Chapter 9

Music flowed melodically throughout the house. The steps of someone dancing can be heard from one particular room: the ballroom. The figure inside stopped, and decided to take a break.

'I didn't think I was that out of shape,' she thought to herself. She heard a soft knock, and shouted that the knocker can come in. The door opened, and in walked Gwen.

"Tea," she shouted. She threw her bow onto the floor, and gave her nanny a big hug. Tea scooped her up, giving her favorite girl a big hug.

"Hey sweetie. How was your lesson," Tea asked.

"It was ok. Tea, my fingers hurt," Gwen whined.

"Aww… I'm sorry. Let me kiss them for you." Tea grabbed Gwen's right hand, and kissed each individual finger.

"Better," she asked. Gwen nodded happily, and gave Tea another hug.

Four months have passed; Tea's time with the Kaiba family has been great. Gwen, unexpectedly, took up archery after Tea took her and her brother to a summer fall festival, where the family saw a bunch of archers dressed in traditional garb.

"Tea, are you done dancing," Gwen asked innocently. Tea nodded, and put the young girl down.

"Just let me take a shower, and then we can go and watch T.V." Gwen squealed with glee.

Seto entered the house, finding no lights on but the T.V. On the couch slept two of the most important women in his life. Smiling at the sight before him, he quietly took his trench coat and covered both Gwen and Tea. Hey, it was a Friday, where was the harm in letting them sleep on the sofa.

"Seto," whispered Tea. She opened up her eyes, and smiled at her boyfriend. Boyfriend; that still took some getting use to, calling Seto that.

"Sorry to wake you," he whispered back. Tea shook her head.

"It's ok. Guess we both fell asleep, huh?"

"Yeah. Here, let me get her." Tea picked the coat off of her body, and let Seto pick up his daughter. Walking up the stairs in darkness wasn't a good idea, as they both found out. Seto nearly tripped, and Tea nearly tripped him.

"Sorry," whispered Tea.

With Gwen placed into her bed, Tea said goodnight to Seto, and was off to bed herself.

A.N: Wow, almost a year and I didn't update. Don't worry, I'm not dead. Just have major writers block. I promised that I was going to write and update after my Model Congress last year, but the trutht is is that I got way to busy for my liking. Good thing this year, is that I'm done with college apps and have more free time. Bad news, is that I'm having some major writer's block. I dunno what kind of conflict to bring into this. Having Tea or the kids kidnapped is too cliche. Gimme ideas, and I'll see what'll happen. I already have an idea for the sequal to this, but I'm gonna try to finish this first. Ciao.