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Uh…hi. This is my first Xiaolin Showdown fic, and I don't know a whole lot about the series, so I'm sorry if a lot of the facts are screwed up and everyone is out of character. I've just recently become obsessed with it, and haven't seen a lot of the first season episodes. Needless to say, I have no idea when in the storyline this is taking place, and I have no idea about the who-has-what-Shen-Gong-Wu…but, Rai's not here… This is a mainly Jack fic, so the other characters only appear in this chapter and then at the very end. I'm sorry, Rai fans, but Rai probably won't be appearing in the story at all. Unless I stick him in somewhere in the end. I don't know if they've been to Paris already. I would guess that they have, but… I wanted a chance to show off my French skills. The translations for the French dialogue are at the bottom. Also, I'm sorry for the lame-o maze showdown and the random scientist in Paris; I really couldn't think of anything! I promise, the better stuff is on the way!

These are a few clarifying explanations for "The Mighty Prologue of Doom" in case you get confused. The first section is pretty straightforward, the second is Jack's father talking and Jack "thinking" back to him, and the third is Jack thinking and talking to himself, except for the last line, which is actually Wuya. This will all make sense shortly!

Words in italics- stressed words, thinking, sound effects, or non-English words

WORDS IN ALL CAPS- loud yelling

Oh, and one more important thing! NO FLAMES! Please…I'm sensitive…


The Mighty Prologue of Doom!

....Okay, so there really is nothing mighty or um…doom-y about this prologue. I just like to make it snazzy…


"The coat of arms, you see, symbolizes our legacy of devotion to the exciting and adventurous! We are the ones that make the planet the wonderful place it is today; we are the ones that most people recognize! And one day… Well… Without…"

The small redheaded boy awoke from his afternoon nap as his father trailed off from his heritage story. This was highly unusual, as normally Mr. Spicer could go on for hours about the family's glorious past, and how their ancestors nearly conquered the planet. This was something new, to hear him stuttering uneasily like this.

"I have no doubt in my mind that… I'm sorry to have to… I hope it won't…" Finally, the tall, imposing man took a deep breath and started over again for the seventh time. "I was very foolish when I was young. Quite so. And, unfortunately, you shall pay the consequences."

The boy blinked, confusedly at his father. "What are you talking about? I didn't do anything, Dad!"

"No, I know you didn't. You mustn't blame yourself for this; never blame yourself for it…" Now, the boy rubbed his eyes open and stared at the man with renewed interest. Was there something strange about him…?

"You remember, of course, my stories of the great battles between our family and the other, powerful leaders of the temple…" The boy nodded, dully. He was sick of these stories, since they'd been told to him numerous times, as far back as he could remember.

Yes, the ancient family, with the aid of a powerful sorceress, had rose to improve the world by bringing it under their control. Once it was theirs, they planned to fix everything wrong with it, and the world could become even more "exciting and wonderful" enriched by the "spice of life." But before that could happen, a group of people, two men and two women, headed by the mysterious kung-fu leader and the last living dragon, rose up in defense of the filthy Earth. At least according to Mr. Spicer, this was how it went. There were many brutal battles between the two sides, and they had been winning, but then, the other leader successfully captured their most valuable ally, and it all went downhill from there. Despite their terrible failures in ancient times, the family was still quite prominent now, living in an ornate mansion in China.

But, the boy reasoned, these ancient battles and stories, if true at all, had nothing to do with him. These were things that had happened 1500 years ago… before people even drove cars, worked on computers, or played video games! Somehow, he couldn't imagine a world without cars, computers, or video games. It must have been the most horrible, boring life!

"Well…as a result of my foolishness, you have the powers of both sides within you."

"What?!" the boy suddenly cried, springing from his perch on the tangy orange couch. "I have powers?! Mega-super-ultra-cool!"

"Now, calm down…" his father advised, catching his shoulder before he ran off to try to zap the neighbors. "You must never use your powers, even if you figure out how to use them. Those awful powers are the ones of our adversaries, and will one day destroy everything, reverting the world back to the way it used to be…

No! he suddenly realized. The worst consequences ever! A world without cars, computers, and video games!!! He put on his most determined face and saluted his father, stiffly. "Don't worry, Dad!" he cried. "I won't let that happen!!!"

"Good boy," Mr. Spicer replied, smiling slyly. "Now, John…" The boy's determined face drooped at these words. He hated being called "John". "There is only one time I will need you to use those powers. And if they are used in this action, I don't believe they will manifest. Still, you must be wary…"

"It's okay, Dad!" the boy cried again. "I won't use my powers! I can't use my powers…"



Neither are you.


Strange. Then why are you always trying to keep me from "straying"?


Depends on which "scores" you're talking about…

"I don't get it…are you trying to send us a message? Bah! Teenagers these days and their subtlety! Why when I was your age, I…"

I don't think you were ever my age.

"Ah, it doesn't mater…your aunt is coming soon. Get out of sight."

Out of sight, out of mind… I claim this basement as my own, and name it "Out of Sight".


"Why? Why is the world so messed up, Lady? Do you think it's because of the other side? Well, that's a stupid question, of course you do, but…"

I think I really am crazy. I'm talking to this thing as if it were alive. Well, it is… At least, it's supposed to be… Or maybe they're just trying to make me look like an idiot!

"Are you in there, Lady? Can you hear me? Yo!"

Did I really just say "yo"?

"Wake up, will ya? You're getting me into a lot of trouble. I suppose it doesn't matter to you, but… I'm on your side; I'm one of your own kind, remember? Well, you wouldn't know me… You might know my grandfather…my great-grandfather? My great-great-grandfather? My great-great-great-grandfather?"

Hmm, how many greats are there for 1500 years?

"Wait…I think I know…"

He said we were heralds of the wonderful new Earth enriched by the "spice of life"…

"It's because we lost. The world is in that "reversing" state or whatever… I know!"

It's not like it's impossible. Some other guys have nearly done it before, and in modern times, it would be much easier…

"Yes! If I ruled the world, it wouldn't be messed up anymore! That's what he was trying to tell me! It's my destiny! I could fix everything, and then everyone would finally respect me- the one and only Jack Spicer! Is that it, Lady? That's how it's connected, isn't it?"

"…Don't call me "Lady"…"


In an ancient temple, far, far away from that particular world on a hill, an elderly man in a Chinese priests' outfit stood on the steps of his ancient and sacred temple. He rolled out a long piece of parchment as a lizard-like animal slithered up onto his shoulder. "Once, when the forces of darkness sprang from the underground, five powerful warriors rose up against it, and using the power of the five sacred elements, fought to prevent that force from gaining control…"

Suddenly, the lizard screamed and gripped his head, as if something were trying to tear him apart. "No…no, it's happening…how could it?"

"Dojo?!" the man cried in alarm.

"One of them…one of them must have…" Before he could continue, Dojo slipped off the man's shoulder to the floor in a faint.

"No, Dojo!" he cried, kneeling next to the injured, minimized dragon. "You, Omi! Please find a suitable place for Dojo to recover…"

"Yes, Master Fung," the small, bald-headed child replied, rushing to the scene and scooping the slumped gecko-like lizard into his hands. He always wondered why his temple master kept a gecko with him wherever he went, but dared not question him to find out that it was a dragon.

Master Fung, knowing that the keeper dragon would be fine, turned back out to the landscape. What he had said…did that mean…? Whatever it meant, he felt it in the air. Some powerful force was at work here, and perhaps the elemental warriors would rise once again in its opposition. And thus begins the Great Xiaolin Showdown…called by many others the Great Blind Showdown…for reasons yet unknown…


Chapter 1: The Soul Scepter- the World Creator

"The Soul Scepter," the old temple leader spoke up, once again reading from a magical scroll. A new image had appeared in the center of it, along with the description of the new magical item. Dojo had broken out again from magical energy, and Omi had spent the last twenty minutes trying to soothe the burn. "One of the 'forbidden Shen-Gong-Wu'. The Soul Scepter can be used to capture the souls of other entities- human or animal."

"Capture their souls?!" Kimiko cried in appall. "That's terrible! I didn't know there were bad Shen-Gong-Wu…"

"Well, that is why it is forbidden," Master Fung replied, matter-of-factly.

"It can't be completely bad…" Omi spoke up, "Perhaps this power could be used to help those entities…if they didn't want to cross over…"

"Argh!" Dojo cried, wriggling in the young monk's hands. "I don't care if it's a forbidden Shen-Gong-Wu, just please hurry up and find it!"

"So…where is the forbidden Shen-Gong-Wu?"

"F-F-Frrrr-ance!" Dojo quickly grew to normal size, his front end spilling out the door. "C'mon, kids, get a move on! …Itchy…"

"I don't feel so good about this…" Clay stated as he warily boarded Dojo Airlines.

"Yeah…me neither…" Kimiko admitted. "But…let's go anyway… A soul-snatching Shen-Gong-Wu…"

Omi climbed up next to her. "Even if it is forbidden and dangerous, our mission is not to acquire it, but to snatch it from the grasps of Wuya and Jack Spicer!"

The three remaining Xiaolin Warriors stared nervously at each other. "Yes, definitely! I can't even imagine what terrible things would happen if they got a hold of a soul-sucking Shen-Gong-Wu like that…"

"Well then, what are we waiting around here for?" Dojo cried, growing even more agitated. "Let's get this show on the road! …I mean, in the sky…" Only a few seconds later, the three friends were bobbing along on the coils of infected dragon skin as they drifted off towards France to recover the destructive Soul Scepter.


It was tiring trying to plan a coup d'etat while appeasing to the wishes of a 1500-year-old evil sorceress spirit. The gothic teenage boy stared down at a set of complicated blueprints on a dingy desk and rubbed an eye on his vampire-white face. In fact, a vampire was what he most resembled, with his painted white skin, long black trench coat, and small red eyes. He stared groggily at the pages of notes. He had written these up on a sudden impulse at one 'o clock this morning, and now they weren't making any sense. "This has to be some kind of brilliant evil plan, but…why can't I understand it?!" With a thud, his head hit the top of the desk, goggles first, unable to hold itself up any longer.

"Jack!!!" a high, snakelike voice suddenly cried from the distance.

"Not now, Wuya," Jack Spicer mumbled into his desk. "I'm taking a nap…" But no sooner had the small, clear purple ghost screeched "GET UP!!!", when he was on his feet again, saluting his evil master. "Oh, did I say 'taking a nap'?" he said, sheepishly. "I meant to say 'taking over the world'. That was what I was doing!"

"Sure you were," the powerful sorceress replied, taking on her sarcastic tone. "Now, I need you to get serious here! A very powerful Shen-Gong-Wu has just activated…"

"This isn't going to be like last time, is it?" Jack asked, suspiciously. "When you had me go get the powerful Shen-Gong-Wu and then ditch me for some Cala-Wala guy…"

"No interruptions!" Wuya snapped back at him. "This is very important…the Soul Scepter…can take the souls of any living creatures!"

"Take…souls?" Jack asked, a little confused with why this was so important. "Why would we need a bunch of people's souls?"

Wuya was about to answer, but just continued smiling sinisterly as only she could do. "Never mind…but you better bring that Shen-Gong-Wu back with you…can you imagine what would happen if it got into the hands of those Xiaolin Warriors?"

"Wait, Wuya," Jack asked, still suspicious. "You wouldn't use it on me, right?"

"Of course not, you dolt!" Wuya cried. "I can't use the Shen-Gong-Wu if I'm not human, remember?!"

"Oh…yeah…of course," Jack replied, placing his hands in front of his face in defense. "I knew that…"

"So, get on it!" the miniature ghost witch cried. "Do I have to tell you everything?"

"Okay, okay," Jack finally agreed, reaching into a cabinet to grab some of the magical items they already possessed. A minute later, he was sitting behind the wheel of a flying machine that looked like a cross between a spaceship and a train. The tracking device he had cleverly installed into the cockpit pointed the way towards France, along with the label "Soul Scepter" above one region of the country.

Once setting the machine at a good speed and at the exact direction of France, Jack sat back in the driver's seat and let the cruise control take over. It was nice to be away from Wuya's nagging for a while, and he closed his eyes, listening to the lulling hum of the engine. No! he told himself, shaking himself awoke again. Don't fall asleep! You'll miss France! Just as he suspected, the landscape of Europe began appearing on the tracking screen, and Jack gathered his…or rather, their Shen-Gong-Wu to prepare for the item's appearance.


"Ah…vive la France!" Dojo cried as he landed in the middle of a bustling Paris street, and various, busy residents screamed at the sight of a giant dragon.

"Uh…you should've found a deserted area before you landed, Dojo…" Clay told the dragon transportation.

"Aw, who cares?" Dojo answered as the three Xiaolin Warriors slipped from his long, scaly back. "Yes…" he said to himself. "Make sure to slide all the way down! That feels good…"

Kimiko rolled her eyes. "I hope this doesn't get out into the news. It'll be all your fault."

"Just chill," Dojo told her, shrinking to gecko size and curling up in Clay's hand. "I've got everything under control."

Omi stared, confusedly at the little dragon. "Ok! Whatever you say, Dojo! I shall have cooling sensations!" He hunched over and gripped his arms, pretending to shiver. Everyone stared, in exasperation.

"Omi…that wasn't what I meant…" Dojo tried to explain, but Omi couldn't understand and continued to walk around in "chilled" form as they traveled the streets of Paris. The befuddled French people, already rattled from the appearance of a giant dragon, continued to stare at these four, since seeing a Chinese boy, a Japanese girl, and a cowboy with a pet gecko was extremely unusual in France. They looked up from their piles of shopping bags, easels, and coffee at the newcomers.

Kimiko quickly pulled on a beret and redid her hair in order to better blend in. Clay and Omi, however had no method of mingling. Clay managed to find some ointment at a shop to shut Dojo up, but Omi was still walking around "chilled" and attracting a lot of attention.

"E-Excuse me…" he managed to speak to one lady who was looking down at him. "Have you seen a scepter around here? Or…anything that looks like a scepter?"

"Hien(1)?" the lady replied. "Je ne comprend pas(2)."

"D-Do you…sp-speak…English? Or…Chinese?!" Omi asked in a slow voice, growing afraid.

"Je ne te comprend pas, petit garcon… Tu as un tourist(3)?"

"T-Tourist? What about a tourist?" Omi sighed. "It's no use, I do not speak or understand French!" He began to walk away from the lady, gripping his arms even tighter.

"Ou est-que tu vas(4)?" she asked, following him. "Ou est ta mere, petit garcon? Tu es perdu(5)?" She began running after him.

"Augh!" Omi cried, running away from her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you!" The lady continued to tail him down the Paris streets.

Kimiko stepped out just in front of them, studying a map of the city and trying to figure out where the Soul Scepter might be.

"Augh!" Omi screamed in the background. "I am being chased by a mad Frenchwoman!!!" Meanwhile, the woman chased him in circles, a concerned look on her face, as she called, "Je veux t'aider(6)!"

"Well…hmm…" Kimiko continued, looking at the side notes on attractions in the city. "Come visit new artifacts found from the Age of the Kings… Now on display at the Musee du Pouvoir."

"Huh? Kimiko?!" Omi cried, at last noticing her presence. He finally lost the French lady and ran over beside her. "Oooh, a map! Good thinking! I would have gotten one, but…"

"Just be quiet," Kimiko interrupted. "Look, I think the Soul Scepter might be here." She pointed to the advertisement on the side of the map, which showed several royal artifacts, including a crown, a cape, and…a scepter.

"It is the Soul Scepter!" Omi cried. "That is exactly how it looked on Master Fung's scroll!" He turned around to go find Clay, but it was too late. Clay had already found them. The tall, blond cowboy walked nonchalantly up, holding Dojo, who was soaking in a pile of ointment. "Clay, Dojo!" Omi cried in surprise. "Great news! Kimiko has just located the Soul Scepter!"

"Phew…" Dojo replied. "I don't know how much more of this I could have taken…"

"It's in the Musee du Pouvoir…" her hand moved across the paper as she searched. "Right…there!" Her finger suddenly stopped on a small square symbol, which, according to the key, meant "museum" with a sign after it saying "Musee du Pouvoir".

"Yes!" Omi cried, growing excited at the prospect of obtaining a new Shen-Gong-Wu. "It's time to go to the museum!" At least this time, passersby could mistake him for an overly enthusiastic tourist. Kimiko looked at the directions on the map, and the three of them set off for the museum where the Soul Scepter sat in waiting for them.


Bleep, bleep! Jack Spicer was wide-awake now as the detecting screen began giving off this shrill blaring. That had to mean that powerful Shen-Gong-Wu was very close. He quickly sat up and read the small labels on the screen. "Soul Scepter…Musee du Pouvoir?"

The dot on the screen showed the museum's exact location on the map of France, and according to the machine, he was only a mile away from it. Jack stared confusedly at the name of the building. "…Doesn't that mean chicken?" he wondered aloud. Typing the name into a translator in another section of the cockpit, the real translation popped up on the screen- "Museum of Power".

"The museum of power? Yes!" Jack rubbed his hands together in evil anticipation. "And as soon as I win that Shen-Gong-Wu, the power will belong to me!" He stared back at the screen. It would still be a few minutes before he reached the museum. "Well…" he said to himself. "This would be a pretty good time to break out in evil laughter… Ahahahahaha!"


Clay, Omi, and Kimiko busted through the doors of the Musee du Pouvoir, panting. Their casual stroll down Paris had become a race, because on their way, they had spotted Jack Spicer's flying car thing and rushed to beat him to the museum. As they looked around, they didn't see any signs of ancient demons or evil geniuses, so they relaxed a little and grabbed museum maps.

"Ugh…" Omi commented. "We just got rid of the old map, and now we need a new one?"

"We've got to find the section of the Age of Kings stuff," Kimiko told him. The guards in the museum gave them strange looks, but let them continue. Clay quickly shoved Dojo under his hat (much to the little dragon's displeasure) because pets weren't allowed.

As she had obviously become the unofficial map-reader of the Xiaolin Warriors, Kimiko located the general direction of the display. "It's in section C," she spoke up.

"What good is that?!" Omi cried in desperation. "There are still 25 other sections to wade through to find…"

"Section C," Clay finished, pointing to a directional sign above them with the letter C, and pointing to the left hallway.

"Okay…" Omi replied, feeling a little stupid. The three Xiaolin Warriors hurried down the hallway. The French visitors and tourists stared at the group of rushing monks as they whizzed past. It certainly would be the most interesting thing they would see there all day.

"There it is!" Omi cried as he spotted the giant banner reading "Age of the Kings". Unfortunately, a large crowd had gathered around the display, and they couldn't see any of the artifacts. Red rope barriers surrounded the pedestal, with a suited-up security guard standing next to it for extra reinforcement.

"Alright, Omi," Dojo whispered, poking a teensy bit out of Clay's hat. "Since you're the smallest, you slip in among the crowd and try to get a look at the display. If you see the Soul Scepter, try to grab it when no one's looking."

"No showdown? Aww…I want to do a showdown…"

"Just go!" Kimiko cried. "With such a powerful Shen-Gong-Wu at stake, it's better not to have a showdown and chance losing it."

Omi sighed. "Stealth is not my preferred method of obtaining magical artifacts, but…if it is the right thing to do…" Finally, the short monk slipped between the legs of the museum tourists, pushing his way to the front. He emerged again just in front of the red barrier.

There were, indeed, a group of rusted old objects; a crown, clasps to an old cape, pieces of jewelry everywhere… Then, finally, he saw it. The Soul Scepter lied at the center of the platform, covered with rust. It was long and curled around at the end, grasping a red, cloudy globe. Even through the ancient dirt and decay, it was easy to see the mysterious mist of power swirling around inside.

Omi glanced around the immediate area. How could he wait until no one was looking? He'd be waiting all day. Omi gritted his teeth. He'd have to grab it and run as fast as he could to avoid being caught. Looking down, he noticed that all he had with him was the Orb of Tornami. Well, maybe if he flooded them out…

Feeling terribly like a thief, Omi finally took a deep breath and reached out for the scepter. At last, he felt the rough, cold surface against his palm…but it didn't light up. Glancing over in confusion, Omi noticed another, pale hand on the head portion of the staff. "Jack Spicer!" he cried, surprised with his sudden reappearance.

"The one and only," Jack replied with an evil grin. "You guys didn't even know I was following you!"

Omi shook with anticipation and excitement. It looked like he was going to get his showdown after all. "Jack Spicer, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!"

Jack opened his mouth to make a challenge, but was interrupted by a frenetic security guard. "You kids!!!" he yelled. "Don't touch the display!!!"

"But you don't understand…" Omi tried to explain. "We are conducting an ancient and very crucial magical challenge…" A second security guard choked him around the neck and cut off his sentence, while the first one did the same with Jack. "Let me go!" Omi cried. "Orb Tornami!" A blast of water hit the guard in the face, knocking him over.

Jack pressed a button, causing propellers to pop out of the device on his back and smack the other guard in the face. By now, the crowd around them was beginning to erupt in panic and shock.

"Omi!" Kimiko and Clay cried, bursting through the mob to see if their friend was okay. Amazingly, both Omi and Jack had managed to keep their grip on the Soul Scepter through the fray.

"Firstonetotheentrancewins!" Jack called, speaking quickly before the guards got back up again.

"Fine.MyOrbofTornamiagainstyourJetBootsu," Omi replied.

"Let'sgo! XiaolinShowdown!" they both called. As soon as the words left their mouths, the world around them began to change. The people disappeared, and the entire museum morphed into a maze. Clay and Kimiko rose above the maze in a floating stone carriage, looking down on the showdown from above, so they could see all the twists and turns of the maze.

Clay took Dojo out from underneath his hat, and the little dragon sucked in the air in desperation. When he got a look at the scenery, his eyes popped out. "What?! They're doing a showdown for the Soul Scepter?!"

"Yeah, I told Omi not to, but he just doesn't listen…" Kimiko explained.

"Ohh, this is bad, this is bad…" Dojo said, slithering around in circles. "Omi better win that showdown…or…who knows what'll happen!"

From their starting positions, Omi and Jack looked over at each other in resentment. "Gong Yi Tempai!" they said in unison before barreling into the twisting halls of the maze.

As they each sprinted through the maze, the other Xiaolin Warriors sized up the chances. "Well, technically, if Omi doesn't take any wrong turns, then he's got the shorter route…" Clay surmised.

Suddenly, Jack stopped in the middle of the maze and used his jet boots to hover above the maze. "Heh…that little pipsqueak's got the right idea," he said to himself, noticing how much closer Omi was to the entrance. He floated above the walls and landed right in back of him.

"Hey! Cheater!!!" Kimiko yelled, pointing an accusing finger at Jack.

"I'm not cheating!" he yelled back up at them. "I'm only using my Shen-Gong-Wu!"

"Yeah, you're using your Shen-Gong-Wu to cheat, you cheater!"

Omi heard the ruckus behind him and realized that Jack Spicer must have just used some kind of trick. He turned around and calling, "Orb of Tornami!" created a tidal wave that washed down the hall towards Jack. "Phew," Omi said, continuing to run towards the entrance when he didn't see the spiky red hair of the goth boy anymore. "That was pretty close. Good-bye Jack Spicer, hello Soul Scepter!"

"Haha! Don't be so sure about that!" a voice came from the side. Omi looked confusedly to the right to see Jack, using his boots to sprint down the wall and away from the water. Omi gaped, not expecting anything like this. "Eat my dust, dome-head!" Jack taunted as he accelerated and just passed Omi, zooming further ahead with the help of his helicopter rotors.

"Tornado Strike, Water!" Omi yelled, taking aim at his nemesis. Unfortunately, the swirling turrets of water were only sprayed back at him as they hit the rotors. "That's it…" Omi said, clenching his fists as an idea struck him. "Away with Mr. Kindly Person! Orb of Tornami, Ice!" The blasts of ice that erupted from the blue globe crashed down the walls of the maze, creating a clear path to the entrance.

"And you called me a cheater?!" Jack complained, lifting into the sky. With no more walls, he was free to go wherever in the maze he wanted, and made a beeline for the spot on the other side marked, "Entrance" in flashing neon letters.

"Orb of Tornami!" Omi cried again, creating another massive tidal wave. Jumping gracefully onto one of the pieces of the wall, he used it as a surfboard, approaching the entrance and easily catching up with Jack.

"Go Omi, go!!!" Kimiko and Dojo yelled from the floating carriage, excited and afraid at the same time.

Omi and Jack once again exchanged resented looks as they flew side by side towards the "entrance" sign. It was getting closer now…in just a few moments, the showdown would be over. The two competitors still remained right beside each other, maybe one nudging a bit ahead of the other now and then, but still evenly matched. At last, they were right on the entrance. The Soul Scepter floated right it front of them…someone just had to grab it in order to win. Approaching at the exact same velocity, Omi and Jack reached out at the same time to grab it.

The spectators up in the sky sucked their breath in, full of suspense. There was a bright flash of light, blinding everyone in the area.

"What happened?" Kimiko asked. "Who won? I can't see!"

The maze disappeared, and they felt as the solid ground of the Musee du Pouvoir blinked into existence again below their feet.

"Huh?" Clay asked, shading his eyes and trying to see through the penetrating light.

Slowly, the light began to dim as the world returned to normal, and a group of unconscious tourists lied, sprawled out at their feet. Then…they saw the Soul Scepter, which had now turned a bright golden color…in the hands of Jack Spicer.

He looked, confusedly down at the long pole in his hands. "I won?" Then, his eyes lit up in sudden recognition. "I won! I won I won I won I won…"

"I…lost…" Omi stated, obviously, sulking on the floor.

Dojo stared, unbelievably at the scene before them. Surely, this was some kind of nightmare. Jack Spicer had just won the Soul Scepter?! It just didn't seem possible.

"Y-You cheated!" Kimiko yelled, unable to say anything else, out of shock.

"Did not!" Jack argued back. "I won this Shen-Gong-Wu fair and square, and there's nothing you can do about it!"

"He's right," Dojo sadly admitted. "For once."

Jack grinned, excitedly, and lifted into the sky. "Well, see you losers at the next showdown. Wait 'til Wuya sees this!" He lifted through a hole in the ceiling and back up to his hovering vehicle above the museum. The Xiaolin Warriors watched, worriedly.

"I am sorry…my friends…" Omi at last spoke up, groveling at their feet. "I have failed you…I am unworthy of the Dragon title…"

"Hey, don't worry, Omi," Clay said, kneeling beside the little monk. "It wasn't your fault."

"You tried your best…" Kimiko added, the disappointment in her voice apparent.

Dojo grew to full size again, and they dragged him aboard. "Let's go back to the temple…"

"I don't know what happened…" Omi continued. "Victory was right within my grasp…but then it slipped out…" he hung his round head in shame.

"It's okay, we can win it back from him someday," Kimiko tried to reassure him.

"Yes…" Dojo hesitantly agreed. "But Jack better not ever figure out how to use it… And in the hands of Wuya, it would be unstoppable!" The Dragons' ride back was very painful as they imagined, in vivid detail, all the terrible things that could happen as a result of this loss.

An hour later, they arrived again at the entrance to the Xiaolin temple. Master Fung looked down at the serious, concerned faces that greeted him, and became even graver. "What's the matter, young Dragons?" he asked.

"We've got bad news, Master Fung…" Kimiko slowly admitted.

"…We've lost the Soul Scepter," Omi finished.


Instead of going straight back to his "evil lair", Jack decided to hang around Paris a little while longer and celebrate. After all, he'd just won one of the most powerful Shen-Gong-Wu, and he hadn't won a Xiaolin Showdown in a long time.

The city folk cleared the way as he skipped along. Apparently, they didn't have many gothic teenagers in France. At least none holding strange golden staffs and singing in English. Jack made up a new theme song off the top of his head as he paraded down the Paris streets, twirling the Soul Scepter like a baton. Finally, when he couldn't think of any more words that would fit the tune of his new song, stopped and studied the staff for a while.

"How does this thing work anyway? It's supposed to capture souls… Well, let's try it out on these French people! They won't mind being trapped in a staff for a while, will they?" Supposing it worked like all other Shen-Gong-Wu, he held it up over the freaked-out people around him and cried, "Soul Scepter!" He stood back and waited for an explosion of power, people to disappear, or a powerful suction current, but none of it came.

"What? C'mon, you're a Shen-Gong-Wu! You should work when I say your name! Soul Scepter!" Still, the scepter remained solidly in his hand without so much as a magical glow. "Soul Scepter! Soul Scepter! Soul Scpeter!" Jack yelled, shaking the living daylights out of the item in frustration. That gathering crowd of people began laughing at the strange and humorous sight.

"Aw, shaddup!" Jack yelled at them, battering them out of the way with the scepter. He broke through the people and stormed away down the street, not really knowing where he was going, but just wishing to get away at all costs. "Hey, leave it to Jack Spicer to find a use for this stupid thing!" he said, beaming at the staff. Well, it couldn't really capture people's souls, but at least it was made out of heavy gold and was quite useful for bashing people over the head with.

His enthusiasm gone, Jack trudged along the city streets, glancing at the posters in the store windows. "Maybe I should get back to the lair," he finally decided. "Wuya would know how to work this thing…" But, just when his mind was almost made up, his eye fell upon an interesting poster in the window of a dilapidated old store.

The advertisement was all in French, so he had no idea what it said, but it was the picture in the center that caught his attention. Several people were standing inside a dome-like structure with yellow beams of energy shooting into their bodies. It looked like something out of a science-fiction movie, but it looked incredibly realistic.

Jack shrugged and at last looked away from the intriguing poster. "Ah, well, maybe this used to be a movie theater. Wonder what that movie was about. It sure had good special effects…"

"Excuse me, young man," an unfamiliar voice spoke up from out of nowhere. Jack frantically searched the area, realizing that the voice was talking to him, but he didn't see anybody. "Over here," the male voice continued, chuckling slightly.

This time, he saw a man in a long white lab coat waving at him from the door of that broken-down building. At last, Jack confusedly approached the man and asked, coldly, "What do you want?"

"I couldn't help noticing how you took an interest in my poster. American, aren't you?"

"Yeah," Jack replied, shoving the Soul Scepter into a holder on his back. "What's that got to do with anything?"

The man seemed to grow more excited with this confirmation, which only confused him further. "Well…you see, I've been looking for someone to help me with my experiment. No one in Paris is willing to try, even though I guarantee that they'll be safe. So I decided to just stay here for a little while longer before moving the headquarters to America…"

"What kind of experiment?" Jack asked, raising an eyebrow. Was this mad scientist planning on doing something weird with him, just because he stopped to look at that poster? Well, if he tried anything, he always had the Soul Scepter to defend himself with, right?

Now, the scientist man was even more excited. "I have successfully created…a portal to different dimensions!"

At this statement, Jack's eyes lit up with sudden interest. "Really? I tried to make one of those once, but it ended up sending me to Antarctica, and I had to fly all the way back to China… Does yours really work?"

"Oh? So you're an inventor too?" the man asked, slightly amused at his statement.

"Of course I am!" Jack retaliated, noticing his disbelief. "I am Jack Spicer, the evil boy genius! I've made all kinds of evil robot armies, flying vehicles, this helicopter pack here…even a time machine! …you still don't believe me, do you?" He was just about to press the button on his helicopter pack and bring his flying train-like vehicle over, but the scientist held up his hands.

"No, no, of course I believe you, I was just surprised. That's quite an accomplishment for someone so young…"

"Yes, it is," Jack replied, putting his hands on his hips, haughtily. "I'm just so amazing, aren't I?"

The scientist let him gloat for a little while longer before pulling him towards the door of the old building. "Well, I need you to test out my machine," he insisted. "Since you're experienced with this sort of thing, I know you will have no doubts about going through…"

"Wait a minute," Jack resisted, tugging his coat out of the man's grasp. "What do I get out of this?"

The man smiled, almost mysteriously. "Well, you get to choose what kind of world you want to go to."

"Well…" Jack thought about it for a while, looking up at that sky, and then down at a watch he randomly pulled out of an unseen pocket. Wuya would be waiting for him to return with the Soul Scepter, and she'd be very angry if he lost it on the way back. Then, thinking a little harder, he realized that it was probably useless anyway. If this man had a dimension portal that truly worked, perhaps he could use it to trap those Xiaolin Dragons in another dimension forever! Now that would be a lot more useful than an Shen-Gong-Wu with no magic powers. "Okay…" Jack finally agreed, sticking out a gloved hand. "You got yourself a deal."

The scientist eagerly seized his hand and whisked him away down a darkened staircase, into the old building.

Jack smiled as he observed the various, blinking, metallic machines surrounding them. This looks a lot like my lair, he thought, maybe…I've found a partner!

"Viola!" the scientist cried, gesturing to a large, dome-like machine, the crack at the top indicating where it would peel open.

"It's just like the poster," Jack commented.

"Yup!" the scientist said, proudly. "Unfortunately, the picture on that poster was digitally enhanced because no one has gone through it yet. Do you mind if I take a picture of you while you're testing the machine?"

"No problem," Jack agreed, fixing his collar. He looked down at the control panel and tried to decipher just what all the functions of the various switches and levers were. "So I really can go to whatever kind of world I want?" he asked, a bit suspicious again.

"Yes," the scientist replied. "At least that's what it's supposed to do. You're going to be the judge of that. Now…" he pushed him away from the control panel. "What kind of dimension do you want to do to?"

Jack's eyes lit up as he realized just where he could go. "A world in the future…where I rule everything!"

The man frowned as he thought of what a conceited boy this was, but finally began tapping out the command on the panel. If he wanted to finish the experiment, he'd have to comply with his new egotistical partner. Pulling one lever, he set the power level on maximum, and tapped out a code on a small screen in front of him. "Huh?" Already, the dome was opening itself up with only the date set. That was unusual… oh well, if it worked, it only meant a new advancement on his work. "Okay, we're ready!" he called over to the anticipating goth.

"Yea!" Jack cried, forgetting for the moment where he was or who he was with. He barreled up the stairs and straight into the glimmering light in the center of the machine.

And so hasty…

With a terribly bright flash of light that filled the entire room, the machine reacted. The scientist shaded his eyes and tried to take a picture through the light, but it was useless. When the shine finally dimmed, Jack was gone.

"Well…" the scientist surmised. "It sent him somewhere. Probably back to Antarctica…" That was when he noticed the code on the screen in front of him. It read, 2048. "2048? That's all it needed? It must be off then… It had to be off…"


French translations:


(2)I don't understand

(3)I don't understand you, little boy. Are you a tourist?

(4)Where are you going?

(5)Where is your mother, little boy? Are you lost?

(6)I want to help you!