Calai'di: Waahhh, there aren't very many Vampire Game fics on this site. And there're barely any good pictures on the Net. How could anyone resist this lovely manga? How could anyone not love it? I started reading it only a couple of weeks ago and fell in love instantly. Especially with Duzell. He's so cool!

At least eight Yugioh characters are in this fic, so it's a crossover, but it's written from Duzie's and Ishtar's point of view (and Darres, Yujinn and those other guys occasionally).

Warnings/Spoilers: This takes place sometime after Volume 7, but that's the latest one I've read, and I haven't read 3 or 6, so I'm sorry if I'm missing some stuff. And I think all of the characters are pretty canon, so, knowing how the language and other stuff can get in the books, don't be surprised if it's like that here. There will be some shonen-ai, but not much more than the manga.

Rating: The books are PG-13, so that's what this is.

Disclaimer: I do not claim Vampire Game as my own! It is not mine and I don't even own one of the books (-pouts- I have to check them out of the library...) Nor is Yugioh mine, however much I wish it was...

Äegypt Nubeia is pronounced AY-jipt noo-BAY-yuh

Sum Meso is pronounced soom MEH-soh

Äegypt Nubeia: Act 1


A small kyawl lazily raised his head from where it had been lying on his paws, slightly annoyed that his nap had been interrupted.


The female voice was closer now, much closer, leading the kyawl to believe that the girl it belonged to was running.


The kyawl sat up and stretched, yawning, and jumped to the end of the bed where the pillows were, making it to safety just as a girl in her middle teens streaked into the room to land happily on the bed, right where the kyawl had been sitting.

"Duzie!" she exclaimed happily, her green eyes sparkling mischievously. The kyawl, affectionately known as "Duzie", yawned again and regarded her with an irate expression.

"Grrrrrrrrrr," he growled. Did you have to wake me up, Princess? I was having a lovely dream about killing Phelios.

"Duzie, guess what?!" Ishtar asked excitedly. The kyawl stared at her for a few moments, his eyes clearly asking "What?"

"We're going on vacation!" the princess continued. The kyawl glared at her and swiftly converted to his true form, none other than Vampire King Duzell, annoyance clear on his now human-looking face.

"Vacation?" he repeated irately. "Princess, I can't wait forever to find Phelios. We have no time for a vacation."

Ishtar rolled her eyes, but it didn't hinder her excitement. "No, Duzie! We got invited to visit a couple of my cousins who live in Äegypt Nubeia–"

"You mean you got invited–"

"No, I mean we got invited. I told them about you–but not about you being my cat or the vampire king or any of that," she added hurriedly.

Duzell's expression became a bit lighter and he asked, "How many cousins do have there?"

Ishtar thought for a minute. "Four, and they're all descendants of Phelios." Ishtar beamed and held herself proudly. "Didn't I do good, Duzie?"

The vampire crossed his arms and leaned back against the headboard, staring at her thoughtfully. "Four...all descendants...are you sure they'll all be there? None will be missing?"

"Yup! But...well, they're all kind of crazy. Like 'send me to the Happy Hotel' type crazy," Ishtar said, making loopy motions near her head. Duzell snickered quietly.

"I can see why they're you're cousins, then."

"Duzie!" Duzell was almost instantly holding the side of his head in pain where she had struck him.

"Now, what was that for?!"

Ishtar smiled sweetly as she brought her hand back down. "Anyway, I'm sure they're all descendants; nothing like Vord and Seiliez and what's-his-name. And Äegypt Nubeia's really nice this time of year."

Duzell sat thinking for a few moments before asking, "Ishtar, are all of your cousins there boys?"

"Yes..." The princess's tone held a note of confusion.

"Are for the throne like everyone else?"

Shaking her head, she distractedly waved the idea off. "No, no, don't be silly, Duzie."

What? What is that supposed to mean? Duzell pondered, now very confused. Didn't all of her cousins and relatives want the throne?

"Duzell–" the princess's tone was suddenly very commanding– "We have to ditch Darres and leave him here. Everyone else, too."

"What?' the vampire asked, genuinely confused. "Why?" Not that I really care, but what's wrong with Darres being there?

"Because I want you to meet my cousins personally!" Ishtar answered cheerfully. "Even though I'm sure I can tell them about your being a cat, I'm not sure they wouldn't tell Darres. And I know how much you hate being in your cat form, so if Darres doesn't come, you can be like this as much as you want!"

"Why do I get the feeling you setting me up again?" Duzell muttered exasperatedly. "Especially when you know I might have to kill one of them, even if he ends being my 'boyfriend'?"

"No, no, I'm not doing that this time," Ishtar answered, waving the idea off again. The vampire king stared questioningly at her as she got up and started looking through her closet for something.

What does she mean by that? he wondered as she pulled out something he couldn't really see with a triumphant cry. She said they aren't interested in the throne, either...

"Her Duzie!" she said, tossing him a set of clothes. He stared at her and then down at the material incredulously.

"You mean we're going now?"

"Of course! We have to go before Darres figures out that something's up, silly! Besides–" she cleared her throat and spoke in a mocking deeper voice– "'We'd like if you came as soon as possible. We're eager to meet your new friend and for you to meet ours.' Or so 'Kura said," she finished, returning to her normal voice. She pulled out another set of clothes and smiled at Duzell. "Come on, Duzie, you'll look so cute in that!"

Duzell scowled slightly but stood up and started taking off the clothes he already had on; clothes he very much preferred, mind you. He glanced once back at the princess, noting with amusement that she had her back turned and was searching though the closet again, still seemingly excited. She doesn't seem to hate these cousins so much. In fact, she seems quite eager to see them. Maybe it's just a 'let's get out of this musty old castle for a while' thing...

"How are we getting there by tonight, anyway?"

Ishtar smiled mischievously as she brought out a black and purple sleeveless dress. "We're not. Äegypt Nubeia's too far away to get there by tonight. "We're going to meet a couple of my cousins in between, in Sum Meso. That's where we have to get to by tonight."

Duzell shrugged and turned in front of the mirror, checking how the outfit looked on him. He'd been given a weird shirt, blood-red, that had a high collar but the tight long sleeves were connected to the rest of it only under his arms, leaving his shoulders bare. The shirt stopped high above his black, low-riding cargo pants, leaving his stomach completely exposed.

"Where on earth did you get these clothes?" he asked, slipping on the black boots that went with the rest of it.

"Oh, I snuck out and bought them sometime last week," Ishtar answered, pulling another dress out of the closet. When she noticed his questioning look, she added, "It was at night, so everyone was asleep. And I was real quiet about it."

"Hn, I think you are trying to set me up with your cousins again," Duzell muttered, though he was still looking at himself in the mirror. "I look like a prostitute or something!"

"Good, my cousins'll love you–b-but not like that," she added quickly.

The vampire glared at her and returned to examining his reflection. I swear that girl's trying to hitch me up with someone every other day. "Ishtar?"


"Do you like your cousins in Äegypt Nubeia?"

Ishtar looked at him in surprise. "Why do you ask?"

"You just..." Duzell sighed frustratedly and ran his finger through his hair. "You seem to, that's all. After all, you seem really excited to be going to visit them."

"Oh." She shrugged and started packing various items and clothes into a large bag. "Their more bearable than most of my other relatives. And their not caring who I marry or who gets the throne kinda helps. It's kind of hard to get along with schizos and ego-maniacs but..." She finished packing and pulled out her knight's outfit. "But, yeah, I guess I like them–more than most of my other relatives, anyway. Why?"

"I guess I just needed to know..." I'm not entirely sure why I asked myself...

"Oh, okay." She started dressing in the knight's outfit and when, in a few minutes, she finished, she slung her bag over one shoulder and grabbed Sidia from where it was hidden under her bed. Then she pulled Duzell over to the window. "Come on, let's go."

A few minutes later found them in the stables, just finishing saddling two horses. Ishtar, having done it so many times before when she was sneaking out, was already done and was helping Duzell with his own; he hadn't had to saddle a horse in a thousand years, after all, and had about forgotten how to.

"Darres is going to put bars in you windows and guards in the stables one of these days."

"Nah, and he's not going to give me that spanking he keeps ranting about either."

Oh, I'm not so sure about that. "You're sure they won't notice two horses are gone instead of just one?"

"Probably not. It surprises me they can even notice one is gone out of the hundred or so here. There!"

Duzell shrugged and skillfully mounted his horse. "Thanks," he muttered grudgingly, turning the animal toward the stable doors.

"No prob, Duzie!" Ishtar trotted past him on her own horse and pushed open the doors.



" you keep calling me that?"

"Ishtar smiled sweetly at him as they walked through the doors. "'Cause it's cute, like you!" With that, she kicked her horse gently in the side and galloped off, leaving a very confused vampire king behind.

She thinks I'm cute?

Duzell stared after Ishtar's retreating form, not even registering that he was being left behind.

And I don't seem to mind her calling me that either. Odd...if it were a hundred years ago, anyone daring to call me anything like 'Duzie' would be dead instantly.

He finally noticed that the princess was only a dot in the distance and urged his horse fully out of the stable, pushing the doors closed behind him.

I haven't raced anyone in a while...and she's pretty far ahead...a good challenge...


Duzell smirked as he heard Keld's angry shout and spurred his horse into a gallop, deciding it was time to go.

I'll teach her about leaving me behind...

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