A/N: Wrote this for my english class; had to follow the rules of a sonnet to get the credit, so really not my type of free verse thing, but I figured I'd post it. Review!


Through trap-doors, tunnels, in shadows lurking

Behind the wood planks, facades, fake and real

There you linger, dwelling where none venture

They dare not, for tales echo the House.

Your presence makes them quiver in terror.

Yet they do not know you artist, none do.

They all fear you, but what is it you fear?

Loneliness, or those dwelling in the light

They don't understand you artist, fear you

What drove you to those crimes, why hate them so?

Hatred is brought by love, along with envy.

They love in their light, shunning your darkness.

No one sees beneath that mask, sees the soul.

Not knowing that love, love is all you crave.