NOTE: If you have not yet read "What lies beyond, I highly suggest that you do so, it will help you to understand the story be

NOTE: If you have not yet read "What Lies Beyond", I highly suggest that you do so, it will help you to understand the story better.

It has been a few days since the defeat of Zainex and the Xiatronians, and all has been peaceful on the planet Demicron, except for one thing. The stranded Autobot warrior, Jazz, has been haunted by Zainex's last words ever since they were spoken and has not been his normal, fun loving self. Seeing him like this has worried his fellow Autobot Cliffjumper, as well as his Demicronian friends.

"It's strange," Starlight, leader of the Starions, began, "We won, why is he acting like this?"

"I don't know," Cliffjumper replied, "All the years I've known him, fought alongside him, he's never been like this…"

"Maybe," Nightwatch, the Demicronian medic, began, "He is just haunted by a sight or sound he beheld in the battle. A lot of beings after they've returned from battle. Maybe all we need to do is talk to him."

"Sounds like a plan, doc," Cliffjumper said, "Let's do it!" Cliffjumper, Nightwatch and Starlight walked towards Jazz's quarters, but when they get there, they find no signs of Jazz.

"Something's not right here," Cliffjumper began worryingly, "It's not like Jazz to leave without saying anything!"

"Don't worry, Cliffjumper," Nightwatch said, "If Jazz is anywhere on this planet, we'll find him in no time at all."

"How can you be so confident?" Cliffjumper asked.

"Simple," Nightwatch replied, "We've got the greatest tracker in the entire Xiatronian system! Starlight, please get Searchscope for me."

"Yes, Doctor Nightwatch!" Starlight replied before running off.

"Searchscope?" Cliffjumper asked, "Who's that?"

"Searchscope is Demicron's greatest tracker," Nightwatch began, "He can spot a spec of metallic dust from a thousand miles away."

"C'mon now, doc," Cliffjumper said, "I doubt anyone is that good."

"Maybe you doubt now," a voice from behind said, "But just wait 'till you see what I can do!"

"Ah, welcome Searchscope," Nightwatch said, "Cliffjumper, allow me to introduce Searchscope."

"Charmed," Cliffjumper said, "I hear you're the absolute best at what you do."

"You got that right, bub!" Searchscope said, "So, What job did you all dig up for me today?"

"Well, Searchscope," Nightwatch began, "I need you to go with Starlight and Cliffjumper to find Jazz."

"No prob, doc!" Searchscope said, "I'll find this Jazz guy in a heartbeat!"

"Well, if you want to find him in a heartbeat," Cliffjumper said, "You'd better stop running your mouth so we can get to it."

Searchscope gave Cliffjumper a dirty look before turning to Nightwatch. "Well," he said, "I guess we should get out of here then." Searchscope and Starlight ran out while Cliffjumper remained with Nightwatch.

"He certainly is full of himself," Cliffjumper said, "How are you guys able to put up with that egomaniac?"

"You don't like him that much, do you?" Nightwatch asked.'

"How'd you guess." Cliffjumper said in a sarcastic tone.

"Let's just say I've got a sixth sense on these things." Nightwatch said. After Nightwatch finished, Searchscope came back into the room.

"We gonna go now or what?!" Searchscope said in an impatient tone.

"Yeah," Cliffjumper began, "We're going." Nightwatch watched Cliffjumper and Searchscope run off, but distanced themselves from each other.

"I just hope those two can put aside their differences," Nightwatch thought to himself, "Because I think that this is only the beginning.

TIME: That very moment. PLACE: Xiatron. The Gravicons, a group of Xiatronian warriors, are searching for the body of Zainex, the now deceased Xiatronian ruler who was caught in an explosion while pursuing Jazz and Cliffjumper.

"Its no use," Zero-G, leader of the Gravicons, began, "Lord Zainex was probably melted into slag in this explosion."

"Maybe we can't find Lord Zainex," Compressor began, "But we can get the next best thing, look over there."

The rest of the Gravicons looked in the direction Compressor was pointing. They could see the body of Gravimus, Zainex's second in command who perished in a battle with Jazz.

"I guess he'll have to do," Zero-G said, "Lets get him to the repair bay." Zero-G transformed into a large space shuttle while the rest of the Gravicons loaded Gravimus' body into him and then took off.

TIME: A few moments earlier. PLACE: Demicron. Cliffjumper and Searchscope have just joined Starlight outside the medical center.

"Okay, guys," Starlight began, transforming into a giant jet, "Come on in and lets find Jazz."

"After you." Cliffjumper said sarcastically.

Searchscope glared at Cliffjumper for a few seconds before entering Starlight. He the transformed into a telescope and stationed himself by a window.

"You coming or not?!" Searchscope shouted. Cliffjumper mumbled something under his breath and entered Starlight, who promptly took to flight.

A few minutes pass. Cliffjumper is sitting in his seat, looking around while Searchscope continues the search.

"You find anything yet, Searchscope?" Starlight asked.

"Actually," Searchscope replied, "I believe I HAVE found something. Traveling southwest at high speeds on ground level."

"Let me see." Cliffjumper said.

"Be my guest." Searchscope said

Cliffjumper looked through Searchscope in the direction he previously stated. What he observed was a car speeding on the ground.

"That's him, Starlight." Cliffjumper said, "Take us there."

"No problem," Starlight said, "Here we go." Starlight then turned around and went in the direction Jazz was going.

TIME: a few hours later. PLACE: Xiatronian repair bay. The Gravicons stand with Fixxer, the Xiatronian repair specialist, who is currently working on the body of Gravimus.

"How's it going?" Zero-G asked.

"I'm finished, actually," Fixxer said, "All I have to do now is reactivate his circuits."

"Well stop telling us about it and do it!" Zero-G exclaimed.

"These things can't be rushed," Fixxer replied, "And now with a flip of the switch…" Fixxer flipped a switch to a piece of equipment near him. Sparks flew from Gravimus' body, and then Gravimus' hand rose, and ripped the wires from his body, He then arose.

"Welcome back, Lord Gravimus." Zero-G said.

"Silence!" Gravimus yelled, "I care not for what you have to say."

"My apologies, Lord Gravimus," Zero-G said, "We have reactivated you to lead us in the battle against the Demicronians."

"I don't care why you revived me!" Gravimus exclaimed, "I only care about one thing, the destruction of my arch enemy!"

"Who is that, Lord Gravimus?" Zero-G asked.

"JAZZ." Gravimus replied, clinching his fist.