Sequel to "Who You Let In", another Remy/Milana fic in which I own the femanine, purple side of the duo and do not own anyone else but Jackie.

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Ice Lynx


"Something's wrong with Remy," Milana said, sighing unhappily as she held the steaming cup of tea closer. Her tail was swaying over the back of the stool as she took a sip of the drink, then put the cup down on the island and looked up at her father, her brown eyes tired and confused.

"Vot's been happening?" Kurt asked, sounding slightly anxious. Milana usually didn't usually show up at the mansion during the day, working most days and liking to sleep in on her day off.

"I don't know, but he's been coming home drunk allot," Milana shook her head helplessly. "And he always seems angry. I don't get it, everything was just getting really good, you know?"

Kurt nodded, remembering his visit last week when he had found his daughter and her roommate Remy LeBeau happier than they had been in a long time, and then he had found out that they had recently decided to become a couple. It had surprised him at first, but no one else at the mansion seemed very shocked, in fact a few had responded with "about time".

"But whenever I ask him about it, if he's even conscious, he just grunts and refuses to answer," Milana went on. "I can't figure out where he even goes now, because it's not at his usual haunts, I've looked there, and I don't know if it's something I've done-"

"I'm sure it's not you," Kurt said immediately, putting his three fingered hand over Milana's wrist and squeezing it gently. Milana nodded.

"But I don't know what else I could do. I can't follow Remy, I can't even tell when he's slipped out sometimes, or I think he's stayed in the night and then I wake up alone at three a.m."

"Vake-" Kurt stopped himself and shook his head, which made Milana smile.

"We haven't gotten further than sleeping in the same bed," she said. Then she added "but you really should be less old fashioned, dad." Kurt chuckled.

"I am your father, therefore vill never stop being old fashioned," he said.

"Don't I know it," Milana teased. Then she looked at her watch and sighed.

"I really have to get to work," she said. "I called in sick for a morning, but if I go now I'll get in after lunch." Kurt nodded and squeezed her wrist again.

"Vill you be alright?" he asked. "You know I'm alvays here for you to talk to."

"I know," Milana said, giving him a sad smile. She shook her head. "I just needed to talk about Rem aloud I guess, I think I'll talk to him tonight, before he goes out."

"Good idea, and if you need anyvon to help, ve are all just a call avay," Kurt said, watching his daughter get up, put her cup in the sink and then leave.

- - -

"Remy?" Milana walked into the dark apartment and into the living room, seeing the tv on and then finding her boyfriend passed out on the couch, smelling of alcohol and something else.... Milana shook her head, then went to the kitchen and got a pitcher of cold water, walking back to Remy she dumped it over his head.

"Ah!" Remy yelped, leaping straight in the air. When he saw Milana standing over him, the glass jug in her hands, he tried to smile but just look confused.

"Hey petite," he said. "Why you pouring cold water on Remy at dis hour for?"

"We need to talk Rem," Milana said, turning off the tv and switching the lights on.

"Sure," Remy said uncertainly, watching as she sat down on the couch next to him and turned.

"I'm worried about you," she said bluntly. Remy looked surprised.

"Worried 'bout me?" he said. "Why? Dere be threats?"

"No, but you haven't been yourself at lately," Milana said, touching his hand and looking at him earnestly. Remy fell silent, so she continued. "You're never around when I'm home, you're out all night and you come home drunk and on drugs, you're always tired and upset about something, and you won't even talk to me anymore." Milana's brown eyes searched his face for any reaction, but his face seemed made of stone as he pulled his hand away from her and sat back heavily, turning his face away.

"I'se sorry if I hurt you petite," he said in a low voice.

"Remy, what's going on?" Milana asked. Reaching out she took his chin and turned his face towards her. "What's wrong?"

"You wouldn't understand," Remy said, his eyes not meeting hers. Milana's hand dropped as she stared at him, she had never seen him acting like this before.


"What?" Remy snapped, his eyes narrowing as he looked up at her.

"You could tell me anything," she said, touching his arm. "Anything at all-"

"Non, dere's nothing to tell!" Remy cried, suddenly jumping to his feet and tearing away from her.

"Remy!" Milana gasped.

"No!" Remy shouted again, spinning around he grabbed his coat off a chair and marched out of the room, leaving Milana in a state of shock as she heard the door slam.

Milana slowly got up off the couch, and in jerky, automatic movements she began to fix a dinner, making enough for two even though she knew Remy wouldn't be home again tonight.

- - -

1 Month Later

Milana poked at the food on her plate, not hungry but knowing that not eating in three days was definitely not healthy.

A month... she hadn't seen any hope of improvement, Remy barely talked to her while sober now. She had tried to get him to go to a rehabilitation clinic, pleaded with him, but he refused to accept that he had a problem, still hid his other problems from her, and once in a while came back smelling like sex and other women's perfume.

Her father was really worried now, as were the other X Men. They hinted that she might want to leave the relationship, but Milana couldn't. She loved Remy, and clung desperately to the hope that he'd get better, always on the verge of one new idea to get him to sober up, convincing herself that the other women only happened when he was drunk, though that appeared to be all the time now.

Suddenly she heard the front door open and then slam, footsteps stumbling down the hall and Remy's voice singing loudly and off key. He half stumbled into the room grinning at Milana, who didn't look up.

"Hey petite, what's up?" he said loudly, almost tripping into the table. Milana remained silent until he laughed. "You being silent again, chere? Not talkin' t' ol' Remy?"

"I don't speak to drunks," she said softly.

"Ouch, you breakin' my heart," Remy giggled. Milana looked up at him.

"What's wrong with you Remy?" she said. Then her eyes narrowed. "What the hell is the matter with you? You've done nothing but get drunk or high for the last two weeks!"

"Maybe I jus' wanna," Remy said, his voice dropping as easily as the smile. "Ever t'ink o' dat?"

"Why would you want this?" Milana said, her hands spread out, as if to include both of them in the picture as a lump rose in her throat. "Do you know who I got a call from this afternoon?"

"Do I care?" Remy replied.

"Remy! You got fired today! You haven't been at work in a week, and I don't care about the money that we need as much as I care about why, and where you've been!" Milana yelled, at the end of her rope.

"Remy was right, I don't care," Remy said, his voice hard. "But I'se getting tired of you always raggin' on me, you'se sounding like an old mama hen."

"Well I think that's what you need right now," Milana said.

"I don't need a bitch t' order me 'round all day," Remy said. Milana looked thunderstruck, her jaw dropping. Remy's eyes went unfocused slightly.

"I-" words failed Milana as she turned, throwing her plate in the sink and making to leave the room but finding Remy had moved in her way.

"Move," she croaked, trying to get around him, feeling like her heart was shattering and tearing up the inside of her chest. "I won't stand here and let you call me names, Remy, move!"

"You'se needing to stay where I tell ya t' stay," Remy growled, grabbing her arms.

"Let go of me!" Milana yelled, not even seeing his fist until it connected with her cheek.

Milana crashed down to the floor, her hands instinctively catching her before her head struck the fake tile. For a moment she was too stunned to do anything, then looked up as a tear fell down her cheek to see Remy looking down at her indifferently.

"Remy," she choked.

"What? You'se not makin' any food for Remy?" Remy said suddenly, moving off to the refrigerator. Milana let out a small noise of disbelief, then got to her feet and ran out of the room and into her own room, slamming the door and falling into her bed, no more tears coming as she wrapped her sheets around her tightly, face buried in the pillow against the sounds of Remy still messily looking for food in the kitchen.

- - -

The next morning Remy woke with a pounding headache, groaning as he tasted vomit in his mouth.

Stumbling he left his room and entered the bathroom, throwing up into the toilet and then groaning again. Still in his smelly clothes from the night before Remy sighed and pulled them off, dumping them in the hamper and leaving him in his boxers as he keeled and threw up again, coughing and wrinkling his nose at the smell.

He had to have been more loaded than ever before last night to wind up like this, probably more drugs that he couldn't remember too.

After a few minutes he forced himself to get up, flushing the toilet and making his way into the kitchen, his eyes falling on the clock above the refrigerator. He felt his stomach give another jolt, it was half past nine. Great, he was going to be late for work again.

Remy noticed suddenly that he hadn't heard Milana get up, and curiously he walked back, finding her bedroom door closed, which was unusual for her. Shrugging he knocked, she was probably changing to go to work.

"Petite?" he called. "You'se up yet?" He waited a few minutes, then sighed and walked to the living room and the phone, picking it up and dialing his boss.

"Hey," he said, after Charley had picked up the phone. "Charley, it's Remy."

"Remy?" Charley said, sounding confused and annoyed. "What do you want?"

"I'se being late dis morning, overslept my alarm," Remy said, sighing.

"Late for what, LeBeau?"

"Work," Remy said, confused now. He heard Charley sigh.

"Didn't Milana tell you, kid? You haven't been in all week, and I can't afford that anymore."

"What?" Remy gasped.

"You're fired. Sorry, but we can't give you handouts and we need the work done."

"But we need the money!" Remy sputtered.

"Maybe you should have thought of that after your third warning," Charley said, then hung up. Remy stood stalk still, then hung up the phone slowly.

He knew he had missed a few days, but couldn't remember any warnings... and why hadn't Milana told him? He went back to her room and knocked again, still getting no answer but this time just walking in, finding Milana still in bed with her back to him, curled up and clutching the sheets around her like she used to do after nightmares.

She might or might not have been asleep, so Remy tried to smile and walked over, sliding into the bed and starting to wrap his arms around her.

Suddenly her foot shot out backwards, kicking him in the stomach and sending him sprawling off the bed painfully, landing on the floor spread eagled and hitting his head sharply.

For a moment he didn't move, had he just entered a miserable parallel universe? Why was Milana kicking him out of her bed?

He heard a shudder and then, to his shock, a small sob.

"Petite?" he said, climbing up and carefully putting his hand on her shoulder, watching out for her foot but finding her curling up in an even tighter ball, her face hidden from him. "Petite, what's wrong?"

"Get away," Milana moaned. "Get away from me."

"Lan!" Remy breathed, having never heard her say that before to him.

"Get-" Milana stopped as she started to sob harder, her arms going up over her head. It suddenly struck Remy that she might be asleep, and carefully shook her slim shoulder.

"Petite, wake up, you'se safe here, you'se with Remy now-"

"And what's so safe about that?" Milana shouted, turning and pushing him back off the bed.

Again Remy hit the floor, but this time he stayed there, looking up at her in shock as she swiftly turned her head away again, there was no doubting she was awake now- but why was she was still pushing him away?

"Lan, what's wrong?" he said.

Milana felt like she was going to implode, he didn't remember last night....

Slowly she turned her face back to him, and for the first time he saw the large bruise that darkened the color of her fur. Remy saw it immediately and froze.

"Chere! What happened?" He breathed. "What-?" Milana didn't look away, staring down at him as she sat on her knees, her eyes empty of emotion as she let him think without interruption.

"No," Remy breathed, going ashen faced and suddenly remembering the night before, as if is were a tape replaying itself in Milana's eyes. Guilt tore him up inside as he tried to remember any more, any sign of error in his memory from last night, but his memory and Milana's face refused to let him think of anything else.

"No!" Remy moaned again, covering his own face with his hands, his shoulders shaking slightly.

Milana didn't say anything, but she turned away slowly, now sitting with her back to him.

"Petite-" Remy choked on the word as he pulled himself up to his knees, tears flowing down his face now. "Petite, I-"

"What?" Milana said, so softly Remy barely heard it. He stopped abruptly, then, still trembling, got to his feet and fled the room, grabbing his coat as he ran out the apartment and still shaking and crying started up his motorcycle and tore away.

He had hurt his Lan, how? He loved her more than anything- how could he have hit her, made her cry?

The bike stopped in front of the usual location, but just before Remy got off he stopped and stared at the neon bar sign, a thought suddenly hitting him.

The booze, and the drugs. That was why.

And suddenly Remy knew that if he could pull himself together, maybe, just maybe he could apologize to Milana, and let her know that he truly meant it.

Remy started his bike up again.

A little while later the secretary at the New York Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinic got a very scruffy man in nothing but a brown overcoat and boxers stumbling up to her desk, tear streaks running down his face and red on black eyes looking hollow and dulled. The secretary sighed and handed him some forms to fill out, not even needing to say anything as she bent down to the lost and found, finding a shirt and pair of pants that looked close enough to the tall man's size.

When she got up a doctor had also found the man.

"Remy... LeBeau," he said, looking at the name the man had put down and giving him the clothes the secretary had handed him.

"I need help," Remy said in a small, pained voice. The gray-haired doctor smiled at him reassuringly, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"You've come to the right place, Remy," he said. "Will you be staying with us?" Remy nodded miserably.

"But I have t' go tell my chere-" he said softly, black and red eyes searching the doctor as if for permission. "I have t' tell her I'se getting better...."

"Of course, just finish filling out the forms," the doctor said reassuringly. "Then put on these clothes- it's freezing out there and you'll be pulled over for public indecency."

"Yeah," Remy said, shoulders sagging as he bent back over the forms, his hand trembling. After he had finally finished the doctor pointed him to the bathrooms and watched him leave, looking at the secretary and sighing.

"He was hung over, Jen," he said, and the secretary nodded.

"Even I could tell that," she said. "He probably did something real bad to come in here himself."

"It will be easier for him though, if he has the motivation to come in here himself," he said, nodding. "Page me if he hasn't returned in an hour."

- - -

Milana raised the strap of her small black bag a little, then looked around her old home one last time, making sure she had taken everything she absolutely needed to.

Her heart ached, mainly because though she desperately wanted to believe Remy was someplace other than the bar, she couldn't let herself. That's why she had stayed here this long.

She had thought she might have meant a little more to him... but she guessed not now. She had made up her mind right after Remy had left, and now she was leaving too, only a small note on her pillow saying her last goodbyes to Remy, even though he'd probably read it while drunk or high and then loose it and forget what it had said when he sobered.

But she wasn't going to deal with that anymore.

The last thing she did before slipping down to the street and calling over a taxi was lock the front door and slide the key through the mail box, switching on her image inducer as she walked down to the street and not noticing the list of flight information that had fallen out of her purse.

As she got in a taxi she looked out the front windshield and directed the driver to the airport.

"You ok lady?" the driver asked, seeing the bruise on her cheek.

"That's none of your business," she sighed.

"Right," the driver said, pulling away. Milana didn't allow herself to look back.

- - -

"Petite!" Remy struggled with the door for a moment before finally managing to open it, leaving it open as he ran down the hall to her room, but a quick glance told him she wasn't in there.

"Lan!" he shouted again, searching the entire apartment quickly, then looking around wildly. Where was she?

The clock in the kitchen showed 10:22, she'd be at her morning job by now. Remy had never seen Milana miss a day of work, so he ran to the phone and quickly dialed the number.

"Hello, Rally's Dinner, how may I-"

"Quick, is Milana dere?" Remy broke of the woman's voice.

"Milana?" the girl sounded confused for a moment.

"Milana Wagner," Remy said. "It's urgent, please!"

"Oh yeah, Milly," the girl said. "No, I'm sorry, she hasn't come in yet, I think she called in sick or something."

"Not dere?" Remy said numbly.

"No, I'm sorry."

"Hey Remy," said a voice from the door. Remy looked up to see the next door neighbor and friend, Jackie, smiling at him and holding up a silver key. "Dumb move man, leaving your door wide open and your key on the floor."

"T'anks," Remy said as Jackie walked in and handed him the key. Remy opened his own palm, but already found a key there. Confused he looked down at it, seeing a scratch that he had caused on the key in his hand, but the other in perfect condition. There were only two keys to the apartment... this had to be Milana's.

"What?" he said, snatching the key. There had to be some mistake, Milana never left her key just lying around.

"Hey, is this Remy?" said the girl on the phone.

"Yeah," Remy said distractedly.

"Oh," the girl said. "Do you know what's been wrong with Milly lately? She hasn't been herself, it's just like when she was going out with that creep Jacob." Remy slammed the phone down, his insides plummeting. He had hit Milana, just like Jacob had, and now her key was lying on the floor by the door?

"You ok man?" Jackie asked, his eyes narrowed in concern. "You haven't been looking too good lately.... where's Milana?" Remy just shook his head, then turned and went back to her room, looking around quickly and spotting a piece of paper on her pillow. With trembling hands he picked it up and opened it, but his hands were shaking too much for him to read.

"Let me see that," Jackie said, seeing the problem and taking the paper and reading aloud. "Remy, I'm sorry it's come to this, but I'm leaving. I hope you-" Jackie stopped and looked up as Remy gasped, both keys falling out of his hands.

"What?" he said. Jackie took a deep breath, his dark eyes clouding over with confusion and worry.

"-I hope you get better soon. Love, Milana," he finished, his voice trailing off. He looked up just as Remy fell back on the bed, his mouth dropped open.

"No," he whispered. "No- dat can't be- no!" He felt his heart race as he realized what had happened, Milana had left. jumping up he yanked open her closet door, searching for her bag but not finding it, and some of Milana's clothes hangers were empty, even though laundry had been done yesterday.

"Remy- when did you leave the house last, was Milana up?" Jackie asked. Remy turned to his dark skinned friend.

"I left- I left 'round ten to ten," he said in a flat voice. "She wasn't up yet...."

"Grab your key, I'll drive you to the airport," Jackie said immediately. Remy looked up at him as he held out his hand. "Come on, Rem, whatever happened between you and Milana- she doesn't want to leave, and you at least have to try to find her." Remy nodded, then jumped up, and the two men ran out of the apartment.

- - -

"A one-way ticket," Milana said to the assistant behind the desk wearily, handing over her VISA card.

"Where to?" the woman asked.

"Where's the furthest place away?" she asked.

"Oh hun, you running away from something?" the woman said kindly. Milana nodded. "Well, how does California sound?"

"Alright," Milana sighed. "Just, wherever's far away I guess."

"Got that," the woman smiled at her, then handed her a ticket. "You'll be at Gate 227-B, your flight leaves in forty-five minutes."

"Thanks," Milana said, taking her credit card back and putting it in her purse she made her way out of the line and into the surging crowd in the middle of the airport.

She ran her fingers through her short hair as she walked, sighing and fingering her phone. Should she call the mansion before she left?

There was the risk that they'd ask her to just stay with them, but Milana didn't want to; Remy would know where she was and she didn't want him to know, she never wanted to see him again, because he'd shattered her heart when he'd hit her.

She looked down at her ticket and then put it in her purse. One ticket to California, one ticket away from Remy LeBeau. She'd call her father when she got on the plane.

- - -

Remy held on to the seat as Jackie drove at a reckless pace, swerving to avoid cars and getting honked at by angry drivers.

"Why would Milana just leave?" Jackie asked, looking at him out of the corner of his eye. "She's never done anything like that before."

"I hit her," Remy said miserably, and Jackie lapsed into silence, clearly waiting for an explanation. "I'se got drunk- den I hit her, I don't even know it 'till dis morning."

"And then you left," Jackie said, looking at the road ahead of him and nodded.

"I went t' de bar, but I couldn't even go in," he said. "So I'se headed over to de clinic t' check in- an' when I come back t' tell Lan de news, she was gone."

"You checked yourself into a clinic?" Jackie said, looking over at him. "That takes guts man, almost nobody checks themselves in anymore, they're dragged in kicking and screaming."

"I love Milana," Remy said, closing his eyes.

"Yeah, then we'll find her, I promise," Jackie said handing Remy his cell phone. "Call the clinic, let them know that you have to find someone at an airport but will be in later, or they'll send someone looking for you and assume you ran away from them." Remy looked at Jackie, and the man smiled. "You're not the only one who's ever checked himself into a clinic and then gotten sidetracked," he said.

"Yeah," Remy said.

At the airport Jackie swerved into a parking space, looking at Remy. "Go in," he instructed. "And go to the information booth, they'll tell you if she's still here."

"What if dis is de wrong airport?" Remy asked. Jackie held up an airport flyer.

"Found this outside your door," he said. "I think Milana dropped it. Now hurry, you don't have time to ask dumb questions!" Remy nodded and got out of the car, running into the terminal and pushing in front of a man in the information booth.

"Hey!" the guy said.

"Please," Remy begged the woman behind the counter, who was looking very shocked. "Please- did a girl named Milana Wagner get a plane t'day?"

"I'm sorry sir, you're going to have to wait in line," the woman said.

"No!" Remy said, hitting the counter with the flat of his palm. "I don't have de time- she could be leaving-"

"Let him go in front of me," the man Remy had shoved past said. The woman blinked, then sighed.

"Milana Wagner?" she repeated.

"Yeah," Remy said, looking at the stranger. The man smiled, his eyes twinkling.

"I've lost someone to these damn airport lines too," he said.

"Yes, right here- she has a ticket headed to LA, gate 227-B, leaves in ten minutes," the woman said.

"Ten minutes?!" Remy gasped.

"You still have time, boy, run!" the man laughed as Remy took off down the hall, dodging and pushing his way through the crowd, leaping clear over a man who had crouched down to tie his shoes.

"Flight 53, Delta, leaving for Los Angelos California now boarding, repeat, flight 53 is now boarding," said the booming voice overhead, like the voice of God, he thought, telling him he was going to loose the only thing worth anything in his life.

Sweat dripped down Remy's brow as he ran, following the blue and white signs proclaiming different numbers. At a security check he slowed down, and when the guards weren't looking he jumped over a gate to the side. Just as he thought he would get away he heard a shout and saw one or two of the guards start to run after him, but he ducked down into the crowd and continued to run, at last seeing the numbers 227-B ahead of him, and the last passenger about to get on.... a tall, fair skinned woman with dark blue pixie-cut hair and a small bag hanging off her shoulder - Milana.

"Lan!" Remy bellowed, running as fast as he could. "Lan! Wait!"

Milana had just been about to go down the long tunnel to the plane when she heard her name being shouted out. Pausing she turned and to her amazement saw a sweaty, panicked Remy barreling through the crowds and leaping over the rows of plastic seats towards her.

"Lan!" he shouted again, finally reaching her and

panting, half doubled over.

"Remy?!" Milana gasped, completely shocked.

"Lan- petite- please," Remy said, looking up fearfully. "Please- don't leave-"

"No," Milana said, shaking her head and turning to get on the plane when Remy caught her hand with both his own.

"Lan- I'se sorry, so sorry," he said, still trying to catch his breath. "I'se never meant to hurt you- but I'se fixing it now; no more drugs, no more gettin' drunk- none o' dat no more, I swear!"

"Remy, I can't," Milana chocked, her eyes filling with tears. She looked down. "You've said that before."

"Miss, are you boarding the plane?" the flight attendant asked, standing by the heavy door.

"Petite," Remy said softly, taking her head in his hands, rubbing his thumbs over both cheeks, even the black and blue bruise that showed up clearer with the image inducer taking away the fur.

"Miss?" the flight attendant said. Remy locked eyes with Milana.

"I made a mistake, a huge, terrible mistake. Let me fix it," he said. Milana looked down, then up again, a sad smile on her face. Thinking it meant she was going to stay Remy grinned and leaned forward to kiss her, but she mournfully put a hand up, stopping him.

"You made a mistake, I made a decision, let me go," she said in a hushed voice, turning.

"Petite?" Remy said, dumbfounded. "Petite!" the flight attendant began to shut the door as Milana walked down the hall, but suddenly Remy grabbed it and pushed it back, meaning to run after her when suddenly a hefty arm caught him around the middle.

"No!" Remy bellowed, struggling madly as more hands grabbed him- the security had at last caught up.

"Let go! Milana! Milana!" Remy yelled, fighting the guards off as he continued to scream.

Milana walked on, finding the flight attendant waiting for her, eyebrows raised as the airport guards and Remy's shouts followed the young woman onto the plane.

As Milana sat in her seat towards the back she burst into tears.