Disclaimer: I did not create Calvin and Hobbes, Ozy and Millie, Kingdom Hearts, or any Disney movie featured in Kingdom Hearts. Calvin and Hobbes were made by my favorite cartoonist, Bill Watterson. Ozy and Millie were made by David Craig Simpson (It's an online comic, so I doubt you've heard of it). Lastly, Kingdom Hearts was made by Squaresoft, now Square-Enix, and they had to ask Disney to use their characters. Thank you. I have not played KH in a while, so I'm using a game script by Oliver Kong. You can read it at Game FAQs, or you can e-mail him at

And so it begins…

Calvin, a young boy with spiked blonde hair, age six, with a striped red-and-black shirt and black pants, finds himself waking up underwater.

"I've been having these screwed up dreams lately… They seem really real… but they aren't. Can they really be happening?" Calvin thought underwater.

As Calvin slowly fall back asleep, His friend, Hobbes, tries to reach out to him from the surface of the water, but is unsuccessful. Then a tidal wave washes the small boy out of the water as he wakes up on a beach. A girl his age named Susie calls out to him, but Calvin ignores her. When h turns his back, he noticed himself sinking down. Before he can move, he is completely underneath the sand. Calvin re-awakes at a strange area.

A mysterious voice says to him, "So much to do, so little time, little boy. Come now; choose an item you would like to keep." And before his eyes, Calvin saw a Sword, Shield, and Wand appear. "Who are you?" Calvin asks the voice, but there is no response. So he touches the Sword. The voice then said "The power of the Warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of horrible destruction. Will you take this?", and Calvin responded, "Sure."

"Good. Choose an item to give up" spoke the voice. Calvin picked up the Wand. The voice stated "The power of the Magician. Untapped knowledge. A wand of metaphysical force. Will you give this up?" and Calvin said "Uh, whatever you just said, I'll take a chance and leave the Wand behind". The wand disappeared, and three strange, pitch-black creatures, human in appearance but on all-fours, appeared. Calvin blurted "YIKES!!! What are those things?!" The voice responded, "Do not be afraid of these creatures. They are called the Heartless. They are dark creatures that can steal a person's heart. But do not be afraid of them. I will give you a weapon to stop them." Before Calvin appeared the sword he selected to keep. Calvin picked it up and got ready to fight. One of the Heartless lunged for him, but Calvin destroyed it with a slash from the sword.

Calvin then killed the other Shadows with a lunge of his Sword. "That was too easy…" Calvin stated in wonder. A dark portal appeared before him, and he entered.

The boy appeared in a circular room with many blocks in it. Calvin accidentally broke one, and a small vial appeared. Calvin picked it up and put it in his pocket, thinking he may need it later in the crazy dream he's having. Before him appeared an image of an island, and three kids named Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie came out of it. "Talk to them…" Said the voice. So Calvin started with Tidus, the boy with a yellow shirt and blonde hair somewhat like his.

"Hi.", said Calvin without enthusiasm. "Hey. I'm Tidus. I'm curious. What are you afraid of?" said the tall boy. After a bit of thought, Calvin said, "Uh, getting old or something."

Tidus asked, "Is it really that bad, kid?", and Calvin responded, "Yeah! Then you can't have fun anymore! Besides, you didn't even ask me for my name!" Calvin then walked over to Wakka, the strange looking boy. Wakka asked, "Yo, brudda, what do you want out of life?" Calvin said, "Are you as rude as your friend? Anyway, I want to be great."

"Great at what?" responded Wakka. "Forget it!" said Calvin as he reluctantly asked the girl in the pretty blue dress, Selphie. And, without asking his name, Selphie asked, "What's most important?" Calvin had to hesitate, for his real answer would be that his friend Hobbes is most important. But, to look tough, he said, "To be number one." Selphie asked him, "Is being the best really that important?", but she didn't get an answer that time. The three kids vanished, and the voice stated, "You are scared of growing up. You want to be famous. And, you say you want to be number one, but I doubt that's what you really want. You seem selfish, and maybe you are, but if you keep fallowing the sun, your adventure will be a pleasant one." Calvin didn't even bother to respond, angered because he was called selfish. Stairs then appeared, and Calvin went up them.

In the last room, Calvin's shadow acted very strange. "As you get closer to the light, your shadow becomes larger", said the voice. Without warning, the boy's shadow became a huge shadow man with a giant, heart-shaped hole in his chest. "Don't be afraid…and don't forget…" The creature lunged at Calvin, and he had no choice but to fight for his life. As the creature swung his fist down, he took a long time to re-lift it. This gave Calvin an idea. The boy slashed at the fist many times with his Sword. The man-beast shadow cried in pain. It swung at Calvin again, this time connecting and sending the boy flying. This angered Calvin. Calvin then stabbed straight through the shadow's palm, causing it to explode in pain. However, the shadow started to envelope Calvin. Before his world went totally black, Calvin heard the voice one last time. "You hold the mightiest weapon of all. And, you will unlock the greatest door. Good bye." As soon as the voice stopped talking, Calvin was completely covered in shadow.

The boy screamed as loud as he could, and he woke up inside of a plane next to his parents. In the next seat was his friend, Hobbes, who at the moment looked like a small tiger doll. As a baby cried in the background, Calvin's mother said, "Are you okay? You fell asleep on the flight. It looks like you had a nightmare". "Give me a break, mom! This black thing, it attacked me, and I killed it with a sword, then it ate me-", Calvin said quickly before his father placed his hand on his mouth. "You probably had a nightmare", his dad said. "Ah…so, where are we going for a vacation again?" asked Calvin. "You forgot? We're going to Destiny Island, or at least you're going", said Calvin's Dad. "Oh yeah, it's better then those dumb camping trips we always go on", Said Calvin. "Hey!! What do you mean, 'or at least you're going'?!"

Calvin's Mom responded. She said, "Your father and I are going to the nearby Hope Island. We'll pick you up at 7:00 PM. You can make some new friends". Calvin shook his head in disbelief, but he noticed something in his pocket. He pulled it out, and it was the small blue vial he found in the dream. "Okay, this is weird", he thought. "If that was a dream, how did I get this Potion?" Calvin just shrugged, put the vial back into his pocket, and ate some of the complimentary peanuts that came with the flight.

End Chapter One.

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