Robin and Starfire's Secret ch.3

Three months have passed since the night of Robin and Starfire's session. Starfire is getting a little big around the edges and the other Titans are starting to get a little bit suspicious but they probably think it's just a weight issue. "Hello Cyborg." Starfire said as she walked through the door of Titans Tower. "Hey Star." "Where have you been?" Asked Cyborg. "Ummm you know a little over here a little over there." Starfire cleared up. "Oh, okay." "How has your day been going?" Asked Starfire as she poured herself a cup of tea. "Quite well, no emergencies and I have jus been chillin." Cyborg said merrily. "That sounds lovely." Starfire sat down across from Cyborg and she had her tea as they talked. "Starfire, I have to ask." "What's with you and tea lately?" "You never used to drink it." "Nothing, I don't know I just can't start drinking tea with everybody on my back!? Geez!" Starfire said as she flamed out of the room. "What's her deal lately?" Cyborg asked himself. Starfire knocked before she entered the room. Knock knock knock! "Robin? Are you in there?" Asked Starfire. Starfire heard no response, but she did hear kissing and moaning. Starfire began to weep. "Why?! Why is Robin cheating on me?!" Starfire couldn't sit there and cry while Robin was cheating on her and getting away with it! She busted the door down. "Robin!? What do you think your doing?" "I'm sorry Starfire, I didn't think you would get so angry." Starfire slightly blushed to what she found on the bed. Robin wasn't cheating on her. He was kissing a pillow to practice for when he kisses Starfire, and the moaning was from him watching pornography on the television. "I'm sorry Robin, I thought you were cheating on me." Starfire explained. "No Star, never in a million years, my love for you burns as the white hot intensity of 1,000 suns, and only for you. I love you, and nobody else." "Oh Robin, I love you. Starfire said as she jumped unto the bed to make-out with him. BEEP! FLASH BEEP! FLASH BEEP! FLASH. "Titans go!" Robin shouted. "You stay here." Robin said lovingly, but sternly. "No, I want to help." "Star, remember our conversation about you staying out sometimes for the sake of our baby?" "Yes" Starfire said sadly. "That time is now. You'll stay here if you love me and our unborn baby." "I will." Robin placed a soft kiss on her lips before he left. Robin flew out of the emergency door, and down the street to meet up with the other Titans. "So what's going on?" Robin asked. "We're not sure." Cyborg said. The Titans ran up and down alleys, streets, and intersections, to find the trouble. AHHHH! The Titans heard a shriek. "Titans go!" Robin roared. The cry sounded really familiar to Robin, and he feared to think of who it was. "Slade! What do you think you're doing?" Robin screamed. Robin started to cry, a little at first but then very frequent. Slade was ontop of a building holding somebody over the edge. He was crying because the person he was holding over the edge was Starfire. "I'm coming Starfire!" Robin must have had a great deal of adrenaline in his veins because he flew up to liberate Starfire. "What?!" Slade said so amazingly perplexed. Slade whipped Robin as he flew up to rescue Starfire. Robin started to fall but when he thought of Slade raping or killing Starfire or their baby he started to fly once again. This time when he was getting close he kicked Slade in the face with his spiked boots, and he dropped Starfire, and Robin flew down the building to save his lover. He was crying his eyes out the whole time. When they got down onto the ground Robin didn't care, nor did Starfire. They started crying and kissing and embracing each other. The other Titans just stood in amazement. But, they accepted and welcomed it. "We have an announcement everybody!" The Titans were still standing in amazement. Starfire and I are pregnant. The Titans stood their so still, so still. Robin and Starfire didn't know what to think. Did they accept it? Or did they not? Too many thoughts running through their minds.