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The silent presence of the Stargate painted a peaceful canvas over the control room. A hushed, yet chatty group of technicians milled around diligently at the twilight hour, doing work on the computers, the Dialer and route-plotting on the glistening glass map at the rear of the room. Walter watched the techs as they milled about, and longed for something to occupy his mind. But his job wasn't as exciting. So he continued to wait for SG-11's check-in, his hand trembling over the palm scanner…just in case.

He could feel the nervous energy of Sgt Mackenzie, sitting in the adjacent chair. The younger man rubbed his hands together in expectation of the team, but his enthusiasm was wasted on Walter, who wanted nothing more than a coffee.

Mackenzie wheeled his chair over to Walter's and was ready to speak. But Walter pre-empted him.

"Can you get me a coffee Kenzo?"

Mackenzie hated the name 'Kenzo' but it's use provided the just response, as he left his seat and headed in the direction of the commissary.

Walter sighed, leaning back in his chair, revelling in a spare moment to rest his eyes and his brain.

The sound of sliding metal interrupted the moment, and Walter's eyes flickered open. SG-11 was coming in, and very prompt too - a whole five minutes early.

The Klaxon started a moment later, and Walter waited diligently for the 'gate to finish it's 'journey' and simply confirmed SG-11's IDC as he received the signal. A moment later, the silver sheen of the iris was replaced by the shimmer of the event horizon.

As if on cue, Landry appeared from the stairwell.

"Is it '11 Walter?"

"Yes sir."

"Where's Mackenzie?"

"Getting my coffee."

Walter never turned round, but could sense the smile forming on his CO's lips.

Landry leaned in closer, before whispering "Is ol' Kenzo getting that bad?"

Walter simply chuckled.

Momentarily, SG-11 stepped through in their dress uniforms, flanking none other than President Henry Hayes.

"Wasn't he due back with SG-1 and the diplomatic Corps?" Landry inquired.

"Yes sir."

"He can't be that interested in playing poker with Jack!"

The gate shut down, and SG-11 quickly departed the gate room, obviously to give Hayes space to talk to Landry.

"C'mon Walter."

As always, the General's assistant was required to accompany Landry.

Seconds later, Landry and Walter reached the Gate Room.

"Mr President sir. How goes the brokering?"

Hayes for his part returned his quirky grin. "Done and dusted my friend. The Ghatrians are more than willing to forge and alliance with us, and to share their weapons technology. But we did hit one 'sticking point' so to speak. They want an alliance with the whole planet…everyone."

Was Walter hearing right?

"Mr President?" Landry said, unsure of his own interpretation of Hayes' words.

"From this day on, we have a timetable to disclosure. We're going public."