Then There Was You

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Chapter One: Run Away

Author's notes: SessKik rules!!! So if you hate this pairing, please do not read. You have been warned beforehand. So don't flame just coz you hate the pairing.


The setting sun made the sky appear ablaze, as its embers were slowly.

Strange, but that was how she left.

Kikyo gazed out of the window sat next to of the bus she leaving for the airport. Sad auburn eyes stared at Japan's skies as the vehicle's engine started.

She was leaving. Leaving her home, her family, her friends… her love.

… But was she leaving her pain as well…?

Kikyo bit her lip to prevent the unwanted onslaught of tears. She didn't want to dwell on the past she was trying to escape. She didn't want to break down just because her heart was broken.

Taking deep shaky breaths, she settled in her seat, finding a comfortable position to sleep. In her uneasy sleep, she began to recollect the day's events that lead to her leaving.


"Wha-what are you saying?" her voice, full of agony, asked.

"I'm sorry, Kikyo. I didn't mean for you to get hurt. But if this continues, I'll only hurt you more." A man with silvery hair looked away.

"Why…?" he looked down, avoiding her eyes glimmering with tears.

"I'm in love with Kagome, Kikyo. Always have been. I always felt like she was out of reach. I thought if I tried to be you, I could forget her. But… I just can't…" tears flowed freely from her ginger orbs as he spoke. He continued.

"I finally told her how I felt. And she feels the same. She rejected me at first, because she didn't want to hurt you." So that was why he had been a bit cranky and mean at her for a while now.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"I never meant to hurt you. I'm sorry. I can't be selfish anymore. I can't give you what you want from me."

"I… I see."

"Gomenasai, Kikyo-neechan. I never wanted this to happen…" Kagome guiltily looked down to the ground, ashamed, but she knew they had done the right thing. She felt tears building up as she saw her sister crying. And it was because of her.

Kikyo bitterly smiled, but she couldn't stop the flowing of tears. She walked past them and patted Kagome lightly in the shoulder giving, a reassuring smile, although the teardrops still poured.


She left.


She opened her eyes. She wiped the wetness in her eyes. She felt so betrayed. So betrayed by the two people she cared and loved the most.

…yet she couldn't blame them, couldn't hate them, even if she tried.

'No…' she shook her head to clear them out of her thoughts. She decided to do something, anything, to keep them off her head. Taking her cell out of her purse, she called her boss saying that she was taking a leave. A long one. Her boss was nice, even though she called out of the blue and so late in the evening, granted her a temporary retirement and told her to take all the time she needed and she would be welcome back.

One of the best and hardworking lawyers of their firm, after all needed a break. Kikyo thanked her and hung up.

After settling her job, she stared at the seat in front of her and contemplated her situation. Nobody knew she had left Tokyo to go to Hokkaido. Kagome must be going hysterical and Souta might be about to cry, worried about where his eldest sister has run off to. Their mother would be sipping tea calmly, assuring them that Kikyo was okay wherever she was and that she needed some space and time alone.

What was she thinking when she went the airport to buy a ticket for the flight about to leave at that moment? What had gotten into her that she even bought the ticket? She didn't even care that she was going without any luggage except for a small handbag with her wallet, cell and accessories and her laptop. She even left her car in the airport. She took the things in her car and left in a hurry. Where was she gonna stay? A hotel probably. She'd have to use her credit card then.

'After a few days, I'll go back,' she decided. The passengers sat up and began to collect things so grabbing her few luggage, proceeded to leave the plane.


The jacinth sky was a sight, the fires of the sun beginning to awaken.

Kikyo hailed a cab. Thank goodness the driver knew English. The cab dropped her off in a nice hotel. But just as the cab left, her purse was snatched.

"Stop, thief! Give me back my purse!" She ran in pursuit of the snatcher. But as she took the turn he took, he disappeared.

"Damn!" she hissed. Running a hand thru her obsidian tresses, she her lip, willing herself not to cry out of fear. She then realized that she was lost. She didn't know the way back to the hotel. Desperation filled her. With nowhere to go and no money to pay a cab, she walked to a park across the street. Finding a bench, she sat down and silently cried. She was foolish. How could she act so recklessly? Now she was stuck in a foreign place with no money, no cell, no map and it was all her fault. She didn't know anybody and she had no place to stay. The only thing she had left was her laptop. She cried some more.

"Are you okay miss? Why are you crying?" a gentle voice asked her. She looked up to the speaker, surprised that someone spoke to her and cared about her disoriented self, to see a little girl looking at her sympathetically. She had long hair with a ponytail at the side and brown eyes like hers. Kikyo sniffed.

"What's your name?" the girl asked.


"Would you like to talk about it?" the little girl sat down next to her. Kikyo always had a soft spot for kids. They can be the best listeners and can give advice better than a psychiatrist. Sniffling some more, she began to tell the anonymous girl her dilemma. Her coming to Hokkaido without luggage, her purse being snatched, and her being lost.

"… and I have no place to go." Kikyo cried again. The little girl patted her shoulder for comfort.

"Can you wait here? I'll be right back." The girl took off. 'It's not like I have anywhere to go…' Kikyo thought sadly.


The little girl ran up to a silver-haired man who was carrying a few grocery bags as he exited the store. She tugged at his pants. The man looked down.

"Papa, can I ask you something?"




Kikyo was still crying when she heard a familiar voice.

"Don't worry Kikyo-san. I'll help you. So don't cry anymore." Kikyo looked at the little girl's earnest face. The girl walked a few distance away towards her father.

"Papa, can we adopt her?" she pointed to Kikyo who was wiping her eyes, paying no heed to the father-daughter conversation, still in distress. The man sighed. He could barely make out this "Kikyo's" face. The only thing he was sure of was that she is Japanese, based on her name.

"Please???" she pleaded with puppy dog eyes. The man sighed. He could never say no to his only daughter. She had him wrapped around her little finger. Although he spoiled her, she had grown to be a kind-hearted, caring person. Inwardly, he was proud of his daughter. He approached her.

"Miss, are you alright? Here, use this." Kikyo looked up to see a man with long silvery hair and topaz eyes holding out a handkerchief. Her eyes widened in recognition. 'Why does he bear an uncanny resemblance to Inuyasha…?' she accepted the handkerchief and slowly wiped her tearstained face, her eyes never leaving his face.

"My daughter has informed me of your predicament." He pulled out his wallet.

"And I am willing to help. How much do you need?" his wallet was already open, waiting for her to state a specific amount.

"No, Papa! She doesn't need money. She needs a home. Can't she stay with us?" the little girl pouted.

"But Rin--" He sighed. What was he supposed to do? He wasn't sure if this woman was safe. What if she turned out to be a demented psychopath?

…he didn't even want to think about it.

An insistent tugging made him look down at his daughter's pleading face. He sighed yet again. He also was in a tight spot himself. Rubbing his chin, he thought of a solution. She wasn't just a lost puppy that you could take home, although she seemed like one right about now.

"I know! Why don't you hire Kikyo-san to be my babysitter?" Rin's face lit up at her brilliant plan.

"Miss, do you have any skills or experience in child care?" She looked at him strangely. Why'd he want to know? She nodded though.

"I have a younger sister and brother. I used to baby-sit them for my mom."

"Homemaking skills?" she nodded.

"Well… I know it doesn't seem appropriate in this situation, but… would you like to work as a housekeeper and babysitter for my daughter, Rin? I was thinking of hiring one but I haven't found one that Rin likes… so…" he trailed off. She just blinked at him.

"Oh please Kikyo-san, please say yes." Rin pleaded.

"But… I don't know who you are…" She looked down at her folded hands on her lap, holding the kerchief. Pulling out a card from his wallet, he gave the slip of paper for identification. She took it and read the name. 'Mochidzuki Sesshomaru, CEO of Tenseiga Corp…'

"Where will I stay?"

"Don't worry about food or lodging. You'll stay with us. There's a separate room for the babysitter next to Rin's. You don't have to pay rent or meals. As long as you work." He answered. Expectant eyes awaited her answer. This was a miracle. It was as if Kami-sama had taken pity upon her.

"Alright." Rin jumped up and down and squealed in glee. Taking Kikyo's hand, she pulled her up from her seat.