, I'm sure nobody would care...or even notice me gone. Evil Digimon were all around me, and at some points I could feel eyes watching my every move. I was easy prey, and I knew it. Maybe they could put an end to this miserable life. I sure hoped so. I didn't even bother to continue my search for Veemon, I just kept walking, my eyes to the ground. I was hoping that if I didn't look up, my troubles would go away, but it didn't help any.


I could tell that it was Veemon, so I didn't bother to look up. I knew that he would follow me anyway, as faithful as he is. I guess he noticed that there was something on my mind, because after a few moments I felt him wrap his arms around one of my legs in a encouraging hug. He looked up at me, sadness in his eyes. "What's wrong Daisuke?"

He was my partner...he deserved an answer or explanation, right? I picked an answer. I wasn't about to tell him everything that was going through my mind, weather it be love, hate, death or depression. "Nothing." I stated, simply, hoping he'd leave it there. But I knew that he wouldn't. I should have known better.

"Daisuke...I'm your partner! You can tell me anything!" He insisted, his eyes hinting worry.

"I guess.." I broke, but stop. I can't tell him...

"So what is it?" He insisted.

Can't tell him... "Nothing!" I said a bit louder, and started to walk again. He let go as soon as my leg started to move, and fell back behind me, following as always. He seemed to have dropped the subject, knowing that I was hurting and didn't want to talk just yet.

We walked for what seemed like hours, which turned out to be only minutes.

"Where are the others?" He finally asked, warily.

Should I tell him that they abandoned me? Nah. "They didn't come." I said simply, knowing this would be another subject that he wouldn't drop. It was dangerous to be in the Digital World alone, and he knew that just as well as I did.

I heard a gasp behind me, and I could picture his wide eyes. "But Daisuke! It's dangerous to be out here alone! We could get attacked, captured, or even killed!" He protested.

I shrugged, showing that I didn't care. "So?"

He must have seen the shrug because his next question was "You don't care..?"

"Not really."

I could picture his face once again. He was worried, more for me than him. "Daisuke...are you sick or something? What did the humans call it? ...Suicidal?"

I didn't answer. Was I truly suicidal? I wasn't sure. But death did look like the easy way out...and a good option.


I decided to keep to myself, and ignored his protests. I know that you're worried about me...but you already know too much. Much more than anyone else.

He grabbed my pant leg, tugging for me to stop. "Please...let's go back!" He begged.

I finally looked up to find myself in a wide clearing, long green grass and white and yellow daisies grew long, like a huge green carpet rolled out just for me. I felt calmness come over my heart, bewildered by the site in front of me. How did grass and flowers like this not get crushed or destroyed by the evil in the Digiworld? I sighed, falling into the grass and lying on my back, staring up into the blue ocean that was called the sky. A few clouds drifted across it, giving the scenery a even more peaceful look. Peaceful...I could live with this.

Ken Ichijouji sat, in full Kaizer getup, in the throne in front of the many screens that looked over the Digiworld. He twirled a small daisy around between two fingers, studying it.

"Such a small thing can be crushed with such little effort...it's so delicate to handle. All I have to do is pinch a petal and pull..and it would have one less. But its beauty keeps me from harming it." He paused, turning the daisy in his hand. "It reminds me so much of him..."

He didn't get the chance to continue, as a beeping interrupted him. A blue dot flashed on the screen, signaling that one of the Digidestined had entered his turf. Smiling, he sat forward and pushed a few buttons that were embedded on his thrown. "Well, well, well, let's see who we have here.."

Sitting back again, he watched as the main screen in front of him zoomed in several times and finally stopped at a single point.

"It's Daisuke..?" He murmured to himself, watching curiously. "Why would he be here alone?"

Ken knew that the others would never let him go off on his own. It was much too dangerous, even Ken knew that. It had to be some kind of trap.

That was it! It had to be! Narrowing his eyes, Ken searched the surrounding area for the others, but came up with none.

That's odd...

He watched as Daisuke starred up into the sky, not moving or blinking. He seemed to be off in his own little world. If Ken hadn't seen his chest moving from breathing, he would have surely swore that he was dead. He had to be lost in deep thoughts.

What could he be thinking about? Destroying me?

A pang came to his heart as he thought of that.

But then again..I am his enemy...

But all thoughts were cleared as Ken found himself staring at the screen, the same wild beating in his chest. The spiky brown hair...those deep dark eyes...he was so delicious. Something to be savored to the very last bite. It was then that a plan came to his mind, and Ken couldn't help but smile.

Here's my chance, He thought, his smile widening, and he's alone with nobody to help him except maybe that blue Digimon of his. Ken frowned, his mind working past that small hitch. No matter..I can still overpower him.

At the sound of padding feet, he spun around and glared down at his small excuse for a Digimon, Wormmon.

"Wormmon, I want you to fetch me a ride." He hissed, eyes narrowing. "I'm going after that Destined kid."

"Y..Yes, master." The green Digimon stumbled, slowly backing away.

"And do it now!"

Without another word, Wormmon scampered off, leaving Ken alone in the dark once again. He turned back to the screen, watching the peaceful Daisuke.

"Soon I will see you yet again, Daisuke-san. It's a shame I have to kill you. Such a pity. A waist of life. And all because you're on the enemy's side." He laughed evilly. But deep down inside, he didn't really want to do it. He didn't want to hurt Daisuke. He loved him with all his heart. But it was either Destiny or Daisuke. And he had to go with Destiny. He couldn't give up something like that for love. Love was a weakness. The one thing he was determined not to show. He looked up at the monitor again. Daisuke hadn't moved.

"This will be the easiest conquest ever." He laughed, the sound echoing through the room, and into the darkness.

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