The shot by Gravimus grazed Jazz on his right side. Jazz charged towards Gravimus, but Gravimus took one more shot, and this one hit dead center on Jazz's body. Jazz fell over and laid there motionless. Gravimus cracked an evil smile.

"Vengeance is mine at last!" Gravimus shouted as he walked back into his fortress, "Finally, Jazz has been destroyed!"

While Gravimus was celebrating, though, Jazz struggled up to his feet. "Hey Gravimus!" he shouted, "You couldn't kill me if I was already dead!"

"What!" Gravimus shouted as he turned around, "It can't be! My aim was perfect! You should be dead now!"

"I should, Gravimus," Jazz said as he ran towards Gravimus, "But guess what, I'M NOT!" Jazz put all the power he could muster up into a punch that caught Gravimus in the face. Upon the impact of the punch, Gravimus dropped his gun and the force of the punch threw him into the wall of the fortress. Gravimus brought himself back to his feet, and stood eye to eye with Jazz.

"I need no gun to destroy you, Jazz," Gravimus said as he lunged towards Jazz, "I will destroy you with my bare hands!"

Gravimus tackled Jazz to the ground. Gravimus began to choke Jazz, which he countered by kicking Gravimus off of him. Jazz once again struggled to get to his feet. "We've already done this, Gravimus," he began, "And if you can remember correctly, I came out the victor."

"You did," Gravimus replied, "But that was when you were healthy, now you have a major wound, one that might just kill you if you don't get it fixed, so I'd say that the odds are in my favor this time, Jazz!"

"He's right," Jazz thought to himself, "I can already feel myself getting weaker by the minute, and Gravimus is as strong and sure of himself as ever, I don't know how much longer I can last."

Meanwhile, a shuttle carrying Cliffjumper and Searchscope has just landed on Xiatron. Searchscope has transformed into his telescope mode and is looking for Jazz while Cliffjumper waits impatiently.

"Bingo!" Searchscope exclaimed, "I've found him!"

"Where is he?" Cliffjumper asked,

"Not far from here," Searchscope replied, "But there's more. Gravimus is with him, and his energy is fading fast, we have to get there now!"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Cliffjumper asked, transforming, "Let's roll!" Searchscope entered Cliffjumper and the both of them sped off.

TIME: That very moment. PLACE: Demicron. Graviator has reached the city and has begun his attack when the Starions arrive.

"We're late!" Doggstar shouted.

"But not TOO late!" Starlight replied, "Starions! Combine and form Starfire!"

At Starlight's command, the Starions combined into Starfire.

"I must stop Graviator before he destroys the city!" Starfire thought to himself as he ran towards Graviator. "Graviator, stop!" he yelled, "Come face me!"

"Oh, it's you." Graviator replied, "Well, I guess I can destroy this city after I destroy you!" The two colossal robots met and began to battle.

Meanwhile, in a Demicronian stronghold within the city, Nightwatch activates a computer console.

"I hope it doesn't come down to this," Nightwatch said as he activated the defense system, "If I have to attack Graviator with these missiles, not only would I destroy Graviator, there's a good chance I'll destroy both Starfire and this city!"

Back at the battle, however, things aren't going as Nightwatch had hoped. Graviator was dominating Starfire and had knocked him to the ground and continued his attack on the city.

"This is bad!" Starfire thought to himself, "Graviator will destroy the city, no, the whole planet if I don't stop him! I can't match up to his power, but I am smarter than he is! I've just got to think of a plan." Just then, Nightwatch contacted Starfire.

"Starfire!" Nightwatch shouted, "You've got to get away from here! I'm about to launch the missile barrage at Graviator."

"But that could destroy the whole entire city!" Starfire exclaimed.

"If the destruction of this city is the price we must pay to save the entire planet of Demicron, then so be it!" Nightwatch said, "Just get out of here!"

"I've got a better idea," Starfire began, "I'll lead him away from the city, THEN you can fire the missiles without destroying the city!"

"But you'll be destroyed!" Nightwatch exclaimed.

"Better me than the countless others living in that city," Starfire replied, "Besides, you can always make another Starfire!"

"I didn't think of that," Nightwatch said, "If you want it this way, then so be it. Just give the word, and I'll fire."

"Okay, Starfire out." Starfire replied, "Hey Graviator! I'm still in it! Let's finish this!"

"Alright," Graviator began, "Prepare to meet your doom, Starfire!" Graviator and Starfire began to battle, with Starfire stepping back and Graviator following.

"Where are you running to, coward?" Graviator asked.

"HERE!" Starfire shouted as he got Graviator into a full nelson headlock. "Nightwatch!" he shouted, "We're ready! Fire at will!"

"Firing!" Nightwatch shouted as he pressed the fire button. A barrage of missiles came out of the stronghold and raced towards both Starfire and Graviator. The missiles exploded when they hit their mark. "What happened to Starfire?" Nightwatch asked himself as he raced to get a sight of what happened. When all the smoke cleared, the body of Graviator was still standing, then it fell over. And standing there victorious was Starfire.

"We did it Nightwatch!" Starfire shouted as Nightwatch took a sigh of relief. "If only I knew how Jazz was doing against Gravimus." Nightwatch thought to himself.

TIME: A few moments earlier. PLACE: Xiatron. Jazz and Gravimus continue their stare down.

"This is it, Jazz," Gravimus said as he charged towards Jazz, "One of us will die today, and I'm going to make sure its you!"

"I can't prepare a proper defense for his attack!" Jazz thought to himself, "I'm to weak!" Gravimus tackled Jazz and the stood up.

"Come on, Jazz," Gravimus said, "Get up and let's finish this!"

"I can't get up." Jazz said, "I just don't have the energy."

"That's too bad, really." Gravimus said, "I was just getting started, too. Oh well, at least I'll enjoy ending your life!"

"Not so fast!" Cliffjumper exclaimed as he sped toward Gravimus and ran him down, "There's just one thing you forgot about, bucko…" Cliffjumper and Searchscope transformed into their robot modes.

"Us!" Searchscope said.

"You insolent fools!" Gravimus shouted as he grabbed both their throats and pushed them against the wall, "You will pay for your interference with your lives, and as you can see, vengeance against Jazz and Demicron is mine at long last, and you two will just be part of the body count!"

While Gravimus was busy with Cliffjumper and Searchscope, Jazz had used what little energy he had left to reach for Gravimus' gun and fire a shot, which hit Gravimus in the back. He released Cliffjumper and Searchscope as he collapsed.

"Jazz two, Gravimus zero!" he said after Gravimus collapsed, "How about a little help here, guys?"

"Sure thing, Jazz." Cliffjumper replied, "Let's go, Searchscope. We got to get him back to Doc Nightwatch so he can take care of that wound!" the two robots helped Jazz to his feet and helped him to the shuttle.

"N… Not yet, Jazz." Gravimus said as he brought himself to his feet and walked toward the shuttle, "I'm still alive, and I will destroy you!"

Cliffjumper and Searchscope put Jazz down on a cot to rest for the voyage back to Demicron. "All systems go." Searchscope said, "We're ready."

"Blast off!" Cliffjumper shouted as the shuttle took off. About midway through the trip, a wall blew open to reveal Gravimus.

"Guess who!" Gravimus shouted.

"Gravimus!" Jazz exclaimed.

"Exactly!" Gravimus replied, "Now Jazz, just sit there whilst I destroy your two friends here and I'll get to you eventually!"

"No way, Gravimus!" Jazz said as he struggled to his feet, "I'm going to end this once and for all, RIGHT NOW!"

"Jazz!" Cliffjumper shouted, "Let us handle him! Your way too weak!"

"I'm fine!" Jazz said, "Let's go, Gravimus, let's end this!"

"Gladly!" Gravimus replied as he lunged toward Jazz.

"This is bad!" Cliffjumper said, "Jazz is no match for him in his condition!"

"I've got an idea." Searchscope said as he pushed a button to open the door to the shuttle.

"What are you doing?" Cliffjumper asked, "Are you out of your mind?"

"Just watch!" Searchscope replied.

By this time, Gravimus had wrestled Jazz to the ground, and was preparing for the final blow. Jazz had spotted the open door, and decided to make a move.

"Farewell, Jazz," Gravimus began, "It's been fun."

"No it hasn't!" Jazz shouted as he kicked Gravimus off him and out the door;.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Gravimus shouted as the door to the shuttle closed.

"Well," Jazz said, lying on the floor, "It's finally over."

"Sit tight, Jazz," Cliffjumper said, "We're almost there."

TIME: One day later. PLACE: Demicronian shuttle bay. Jazz and Cliffjumper prepare a shuttle that they hope will lead them back to Cybertron.

"Are you sure you don't need us anymore?" Jazz asked.

"No, my friend," Nightwatch began, "We will be fine without you."

"That's right, Jazz," Starlight began, "We have Starfire now, and he's all the firepower we'll ever need."

"Besides," Nightwatch added, "We know you have your heart set on returning to Cybertron."

"Yeah, I know doc," Jazz said, "But I'm gonna miss this place, it's been great."

"Hey Searchscope," Cliffjumper said, "Sorry for being such an ass earlier, you're actually a pretty cool robot."

"I apologize too, Cliffjumper," Searchscope said as he shook Cliffjumper's hand, "And you're not that bad yourself."

"Here's the location of a small planet that holds all the records of this system," Nightwatch said, pointing out a planet on a map, "There maybe something on the location of Cybertron in these records. I hope they prove to be useful."

"Thanks doc," Jazz began, "Thanks everyone, for everything."

"Don't mention it." Nightwatch replied.

"Let's go, Cliffjumper." Jazz said.

"I'm ready!" Cliffjumper replied as he and Jazz entered the shuttle.

"Godspeed to you two!" Nightwatch said as the shuttle door closed.

"You ready, buddy?" Jazz asked.

"As I'll ever be, Jazz!" Cliffjumper said, "Ignition and…"

"HIT IT!" Jazz shouted as the shuttle took off.