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Gibbs walked into the mall three days before Christmas Eve in a very bad mood; worse than usual, really. He hadn't slept too much the night before, as Vivian had a bad habit of calling him twice as much during the holidays. It wasn't that he didn't like Vivian, but he had really needed the sleep. The team had just finished what was, quite possibly, their most nerve-wracking case. And if he thought it had been hard on him, it had to have been even worse for Abby.

Abby had been in every morning at three o'clock on the dot and had stayed until at least midnight, if not longer. And yet, she had never once complained. But it wasn't in her nature to complain- about anything. Gibbs loved his job just as much as she loved hers, but he complained all the time. And, because everyone else usually found some way to alert him (however obscurely) that he was being a pain, he usually ended up venting to her. And, in spite of the implications made by her appearance, she usually found a way to make him appreciate what he was doing. Even if he was almost as sleep deprived as she herself was.

He really expected too much of her. After all, she was only one person. And not too many people could effectively do their job and put him in a better mood at the same time. Hell, most people couldn't even cheer him up. He was quite lucky to have her working for him.

Which was the reason that he was here. Abby had worked for him in the lab for close to five years now, and he still hadn't really gotten around to telling her how much he appreciated it. After all, most people would have quit within a day or two. So, in order to alert her that, yes, he did care, he was buying her a Christmas present.

Now the only problem was that he didn't know what the hell he should buy her. She seemed to be at least vaguely entertained by video games, but he didn't know which ones she had. And anyways, she could very well end up like Tony and then where would they be? So- no to the video games. As he kept walking, he passed a shop called Bath and Body Works. Yeah, right. He could just see the appalled look on her face if he presented her with pink bubble bath and flowery scented candles. Another definite no. What about a gift card? It was simple enough to get one that she could use anywhere in the mall…

But no, he hated getting gift cards, as they were so impersonal. Every time that he gave or received one, it seemed like the person was saying "I had no idea what to get you, so you can figure out what I bought for you, okay?" And if there was one message that he didn't want to give Abby, it was that he didn't know her well enough to but her a simple Christmas present.

So he kept going, pushing his way through the crowd of desperate Christmas shoppers. Most of them probably had bags full of presents for all kinds of people at home. But not Gibbs- he had no one to buy presents for. Or, more precisely, he had no one to buy presents for until this year. He vaguely considered using his badge to somehow get all of these people to move out of the way. But he was a good agent and didn't abuse his power… Well, not this time anyways.

He hadn't really thought this would be so difficult, but he soon realized that he had been dead wrong. Most things weren't Abby's style- like the fluffy pink bunny slippers, the Spiderman inflatable doll, the chick flicks, the Britney Spears CD, the orange picture album; things like that. Well, either that or they definitely weren't something appropriate for him to give her. He figured that things like lacy panties, boxes of chocolates, stuffed animals holding hearts and jewellery wouldn't leave a good impression if they were received from her boss. Especially if they were received from her boss.

And then, he found the perfect gift. It wasn't in any way perverted, which was good. It wasn't too childish. It wasn't pink. It wouldn't distract her at work… Well, okay, just about anything could distract Abby while she was at work. But it wouldn't tie up her computer. It would probably last for quite awhile… Unless, of course, she didn't like it, which was a possibility. But for some reason he didn't think that that would be a problem. And, if she didn't like it, he could always claim it was a gag gift or something.

And, best of all, it would almost definitely not betray his feelings for her… In a word: it was perfect.