Lily Evans's Diary

By Luxx

Summary: A week in the life of Lily Evans, head girl and dating the most popular boy in school. Sometimes misconceptions can make a plotJ Written in style of Bridget Jones's Diary. Will Lily ever figure out what the heck is going on with her boyfriend and his mad friends? Mood swings? Werewolves? It's horrible, just horrible!

Rating: PG, maybe going as high as PG-13, but there would only be a little swearing or very very vague sexual comments. No smut here guys, sorry.

A/N: Well, thank you for taking the time to read Lily Evans's Diary. I know that this chapter is really short, but I just wanted to get to a certain point. I may continue this day in a second part, or I may just go on to the next day. It really depends on how well I can make this work (and also on volume of reviews!!) I'm trying to keep the characters as in character as possible but it is difficult as we don't know too much about young Lily Evans and I'm afraid she's coming off as a little possessive and neurotic in this story. If this is the case, please tell me and I will do my best to fix her.

On with the story…

Sunday 25 October

Summary of day: kisses from new boyfriend: 0 sightings of new boyfriend: 1 best-friends of boyfriend suspected by self to be mad hairy nocturnal beast: 1 Positive thoughts about near future: 0

8:00 a.m.

"I think she would look bloody excellent with blonde hair! Don't you think so Lily? I'll take your silence as agreement!"


8:05 a.m.

Was bloody Maira Marsh! Really must stop falling asleep in common room on top of homework. Not only is it pointless as own bed is just upstairs, but also dangerous as one can never know what colour they will be when the wake up. (ex. Hair, teeth, skin, etc. have all been magicked in the past 3 weeks by dorm mates.) At least it was Marsh who woke self and not James Potter or one of his friends. Nasty girl that she is, Marsh would never be so disrespectful as to dye hair of head girl (self) but this did not seem to hold true for James Potter or Sirius Black.

Really, you would think that James Potter would try to avoid making his new girlfriend (self) upset, but in reality he seems to enjoy it.


8:20 a.m. In Great Hall

Wonder where James Potter is? We always have breakfast together on Sunday's. Had he forgotten?

8:22 a.m.

Ah, there he is! He has not forgotten, he is just late.

Looking v. sexy when he is still half asleep.

8:23 a.m.

Can't believe it. He has not come to sit with me. He has not even come by to say hello! He is speaking with bloody Sirius Black!

Not upset however. He will come and see me when he is done speaking with Sirius. They are, after all, best friends, and are allowed to have their own space and conversations that do not include self.

8:24 a.m.

They don't look very friendly this morning…

8:25 a.m.

Gaah! James Potter has left Great Hall without even coming down to say hello!

1:00 pm. In library.

Things are strange, v. strange. Have entered library to work on assignment for prof. McGonagall and have seen the most bizarre image. Sirius Black is sitting at table alone working silently on what seems to be the same. This is very odd behaviour as Black is rarely seen alone… or working… or silent for that matter. He has been acting odd these past few weeks. Reasons for this bizarre change in personality have been passing through my mind.

Spiritual epiphany?

Some kind of stress disorder?

Perhaps Black is having belated attitude makeover much in the manner of James Potter?

Mmmm… James Potter…..

Perhaps I should go over and join him and ask what is wrong? Surely that would not be too awkward. As girlfriend of his best-friend he should be able to recognize me as a person whom he can confide in? But then of course, if this is the case, he should be the one to come to me. Do not want to be pushy girlfriend of best friend who attempts to force her way into boyfriend's social circle as if I feel the right to all their personal business. I will simply sit down at a table where he can see me, and when he approaches I will be sociable and offer a friendly ear.

1:05 pm.

He has not come over.

Well that is fine. If he does not wish to share his problems with me I don't really care all that much. I am positive and friendly, but am not busybody. I will just begin doing my work that I have come here to do then.

1:06 pm.

Perhaps he did not see me. Should maybe make some sort of noise, just to let him know that I am here.

1:08 pm.

"Do you need a lozenge Evans?" was Sirius Black. Seems to look quite annoyed with me.

"No, no. I'm fine, really." I gave him what I hoped to be a penetrating, yet accepting look, but it seems that he has not gotten the message.

Oh well, his loss. Will continue with work.

The Philosopher's Stone has been a very popular myth amongst witches and wizards of the sixteenth century. It is said to have the ability to transform any metal into solid gold, a much desired thing indeed.

Hm. Wonder what it would be like to be able to turn any metal into solid gold? It would come in quite useful, unless of course it is like the Midas touch and every metal you see turns automatically gold. That could become inconvenient. What if all knuts turned to galleons? It would make one very wealthy, but then every time one purchases something with a galleon, and they received knuts and sickles as change they would automatically become more galleons. I suspect it would be very bothersome to carry around piles of huge golden coins in pockets all the time. It would be quite heavy.

Perhaps should ask Black? Am sure that he does not leave his dormitory without at least ten galleons in his pockets each day. Wonder what it is like to be very very rich… GAAAAH!

1:10 pm.

Was Sirius Black dropping his books down on my table in front of me.

"Would you stop bloody staring at me Evans? I know I'm attractive, but it's becoming indecent." Of all the arrogant, self centred, pillocky things to say… When I was simply trying to help him! Is obvious to me now that Sirius Black has not had spiritual epiphany or attitude makeover, but is still annoying prat who does not deserve my time or attention.

1:11 pm.

He looks quite angry with me. Perhaps should apologize…?

1:30 pm. Common Room.

Of course did not apologize to annoying self centred prat. Instead have retreated to Gryffindor common room without spending my precious breath trying to communicate with block head. Also am v. proud of self for not taking any satisfaction from his attempts to apologize to me as I stormed away.

Was especially amusing when librarian Madame Pince shouted at him to sit down and shut up, or otherwise he would have to leave the library. Madame Pince is sometimes brilliant.

Hm. Remus Lupin has entered common room and joined me on the couch. (Keeping respectful distance obviously as am Girlfriend-of-Best-Friend to him as well, and Remus Lupin is quite the gentleman.)

"Hello Remus. How are you today." Am v. proud of how friendly I sound as am not in the best mood right now, re: Sirius Black.

"Urgh. Not doing too well to tell you the truth Lil. I'm feeling a little bogged down. NEWT year and all." He really doesn't look too well. Although Remus Lupin does often look ill. Wonder if he has some chronic illness? Do not ask of course, as that would be rude and tactless. Instead continue conversation about dreaded end of year exam as I had thought all this time that I was the only one in seventh year who had given them any thought whatsoever so early in the term.

"I know exactly what you mean! It's so hard to keep up with everything already, and it's only October! I felt like I was the only one panicking about this!"

"Well, rest assured that you are not." Hm. Adore Remus Lupin in Best-Friend-of-Boyfriend way. It is comforting to know that I am not alone in my insanity, and that others do in fact need to study to earn top marks, unlike those who pass through school effortlessly like James Potter and Sirius Black. Or maybe am wrong? Maybe Sirius Black is in fact also worried about NEWTs and that is the reason for his bizarre behavior and rudeness of this morning?

Brought this idea up to Remus Lupin, who then laughed aloud. Suppose thought was insanely wrong and out of line with reality as we know it.

Suggested we play chess to take our minds off stressful studies as we were not getting any work done anyway.

2:30 pm.

Have found out that I am bloody terrible at chess. Or perhaps it is that Remus Lupin is just very good? Did not think that my skills were this bad. Always win against James Potter.

Have not seen hide nor hair of James Potter all day.

Oh well. Am independent and understanding girlfriend who does not need to base her life upon the activities of her man.

2:35 pm.

Oooh. Portrait hole opening up. Maybe James Potter!

2:36 pm.

Was Sirius Black storming in angrily. He sent grumpy glares towards Remus Lupin and self and then without a word, headed upstairs to the boy's dormitories thus proving that men can and do have their own version of pms. This is unforgivably rude, not to self of course, but Remus Lupin is best friend of Sirius Black (joint with Peter Pettigrew and James Potter obviously) He must have some giant stick up his arse to be so utterly ignorant and self-centred. Brought this up to Remus Lupin, who did not seem sufficiently angry with Black.

"Well he has been acting oddly lately, but I don't think he's really angry at us. Just that time of month I guess." He said with a shrug.

"What time of month? The full moon?" At this, it should be noted that Remus Lupin blanched in inexplicable and suspicious fashion giving impression that comment was spot on, like had discovered naughty secret. Hm.

"Actually, I was making a joke. You know, 'that time of month', very unobvious and sexist of me I suppose." Ooooh! I get it NOW! Will not take offense to comment however, as have been entertaining the same idea myself. In fact, why I had jumped to the idea of full moon in the first place is bizarre, yet seemingly clever. Perhaps Black's evil mood swing has something to do with the full moon? Suddenly find self considering effects that full moon can have on person, other than…. But of course Black couldn't be…

Face must have betrayed thoughts as Remus Lupin's eyes widened suddenly at self and he suggested we go down to dinner.

So that was it. Remus Lupin's reactions must be confirmation of previous thoughts. (which is bizarre feeling, as if Remus Lupin could read thoughts, which is ridiculous. As precaution however, will stop self from thinking about James Potter when in presence of Remus Lupin.)

Everything suddenly made sense! Sirius Black must be a werewolf! He is grouchy because the full moon is coming soon, and Remus is tired because of course he, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew must have been up all night dealing with their friend who must be completely distraught over upcoming change!

This is horrible, just horrible!

Hehehe just love paranoid journal entries. So, now's the part of the story where the author begs her readers to give her some crumb of hope that she is not completely talent less. Review… review… please please review….