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AN: cute, little story about when Beka is pregnant-nothing else.

Ice Cream

It was near midnight, Beka rolled over, tired of lying on her back.

She was six months pregnant. She still remembered the crew's reactions to her announcement: she was going to have Telemachus Rhade's child. Harper burst into fits of hysterical laughter and had to be carried off to the Med Deck, he still had spontanious fits of giggles whenever he saw the two of them together.

"Aw, I thought so," Rommie said in glee.

Rhade turned his shining face to Dylan, "Well?"

Dylan snapped out of his thoughts, "Oh, uhm, I'll get back to you Rhade."

Telemachus shrugged, slightly disappointed at the captain's reaction, and lead Beka back to her quarters…

Now, Beka was lying next to the father of her child, a girl-Trance had told her earlier that week.

Suddenly, Beka had an unexplainable urge for ice cream. She felt like she'd starve if she didn't get some!

The first officer rolled over and shook Rhade lightly.

"Telemachus," Beka whispered, "Telemachus, I need you to go get me some ice cream."

Rhade groaned and rolled over.

"Rhade, really, I need some ice cream!" she hissed.

"Fine, in the morning," mumbled/groaned/yawned Rhade.

"No, if I'm gonna carry our kid, then you're gonna get me ice cream," Beka said hotly.

"Okay, okay, don't get all huffy at me," said Rhade as he got up slowly. He kissed her lightly and then stumbled out of their quarters.

He walked into the mess hall and pushed the button of the auto chef.

"Ice cream?" asked the hologram of Andromeda.

"Yeah," Rhade mumbled.

"What flavor does Beka want, Rhade?" she asked bluntly.

'Good question!' he thought. "Uhm…vanilla," he replied uncertainly.

"The cravings are only going to get more and more bizarre. Some women have even wanted fried eggs with dill pickles," the ship stated.

"Hooray!" the Nietzschean said sarcastically. He took the bowl of ice cream and briskly walked back to his quarters.

He saw Beka sitting up in bed, waiting for him, no doubt.

"Good, you got it," she said happily.

"Yes," Rhade said as he handed her the bowl.

"Oh, I wanted chocolate, with crackers," she said, somewhat depressed.

"Okay, I'll go get some, but-with crackers?" Telemachus asked, raising and eyebrow.

"Yes, crackers," finished Beka.

Rhade took the bowl and after giving Beka an amused look, he left.

'He'll be such a good father,' thought Beka. 'Now what are some good girl names?'


Rommie's hologram raised an eyebrow. "Chocolate ice cream and crackers?"

Telemachus shrugged helplessly.

Harper pushed the door aside, upon seeing Rhade and the hologram, freezes.

"What's this? A Harper-hating party?" he asked, somewhat suspiciously.

"No, Rhade was just getting something for Beka," Andromeda replied calmly.

"Ah, good, because I don't intend on getting ousted," said Harper, pressing the button for cocoa. "Speaking of the old girl, how is she? Nuts? She's gotta be-she fell in love with a Nietzschean!"

"It's bad karma to insult a pregnant woman who is desperate for ice cream," announced Beka as she ambled into the officers' mess. Rhade handed her the bowl.

"Ugh! Boss, I knew you liked weird things-heck, you let Rhade get you pregnant! But-chocolate ice cream with crackers?!"