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I've found a reason to show
A side of me you didn't know
A reason for all that I do
And the reason is you

...9 O'Clock...

Yami looked around the shop one last time to make sure everything was in place. Satisfied, he reached for the door sign and switched it to OPEN. He settled into a stool behind the cashier and opened a catalog to finish ordering next week's shipments.

Business was doing really well that summer. The gaming industry was growing faster than ever and with the variety of new games coming out, the shop was always full of eager kids roaming around. The fact that he, the number one duelist in the world, was working there certainly didn't hurt either.

The bells on the door jingled. Yami looked up to find not his first costumer, but his friends walk in.

His friends. The sun seemed to shine five times brighter when they were around. They meant the world to him and he treasured them more then anything.

He owed his soul to Joey, Tristan, and Tea. It had been incinerated when Yugi had left. Lost. Shattered. They had felt the blow too and grieved with him. Tea had cried when he had. It hurted beyond anything physical he had ever been through. They weren't there to comfort or grief for him because it was what they were supposed to do. They were in the same distress. They had hurted just as much as he had.

"Hey Yami how's this fine morning been for you?" inquired Joey as he casually positioned himself against the counter.

"Very well, thank you. And you, sir?" replied Yami, playing along.

"Fine, thank you, ignoring the fact that a certain Mister gave me good sized bruise on the way here cofftristancoff."

Before Tristan could say anything to defend himself, the bells rang again and Yami's first customer, a ten year old boy, strolled in. As he was tenativly walking towards them, Tea leaned forward and asked Yami, "Hey, is there anything we can help you with today?"

Yami thought for a second and answered, "Well, there's a new shipment of Dungeon Dice merchandise out back. You can set it up if you want."

"We're on it! called Joey as he stepped though the door behind the cashier. Tristan and Tea followed suite.

With his friends away, Yami finally caught sight of the boy in front of him.

"Gasp. Oh My GOSH! It's true! It's really really true! You really really really work here!" squealed the kid when he saw Yami.

"Good morning!" said Yami politely. He was used to this form of reaction from customers, especially during the summer with all the tourists coming through. The shop was like an attraction in itself because of his presence. The next thing they did was ask for his autograph.

"OMG! Can I have your autograph? OMG! Please?"

"Sure." Yami replied as he pulled out a notepad. "What's your name?"

"Keith! My name is Keith!"

Yami nodded and wrote 'To Keith, Happy Gaming! Good luck, Yami Mutou. He had to write his name in such a way so that the word Yami was unlegible. That way they could believe that it said Yugi. Hey, what was he to do? Hold a press conference and say that he was actually an ancient egyptian Pharaoh who once resided in the gold upside down triangle thingy that Yugi once wore and would like to take claim to his various titles and change them to Yami Mutou? ya, he remained Yugi Mutou.

"Hey Yugi, what cards would you recommend for me? How did you get so good? Will you play a game with me? Can see your God cards?" blurted Keith as he jumped up and down.

"The new booster pack, practice, not right now because I'm no longer an active duelist, and no because I don't have them me." answered an already weary Yami. This kid was probably going to be around for a few hours. They never get the fact that he no longer dueled. Just looking at his deck was painful. Picking it up and playing with it would take more energy and tolerance than he had. At least thats what happened that last time he tried, which was eight months ago.

Yugi's departure could possibly be the most influential event in his life. Yami hadn't purposly driven him away...he just sort of assumed that his hikari would always be there. Not having the same body took away a lot of communication time so they started to drift away. Then the rest just sort of happened

He looked for him. Definately. Long, hot days and sometimes nights were spent on the streets desperately looking for Yugi. After a while, he begged Seto Kaiba to help. He wanted, needed,to find his light, to apologize and to be his protector once more. But there was a little thing in the back of his mind that told him that he wouldn't find him. All he could hope for was to have fate someday bring them together again.

What about Grandpa, you might be asking. Yami couldn't bring himself to tell him. It would devastate the old man, who would then blame himself. Then there was that same little thing in his head that blamed his pride. He would be so ashamed to tell the elder Mutou that he had abandoned his grandson and caused him to run away. He already was. Ashamed, that is. So he forced himself to sit down with Grandpa and tell him that Yugi had decided to study in England. He (Grandpa) was surprised, but considering how withdrawn Yugi had been before he left, it seemed somewhat reasonable. Currently, he was in Egypt with some old friends.

Tea went to New York, as planned, to study dance. Tristan moved to a northern Honshu for college and Joey chose to take a few courses at a local place. Although they had kept in touch, Yami was still relieved to have them back for the summer.

He changed too. More mature. Not that he wasn't before, but it seemed that Yugi had given him the final push to adulthood. No more life or death duels. Not that he wanted to duel. To the world, he was "taking time off". His name was still big though. Winning a few big titles tend to have that lasting effect. Right now, Yami was considering whether to take a few classes at the place Joey went to.

An eager, high voice pulled Yami from his daydreams. "So Yugi, what do you think of the new duel disks?" Keith inquired.



"All set for lunch, guys?" asked Tristan as he made his way out of the shop.

Yami locked up and followed his friends to a nearby cafe for lunch break.

"Hey wait! You have mail!" pointed out Tea as she motioned towards the stack of catalogs in the mailbox. A single letter was sticking out of the mess.

"Let's see if it's from Grandpa!" Joey grabbed the letter. "Ooh...its from Peggy."

Yami's pulse quickened as he opened it. He and Maximillion Pegasus were on good terms so he wasn't worried or anything, but this certain letter seemed to have an aurora of...well, mystery. Like it was going to be a trigger to a big chain of events.

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