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Ice Lynx


"Remy?!" Milana gasped, staring at the man in her doorway. Remy ran a hand through his hair and nodded.

"Yeah. Sorry 'bout commin' so early, but I'se smell you cookin' inside so I t'ought-"

"Milana? Someone at the door?" Miguel called from the bedroom. Milana and Remy both jumped, and Remy's jaw dropped when Miguel, buckling a pair of shorts, walked and grinned at Milana, who seemed to be hanging off the door for support now.

"Hey, who's this?" he asked, putting and arm around Milana's waist.

"This?" Milana squeaked, earning an arched eyebrow. Remy was still staring at Miguel in shock, looking from him to Milana to his arm around Milana's waist, then back at him.

"This- this is- I mean," Milana sputtered. Miguel


"This is your other boyfriend?" he guessed.

"No!" Milana said immediately, and Remy jerked as if she had slapped him. "No- this is- he's Remy. Remy LeBeau...."

"Oh, Remy?" Miguel said, looking at Remy and eyeing him up and down. "So this is the famous LeBeau from New York?"

"Kinda," Milana said in a tiny voice. Miguel nodded, then took a step forward and offered his hand. Numbly Remy raised his hand.

"Hey Remy, it's nice to meet you at last," Miguel said earnestly, shaking it. "My name's Miguel."

"Hey," Remy choked out.

Milana stared at the floor, desperately wishing it would swallow her.

"So... this is a... surprise," Miguel said, looking from Remy to Milana.

"I didn't know he was coming," Milana said in a low voice, looking up. Miguel chuckled.

"That was obvious, flower," he whispered. Then he sniffed the air. "Were you making eggs? Something's burning." He turned around, and when Milana saw black smoke she gasped, but Miguel was already hurrying over.

"Don't worry, I've got it," he called. "You talk with Remy, Mil, he looks like he has something to say." He flashed Milana a grin, then coughed. "Maybe outside, this place is smoky now; I'm going to open a few windows."

Milana sighed, still looking at the floor as she walked out to the open walkway outside her second story apartment, not looking at Remy as he stayed by the doorway.

"Petite-" Remy said in a hushed voice.

"Why did you come?" Milana said, leaning on the railing. "Remy, you know what-"

"I had t' come," Remy gasped, spinning around. Milana didn't look at him, but he continued anyway. "Lan- Remy made de biggest mistake o' my life when I'se gettin' into de drugs- I'se never meant to hurt you, ever, but I see now, all I was doin' was hurtin' you!" Remy spread his hands out as he spoke, then dropped them, looking down at himself. "An' after I realized dat... Lan... I wanted t' die."

"Remy," Milana shook her head, eyes closed tight, but Remy put a hand on her shoulder and gently turned her around, making her look at him. To her shock she found his eyes were full of tears as well, and when he spoke he chocked on his words, taking deep breaths to try and calm down.

"For a while I was bad," he said, stroking her cheek gently. "Petite- I overdosed, I didn't eat- I was tryin' t' kill myself, 'cause I t'ought I had already died-"

"Remy, no," Milana whispered shakily, pushing his hand


"Please, jus' listen," Remy begged, backing away a step. "Petite- when you left, I had checked int' a rehab clinic, after I hurt you- but I couldn't go after. I tried t' forget everyt'in, but I couldn't. Den your pa an' Jackie started lookin' after me, an dey got me t' go back t' de clinic, dey made me see how much I hurt you, and dat I couldn't ever 'pologize unless I was worthy o' 'pologizin'.

"But I ain't," Remy started to sob all at once, falling to his knees he looked up at Milana. "I ain't worthy o' talkin' t' you chere- I ain't worthy o' takin' your time away from a guy who prob'ly is everythin' you need- but I need t' tell you how sorry... I need t' tell you how much it aches, knowin' dat I hurt my Lan, an' drove her away, even when all she ever did was love me, an' take care o' me, and put up wit me. So I'se sorry, petite, more den I could ever tell you, I'se sorry. An' if I got clean only t' 'pologize, an' let you know- den dat's jus' one more way you helped me an' saved my life." Remy stopped and looked like he had deflated, waiting for a reaction.

"Remy," Milana said, trembling. She bent down and put a hand up to his cheek, tears running down her own face. Remy looked at her, and then her hands dropped.

"I... I can't," she said, looking away. "Remy- everything's so messed up, I live here now, not in New York. And there's Miguel, you probably hate him already, but he's one of the sweetest men I know, and he's good to me-"

"Den I don't hate him, I couldn't," Remy said, shaking his head. "He gives you what you deserve petite, I could never hate him for dat."

"-And I have a new job, and this great apartment, I just can't leave everything!"

"Nah," Remy said, shaking his head and slumping down. "Nah, dat's only when you wit me..."

"Remy," Milana groaned.

"No!" Remy said, throwing up his hands. He got to his feet quickly, leaving Milana kneeling as he turned away. "Non," he said softer. "You- you're happy, petite, I see dat- no, Lan, you should be happy. A girl like you deserves a guy who can treat her right- I need t' see dat... I do see dat."

"It-" Milana got to her feet and put a hand on his shoulder, and she could feel him go rigid under his touch. "Up until the last bit... that was one of the happiest times in my life," she said. Remy shuddered.

"Lan, I'm- I'm glad you found dis guy," he said. "I t'ink you be happy wit him, I- I'm sorry."

"Me too," Milana said, and Remy broke away immediately, hurriedly walking away and disappearing down the stairs.

"Good news, I saved the apartment from burning down," Miguel said, coming out of the apartment door. "Bad news, couldn't save the fireball special." He paused and sighed when he saw Milana holding one of the columns in the rail, watching Remy walk out of the front entrance.

"Hey," he said softly putting both arms around her. She subconsciously turned and buried her head in his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her.

"He's gone," she whispered. Miguel was silent for a moment, then sighed.

"You know what I first thought of you, when I saw you at the bar throwing your phone away?" he asked. Milana shook her head and he smiled. "I thought, why would such a beautiful girl be so upset, on a day like today? And I thought to myself, she looks like someone who's heart had been broken. And you know me, I'm a sucker for a pretty face....

"The thing is, flower, I know you still love him, and he obviously loves you...." Milana pulled away, looking up at him.

"What?" she said. Miguel smiled and wiped away her tears gently, stroking her cheek.

"You are one of the most wonderful girl I've ever met, Millie, and I love you to death, but it's kind of obvious you've never taken your heart back from Cajun Man," he said gently.

"No!" Milana gasped, shaking her head. "No, it's not like that-"

"Milana, please don't even try to deny it, Miguel said softly, still smiling.

Another tear tumbled down her cheek.

"But- but I can't!" she cried. "I have a life here, a home-"

"You had one back in New York too," Miguel said gently. "And I think you miss it, and you miss Remy, I know. You talk about him in your sleep Millie. All I'm saying is, if you truly love him, and think that it's best for you, I'd hurry to catch up with him."

"But it's not fair to you-" Milana said softly.

"Hey flower, love and life are never fair, but just this once I think it's fair to everyone," Miguel said, winking at her. "I never told you about my other girlfriends."

"Ha!" Milana said, lightly smacking his chest. "You? I don't know how you even got me."

"Ooh, she's killed me," Miguel groaned. "But seriously, I'm lucky! I got to meet you, and we can still keep in touch. Hey, I know, I'll crash at your place when I'm in New York this winter." Milana laughed.

"Fine then," she said.

"Now hurry, or you'll loose him!" Miguel said. Milana turned when he caught her. "But don't forget this. In California you can pull off a bra and boxer shorts, but fur is out of season."

Milana looked down as he slid her image inducer on her wrist, and notice a small silver heart hanging off the links near the clasp. She looked up and laughed again, giving him a firm peck on the mouth before he waved her off, handing her purse to her.

"Go!" he said, and without thinking twice Milana leapt over the railing, landing on all fours and sprinting off.

"Yeah, like that fast!" Miguel said, laughing. Then he sighed and looked up at the bright sky. "Yup, all clear," he muttered before turning and going back inside.


"Remy!" Milana called, running through the streets as fast as she could, ignoring the odd looks she got for her outfit, seeing the tall brown quarry ahead of her, still a block up.

Suddenly she stopped, seeing him hesitate, and when she looked at the store he was in front of she saw it was a bar. For a moment her heart constricted in a panic, but a split second later Remy started walking again, having hardly looked at the pub for a second.

Relief and joy coursed through Milana's body as she took off again, shouting out his name.

Either he didn't hear her due to the traffic noise or didn't want to hear her, but Milana only got a response when she was about ten feet away from him, giving one last cry of "Remy!" as she stumbled. Remy turned around, eyes widening as an off-balance Milana flew into his arms and wrapped her legs around his middle as he almost fell over backwards.

"What?" he cried. "Petite?!"

"Remy," Milana said, breathless. She grinned at him. "I forgot to tell you!"

"Tell me what?" Remy said, confused.

"Tell you I love you," Milana laughed, kissing Remy as firmly as she could. Remy was caught off guard for a second, then returned the kiss eagerly. When they finally broke away Remy looked confused.

"But chere- what about Miguel? An your life here?" he said. Milana shrugged, her arms wrapped around his neck.

"Miguel told me to do what felt right, and he's still speaking to me, and I want to go home," she said softly. Then she hugged him tightly, closing her eyes as she smiled. "Oh Rem, I've missed you!"

"An' I missed you petite," Remy replied, giving her another kiss on the side of the head before hugging her tightly again. "Lan, Remy missed you so much!"

"Not anymore," Milana said. Her forehead on one cheek and hand on the other. Suddenly she felt Remy set her down and sling off his coat, putting it around her shoulders.

"Remy don't want any baddies gettin' t' see anyt'in," he said, winking, and Milana laughed as she put her hands through the sleeves, then held onto Remy again, her head against his chest.

Suddenly they both heard a ringing and Milana reached into her purse as Remy reached into his coat pocket, using the moment he was a fraction of an inch away from Milana again to give her another kiss.

"C'mon Rem," she giggled, pushing him away playfully and looking at her phone.

"Oh, it's yours," Remy said, feigning innocence. Milana rolled her eyes and answered the phone.

"Oh, dad," she said.

"Milana," Kurt said, sounding breathless on the other end. "I- I told zem I vould not tell, but Remy's coming to see you."

"What?" Milana said, arching an eyebrow.

"Remy, got ze address of vere your new home is," Kurt said, sighing. "Ve didn't mean him to get it, but he's missing now and ve think he's flying out zere to meet you. Jackie thought ve should vait it out, but I thought I should at least varn you, in case you didn't vant-"

"Dad? Are you saying Remy is flying out here to meet me?" Milana gasped, looking up at Remy, who chuckled. "And he stole the money to get the plane tickets?"

"Hey- I didn't!" Remy scowled.

"No- I never said zat-" Kurt said.

"And he hijacked a plane?" She gasped, then glared at Remy, mouthing "I thought you were better than that" and suppressing her laugh.

"Milana, are you hearing things?" Kurt asked worriedly.

"What is he saying now?!" Remy cried. "I'se not doing any o' dose t'ings, Lan, I swear!" Milana burst out laughing much to the confusion of both men listening to her, and finally she fell backwards, Remy catching her.

"Yeah dad, I heard about Remy actually," she said, still laughing. "You called about half an hour too late."

"Zen vot is so funny?" Kurt asked, confused.

"Here, let me put you on with my new boyfriend, he can explain," Milana said, holding the phone above her head. Remy took it as he kneeled down, Milana contently resting in his lap.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hello?" Kurt said on the other end. There was a moment of confused silence.

"Who is zis?" Kurt said at last.

"Remy," Remy said.

"Vot?" Kurt gasped. "Zen you two-?"

"Oui," Remy said, beaming as he held Milana with one arm.

"Vonderful!" Kurt exclaimed. "See? I told you-"

"Why did you tell de petite I stole money and a plane t' get here?" Remy interrupted.

"Vot?" Milana stifled a giggle as Remy looked down.

"What you told de petite-"

"I never said zat, she vos talking on her own!" Kurt said.

"Really?" Remy arched an eyebrow and looked down at Milana, who shrugged. A second later she jumped up, squealing, as Remy tickled her, then chased her down the street, both laughing as Kurt shouted to know what was going on.