Yay! I finally motivated myself to write this. This is the sequel to my songfic Crash World. You can check that out if you want to but this is a prologue of what happened from Yami's point of view. I know that the events in the series are no where close to being like this but a girl can dream, right? Also note that I'm using the awful dubbed names of the characters but I honestly can not spell them right without checking a source everytime. And I decided that Atemu will be just Yami.

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Go on get out of my head
I'm on the wrong side of a parralel universe
Am I alive or just dead
I've been stumbling in the dark
Living in a Crash World


Yami casually flipped the burgers for the last time as his friends brought out the condiments at their front yard graduation bash. Their voices rose up to the sky as the sun worked its way below the horizon. A smile tugged at his lips as he once again mused at how he, an ancient Egyptian pharaoh and former spirit of the Millenium Puzzle, had gotten his high school diploma. From a modem Japanese high school.

Tea cranked up the boom box as the senior class settled down at the tables while watching Joey's Alligator Sword pounce on Tristan's Cyber Commander andtaking out the rest of his life points.

Yami started arranging the plates as Grandpa retuned with the buns. "COME AND GET IT!"

2 Hours Later...

I "Oh my gosh that was awesome!" exclaimed Joey as he cheerfully walked up the stairs to Yami's bedroom.I Yami and Tristan followed suite.I

I "Well ya! You had like what-8 burgers? The Eat-a-burger-in-two-bites trophy can hereby be presented to Joey Wheeler!" retorted Tristan

""I only had six! And speaking of trophies, who would've known that Yami was such a good dancer! He totally beat us out - if only Tea didn't have to leave right after dinner!" gushed Joey as he seated himself j on the bed that was formerly Yugi's.

Tristan plopped down next to his blond friend and elbowed him out of the way. "My turn on the bed! You can take the air mattress!"

"Hey!" yelled Joey as he launched himself back onto the bed to tackle Tristan. Yami watched them in amusement. "The air mattress is busted. There might be a spare bed in the attic."

He rose to get It. "I'll help you!" Joey gave Tristan one last elbow and scampered after Yami.

Yami opened the door to the attic and flicked the light switch. To his surprise, all of the old furniture was pushed up against the wall andthe boxes were neatly stacked up. The mattress was in the middle of the musty room. As he and Joey went to retrieve it, his eyes spotted a sheaf of notebook paper lying on top of it.

Curious, Yami bent down to retrieve it. He immediatly recognized Yugi's handwriting andhis crimson eyes opened in shock as they scanned the short note.

High school is over and I'm leaving. I've had enough of being ignored and shunted to the side. This is my goodbye. Farewell -Yugi

"Yami!" called Joey as his friend fell to his knees.

Joey stepped over the mattress to help him. "Yami? You okay?" Two strangled words forced their way out of Yami's shaking lips. "He's Gone."

"What? What are you talking about?" asked Joey as he gently took the note from Yami's hand and read it in the dim light.


Tristan's thundering footsteps broke the eerie silence. "Ya guys! What's taking you so long? Need help? What the..."

Joey was sitting on the mattress with his head in his hands. Yami's body trembled as the tears that were escaping his eyes made their way down his face.

"Yugi...I'm sorry...I'm so, so sorry..."


Out side, a plane headed east across the star lit sky.


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