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Sometimes, it seems as though we can see the world perfectly, the beautiful colors, the trees on a distant hill, the fluffy clouds passing by, the way the golden green grass sways in the meadows, even the way waves slowly caress the sandy beaches on a sunlit day. And yet, other things we are so blind to, things that are beyond the human eye and are hidden in something deeper. Even though the blind cannot see, sometimes they see so much more than we can ever see even with our eyes.

Twirling between two slim fingers, a sleek black pen's tip swayed up and down methodically in a repeating pattern. The pen itself was something out of a pen collector's dream; the black ink seemed to have been coated onto the pen with delicacy and precision and on the side of the pen, the golden initials "KC" was engraved in the side.

If you looked closely enough at it, you would notice that the black ink had another near invisible layer on it; a softer gray section on the pen showed intricate vines crisscrossing each other with tiny leaves poking out of the vines. If you looked even closer, you would notice the miniscule bite marks on the very top of the pen, looking not haphazardly chewed… but it was as though someone had merely nibbled on the edge, nothing more.

The pen was carefully hidden underneath the large oak table, as its owner played around with it. He knew it was foolish; after all, he was taught not to be playing around with pens during board meetings. And yet, he didn't see any reason not too. Most of the men were older than him, and very few men had their hands visible and neatly folded on top of the table. As long as no one saw the pen in his hands, there was really no reason why he should stop.

"Mr. Kaiba, you've a very powerful man… probably the most powerful in the economic world. To you, funding this project would be nothing; it would be like asking the common man for a donation of ten dollars. This project will help children across the world; people who have been sightless for so long could have the gift of seeing the world through new eyes. Your late father supported our research for quite some time before the war broke out, and we would be honored if you supported us as well. We are at the testing process with these new products, and so far eight out of ten people who tried the surgery out regained their vision. This product is almost ready for the market… but we need some donations so we can ship it to hospitals worldwide. Mr. Kaiba… I come before to ask, if your company would be interested in donating to our company so we would be able to successfully send our lazars to hospitals to repair vision to millions of blind people."

The man who was giving the speech humbly bowed towards Kaiba and his Kaiba Corp. employees and took his seat at the opposite end of the table. There was a pregnant pause that settled in the room as Kaiba thought about the balding man's presentation.

"Mr. Andersen, I'm confident your invention will indeed help millions of people, but there's just one problem. This is a business world and there is no way that Kaiba Corp. would be profiting from this scheme at all. This sounds a lot like begging for money to me, and if you wanted a donation, you should have asked my secretary to put a little tin can on her desk so people could slip you a few dollars," Kaiba's steely gaze searched over the man, who opened his mouth to say something, but Kaiba was not finished, "And if you need more money than that… you will need to come up with a proposal that we can both profit from, not just yourselves. Until you have something worth listening to, I don't want to see you in this room. Am I clear?"

"Yes Mr. Kaiba… very clear. I… will return once my men and I have worked out a plan where the both of us can profit through this. Thank you for the time," Mr. Andersen responded in a steady voice. At first, it looked like he was starting to gather his things to head out of the board room, however, once his papers were neatly stacked he turned to face Kaiba once again, "But… I must ask you something."

"Then ask it if it's worth my time. I have some phone calls I have to make that can't wait much longer," the pen in Kaiba's fingers began to twist at a faster pace.

"Have you ever met a blind person?" Mr. Andersen questioned as Kaiba rolled his eyes.

"I don't see the relevance of this question, Mr. Andersen," Kaiba's voice was becoming dangerously icy, a frosty warning subconsciously registering in everyone's mind.

"I had a feeling you hadn't. It's in my opinion that you should donate to this cause without profit… my daughter is in fact blind and all she's ever wanted was to see again. I want to give that to her… and I don't want to have to make her wait for the rest of her life," Mr. Andersen explained as Kaiba stopped messing around with the pen.

"She can wait a little longer. And if you're so anxious to let her see… why don't you have her be a test subject? I don't see why you should be so willing to give other children their sight but not your daughter's. Blind people can live without sight; your daughter is living proof. I'm going ask you to leave my office, your time is up and I now have to go meet with other people."

Everyone in the boardroom knew just by the tone of Kaiba's voice that the meeting had ended. Kaiba's employees began to gather up their things so they could get back to their busy lives, however Mr. Andersen remained where he was.

"I'm beginning to wonder who's blinder… my daughter or you. Surely you are not so blind as to think only of yourself and your company? Don't you ever think about the other people who are suffering while you're swimming in riches? Why don't you think about others beside yourself? Perhaps it's because you have never seen the world through my daughter's eyes… and you don't understand that there's more to life than just yourself… but you can't see that because you're too near sighted. Too blind. It's a sad world you live in… Mr. Kaiba. Good day."

Before Kaiba could even yell at the man for being disrespectful, or even get a chance to defend himself, the man swiftly left the boardroom, leaving Kaiba alone with no one to keep him company but his pen and his papers.

He shrugged and placed his Kaiba Corp. papers into his folder before snorting, "What a waste of breathe and energy."

With that said, the young sixteen-year-old CEO departed from the room to continue on with his hectic day at Kaiba Corporation Headquarters.

Kaiba threw his weary body onto the couch downstairs in his living room with a loud sigh. Another hard day had gone by, but yet another would be coming around the corner the next day. It was like a never ending circle, get up, work, file papers, work, come up with new prototypes and programs, work, eat, work, yell at secretaries for taking poorly scribbled messages, and then finally getting seven hours of relief at home with Mokuba, though he usually slept six out of those seven hours.

At least tomorrow he would be able to break free from that cycle for at least a few days, tomorrow was the start of another week of school.

Kaiba checked the gold watch clasped around his wrist and shook his head. He had been hoping to leave his office before it got too late so he would be able to spend a little time with Mokuba. He doubted his little brother would be awake at one in the morning.

"Mokuba," Kaiba murmured glancing over to the couch in the opposite corner of the room. His eyes softened as he looked down at his little brother, curled in a tight ball on the couch, clutching his locket desperately, and sleeping in peace. It didn't take Kaiba even just a second to figure out why his brother was down here… he had tried to wait for Kaiba to come home again. Kaiba pushed his body off of the couch and sat in front of his little brother with a small smile on his face.

Mokuba was an image of pure innocence, with messy soft raven colored hair falling down to his back, his misty blue-grey eyes sparkled with joy whenever his older brother had even just a minute alone with him, and his smooth boyish face looked gentle and calm in his slumber.

Kaiba laid a hand on Mokuba's forehead gently brushing away the stray bangs on his brother's forehead. Mokuba stirred in his sleep and his eyelids cracked open to see his big brother sitting before him… at last.

"Seto!" Mokuba cried throwing his arms around Kaiba's weary body, "You're home! I was waiting for you! I made you some dinner! I didn't burn anything this time!"

"That's great, Mokuba," Kaiba said gently forcing a smile as Mokuba sprang off the couch eagerly.

"Come on! You have to try it!" Mokuba exclaimed excitedly, but his face fell seeing Kaiba on his knees and his eyelids falling, "Or… you could just sleep."

Quickly, Kaiba shook his head, not wanting to hurt his brother's feelings. Mokuba smiled and led Kaiba into the kitchen where the cold food sat. Evidently, Mokuba wasn't expecting him to arrive this late. A nice plate was filled with cooked fried eggs, buttered toast, even dry cold bacon and a glass of warm milk to wash it all down with. Kaiba chuckled as he ruffled Mokuba's hair.

"Thanks, kid… for the breakfast."

Mokuba scowled and tilted his head upwards, "It's dinner… I didn't know how to make your potatoes you like so much… but I knew how to make eggs and stuff for breakfast so I… do you like it?"

"Yeah kid." Kaiba sat down in front of his food, and then looked back up at Mokuba, "Maybe you should go to bed. You have school tomorrow," Kaiba said firmly as Mokuba pouted.

"Aww, please! You're never home! Can I please stay up with you?" Mokuba pleaded beseechingly using the lethal 'puppy dog eyes' on his brother.

"The answer is no, we'll have time tomorrow," Kaiba sighed as Mokuba hung his head dejectedly before the thumping of stairs could be heard all the way from the kitchen.

He knew Mokuba was upset with him; work had gotten so busy with the new openings of Kaiba Land and took over some of the responsibilities Mokuba had because his little brother was beginning to fall behind in school. Five minutes was not enough time to spend alone with Mokuba, and one hour was hardly any better.

Kaiba shook that thought out of his head and turned back to the food in front of him. Mokuba was smart… if he had tried to throw away his food, surely his brother would notice? He didn't want to hurt his brother anymore than he already had, with all of his insane work hours, always leaving his brother behind…

Kaiba ate a few bites of the cold meal, sighing heavily. If it was anyone else who made the meal, he would have rejected it, not caring in the least bit whether he hurt his or her feelings or not. But he made a promise, a vow that would not be broken. He made a promise that he would protect his little brother, and to open his heart up to him… even though he sealed it off to anyone else. He had Mokuba… he didn't need anyone else. In his mind he knew that, and he had his reasons for blocking everyone else off. All he needed was his little brother, and he could live a perfectly happy life.

Kaiba awoke the next morning to find his face in his plate almost completely filled with food Mokuba had made for him.

"Seto!" cried Mokuba racing into the kitchen as Kaiba quickly wiped away the eggs sticking to his hair, "What happened?"

"I fell asleep, I guess," Kaiba mused as he stretched out as checked his watch, "I've got to get ready. I'm late… and you've got to get to school. I'll get someone else to drive me, someone should be waiting with the limo to drive you."

"But Seto! Wait… can we have breakfast together or something? I'll make you some warmer eggs!" Mokuba pleaded desperately as Kaiba paused at the doorway for a second.


Kaiba forced a smile and turned to face Mokuba, whose face was all ready brightening, as if having his brother even look at him was a treasured moment.

"Tell you what… I'll pick you up during your lunch hour, and we can go out to eat. Just the two of us… what do you say?" Kaiba asked as Mokuba's face broke out into an excited grin.

"You mean it!" when Kaiba nodded, Mokuba dashed over to his brother and hugged him tightly around the waist, "Thank you! I'll see you at eleven! Bye Seto!"

And somehow… making Mokuba get that happy over something so trivial seemed to put Kaiba in a better mood before school.

"Hey, Kaiba!" chirped Yugi cheerfully as Kaiba climbed out of his limo and glared into Yugi's innocent amethyst eyes with his cold blue orbs.

Yugi barely came up to Kaiba's waist and was often mistaken for a sixth grader, but Kaiba knew better. Yugi was one of the top duelists in the world and was rather brave even though Kaiba hated to admit it. Yugi's wild bangs stuck out from his black hair that stuck up like a star outlined in maroon colors. Yugi was almost the complete opposite of Kaiba. Yugi's eyes were so welcoming, so naïve, but Kaiba's… they were so cold and ruthless, so tough and forbidding.

Kaiba's height loomed over the crowds and reached an alarming height of 6'1. Kaiba's hair was as brown as dark chocolate, and stopped at the end of his neck, much unlike Yugi's wild colorful hair.

Kaiba ignored Yugi and brushed past him, almost whacking Yugi to the ground from the force that Kaiba had knocked against the smaller boy. But Yugi didn't give up.

"Wait, I want to talk to you," Yugi said jogging beside Kaiba to keep up with his long strides.

"About what?" Kaiba grumbled as he continued to walk to the science room.

"Well, I was wondering how you were doing…" Yugi trailed off as Kaiba rolled his eyes in annoyance, "And…"

"I don't have time for this Yugi, I have other things to do rather than listen to you…" Kaiba said icily as Yugi shrugged and continued to walk with Kaiba.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come over to the game shop after school tomorrow-"

"I have meetings on Tuesday," Kaiba interrupted as Yugi nodded.

"Oh, well do you want to hang out sometime? Maybe after school?" Yugi offered as Kaiba sighed.

"When will you take a hint that I don't want to be friends with you?" Kaiba growled with a snap, "I don't want to hear your friendship speeches, your heart of the cards sayings, or your pathetic friendships with your friends, ok? So quit pestering me!"

A small shadow of hurt passed over Yugi's face and he stopped walking with Kaiba as Joey came up from behind him. Kaiba seemed oblivious to Yugi's hurt expression… he just kept on walking as though nothing had happened.

Joey was one of Yugi's best friends of all time, his large blonde hair trailed over his honey brown eyes and his smooth peach skin. He was just barely above Kaiba's shoulders, a pretty good height considering they were all in high school. Joey approached his friend with a nudge.

"Hey Yug'" Joey exclaimed in a New York accent, "What's up? Kaiba giving you a hard time again?"

"No…" Yugi muttered, "I just wish Kaiba would be a little nicer to us."

"He's a class A jerk," Joey explained simply, "You can't really change people who think that they're at the top of the food chain just 'cause they're at the top of the food chain."

Yugi shrugged off Joey's comment easily, he used to his friend's hateful words towards Kaiba, one of Joey's worst enemies.

"Na… Mokuba loves Kaiba… there's more to Kaiba that we don't see at school," Yugi responded thoughtfully. Seeing Joey's disbelieving expression, Yugi quickly steered the topic of discussion away from Kaiba, "Come on, let's just get to class, I don't want another detention for being late to class… Grandpa said if I get another one I won't be able to get anymore free cards from the shop anymore…"

The day went on about as it usually did, for Kaiba at least. He did his best to avoid the crowds. Kaiba hated the way he would be stared at as he walked down the halls and he almost hated the murmurs that people whispered as he walked down the hallway. His new method of glaring nastily at those people quickly shut them up.

But there was always Yugi, always trying to get him to join his group of friends. Joey and Tristan seemed to hate Kaiba, and celebrated whenever Kaiba rejected their offers of friendship. It didn't bother Kaiba in the least bit; he could care less about Yugi and his friends, like Tea for instance. She was too perky sometimes, and was determined to help Yugi recruit Kaiba into their group. As for the albino… Bakura seemed to be pretty much neutral, if Kaiba was with the group or wasn't, it didn't seem to bother him too much, and he didn't bother Kaiba. Out of Yugi's friends, Bakura would probably be the one person Kaiba would be able to put up with during a school project.

It was like they had some sort of strange weird, unspoken understanding with each other. Bakura was quiet, never getting in Kaiba's way, or saying anything that would annoy him. Bakura didn't seem like a full-fledged member of Yugi's tight group, in fact he never really socialized much with the group. He would be polite, sit with them at lunch, add in a few comments, but most of the time Bakura was an outcast, seemingly preferring his alone time, not all the time, but sometimes. Like Kaiba.

There they had their real understanding.

Kaiba took his usual seat at the corner lunch table setting up his laptop and turning on his cell phone. He at least had some respect for the teachers and didn't do his work during their pointless classes, but during study hall and lunch there was no one stopping him from doing his work for Kaiba Corp.

"Three… two… one," Kaiba counted down quietly as he turned around to find his expected guest, Yugi Muto.

"Hello," Yugi greeted him brightly, as usual, "Do you want to sit with us-"


"Are you sure you want to stay here alo-"


"Ok then can I-?"


"Ok thanks!" Yugi exclaimed brightly sitting next to a bewildered Kaiba. What was Yugi doing? Yugi was supposed to say, "Ok then, I'll see you later!" after he asked if he wanted to sit with him at study hall. Why was he sitting next to him?

"What are you doing?" Kaiba spat as Yugi smiled.

"Well, you seem to have memorized my questions, so I changed them. Instead of asking you 'Do you want to sit with us at study hall instead?' I was going to ask if I could sit with you. You said fine, so now I'm sitting with you," Yugi explained with a wide grin, "It was Yami's idea."

"Still believe in that hocus pocus Egyptian crap Ishizu said?" chuckled Kaiba, "Yugi, you're so naïve, your so called 'spirit' did not he come from the inside of your necklace nor did he come from Egypt, he is merely a figment of your imagination. And I did not come from Egypt for that matter while we're on that subject. I recommend consulting with a physiatrist with figuring out what is real, and what is implanted in your imagination. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do, and it would be in your best interest to leave me alone."

Yugi clenched his teeth together and snatched his peanut butter and jelly sandwich before savagely taking a bite out of it. It took him another minute to calm himself down so he could try talking to Kaiba again.

"Did you hear the rumor that there's going to be a new tournament that's going to be starting up? I heard that duelists from all over the world would be able to compete with each other and the top four duelists in each country would duel other countries… and the winner would have the title of the best duelist in the entire world!" Yugi rattled excitedly as Kaiba's eyes widened and quickly snapped his head towards Yugi's direction.

"Where did you here that?" Kaiba demanded as Yugi laughed.

"Wait… it's actually true?"

"I don't know where you heard that fairy tale Yugi, but there is no such tournament being planned," Kaiba lied as Yugi shrugged and grinned dreamily.

"That'd be a cool tournament though… maybe you could organize it, you did a great job with Battle City-"

"I'm leaving," Kaiba interrupted curtly as he closed his laptop screen and headed towards the cafeteria exit.

"What… where are you-?"


Feeling there was no further explanation needed, Kaiba headed out of the school, where his driver was waiting for him expectantly.

Yugi stood by the doors for only a second, deciding he wasn't going to chase after Kaiba. Instead, he raced over to Joey, Tristan, Tea, and Bakura to join them at the lunch table. He began chatting excitedly with his friends, not giving a single thought to stop the CEO.

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