Unwashable Blood


Demon Yuki: Those who read "Someone To Die For." The boy was not a ghost. He died a few hours after talking to Yukina.

My second one-shot fic in a long time. An inspiration from Lady Macbeth from "Macbeth." A play that my nii-san is reading for English 12th. (grins) Rated PG for the blood of course, hence the title. Excuse any grammatical and spelling errors. As my nii-san puts it: My english sucks ass!

I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho and it's from Hiei's P.O.V.

Dedicated: To the readers and my itoko's. And to my nii-san.


Red. Crimson. Warm. Wet. Liquid.


You can wash it off easily, but you can never wash off the feeling of it being on you. As if it's a stain. A liquid meant to be there...


I should know.

I spilled blood of the one that made me feel weak. That was my weakpoint. My weakness.

I didn't like it. And for that....

I spilled your blood.

I spilled blood of others before just like I spilled yours. I didn't even hesitate or have any second thoughts as I did so, until after.

Until after I spilled your blood, I had realized what I have done.

I killed. Just like I have killed so many, but... This time, I spilled precious blood on virgin-grounds...

I can still smell your blood.

I could still feel it against my hands and face.

The warmth of it.

The texture.

The wetness.

My gut twisted. I wanted to throw up.

I could wash it off, but I could never wash the feeling away.

Unwashable blood.

My katana is forever stained with your blood.

It can never be cleanse of it. Like a incurable diease.

How could I have let this go so far. Just because you made me feel weak. Just because you were my weakness.

How could I...

I shouldn't be bothered by it.

I killed so many and none of their death bothers me. But your does...

My concious keeps asking me... Do I feel?

Do I care?

Do I love?

...Blood.... Like a crimson river. It carries life.

I can never take back of what I've done...

I feel a twisting in my chest.


My heart pounding widly, I can hear it in my ears.

You take my life. My Soul....

My breath is getting erratic.

And bring back yours...

My eyes are starting to burn.

And burn mine for eternity.

My throat tight and dry.

As long as you want.

Make the pain stop.

It's my fault your gone. My fault I took it becuase...

I deserve whatever punishment bestow upon me.

You made me weak. Because...

Your innocent blood stained on my hands

You were my weakness.

Your life taken by me.

I'm... so sorry...

I can hear your voice whispering.

I loved you.

I can see your eyes watching.

I hated you.

I can see your lips smiling.

I cared for you.

I can see you dancing.

I feel for you.

I can hear your laughter, your crying, your sympathy.

I needed you.

I can still feel you here.

Yet... I killed you for a stupid reason.

Your laughing.

I spilled your blood.

Your crying.

I am sorry. I AM very sorry.

Your lonely.

I do love you.

Your smiling.

I really do, my imotou-chan...

Your dancing.

My weakness...

You still here. Here, on my body and sword.

My Yukina.

This nightmare..... will never end.