Finding Cinderella

By Yvonne

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Summary: WANTED: A real beauty, with long hair, pale skin. aka Cinderella. He found her,

they did it, all that was left of her was her scent and a shoe. He wants her back, even if he doesn't know her, and thats what he'll get, because Malfoys always get what they want. Of course thats what he thinks.

Dreams Do Come True For A While

She woke up refreshed and all smiley. She turned to her right and had to bit her lips to silence her gasp at the sight. She didn't believe it but of course, what difference would it make. In front of her was an angel, but of course she knew outter beauty was always very decieving.

She couldn't help smiling at the beauty meomories of yesterday. Though a sad smile still graces her lips, for she hadn't felt this way in a long time, and knew this feeling couldn't last. Even so she had no regrets, not one that seems to take away her smile.

She took her clothes and left with silently without wearing her shoes, for fear that it would disturb the 'angel's' most pleasant dreams and he would wake up to some shocking unpleasantness.

She stopped, thinking that maybe she should leave an explaination. She put her stuff down again, and took a parchment, quill, and ink. Even though she thought ways to write it, she sat for minutes looking at the parchment knowing that there is no explaination for her leaving. It was a matter of logic. They simply wouldn't work, he would have her leave as soon as he saw her.

With this final thought she rest the quill back and grabbed her stuff again and walked away, but not with one final look back at the angelic face. She smiled a small smile. It was time for her to get back to reality. She needed to get back to work, she was already late.

'Good- bye Malfoy' was her final thought as she walked out the hotel. Of course that wasn't the end of it, especially when she left her shoe beside the bed...

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