Lily Evans's Diary

By Loops (formerly redluxx)

Summary: A week in the life of Lily Evans…

Disclaimer: Don't own any of the characters except for Jillian Snapson, Maira Marsh and Becca. Nor do I own any of the settings. I am not being paid, and if I am sued turnout will reflect this.

A/N I really am bad about updating my stories. I had written this a long time ago, but never got around to actually uploading it. I think this story needs to go through a major upheaval. None of the chapters are ending in the right places and I need to start updating to keep reader interest. I plan on sorting all of this out.

Summary: encounters with clueless "secret lover": 2, number of giggles and whispers aimed in my direction: too many to count, number of she-devil sightings: 1

Continued to stare like round -eyed lizard-type creature into the face of the devil himself for at least five minutes before his smile faded and he decided to finally say something.

"Really Lil, the constant staring is freaking me out."

Odd that Black notices me staring and yet he is completely oblivious to the entire crowd that is the Great Hall with their eyes glued to the two of us.

"So where's your lover-boy?" Black asked before shoving a forkful of potatoes into his mouth.

So he does not know about James getting told off yet. That at least makes him seem a little more innocent in having spread the terrible terrible rumour that was being whispered from ear to ear.

And he just said the word lover-boy

Does he not realize that any tiny thing could be seen by the general public to be well hidden sarcasm or very subtle innuendo?

Was about to reply when noticed myself the group of Hufflepuff third years that must have escaped James Potters's wrath staring at me from behind Black's back. Found I could not speak and instead decided to give Black v. unfriendly glare.

Obviously Black did not get the message as things only got worse.

"What is wrong with you Evans? You put your knickers on backwards or something?"

I swear I could hear the collective gasp.

Oh this is just terrible. Everyone is talking and staring and pointing.

My eyes are burning, I have to go before I cry.

12:50 p.m.

Thankfully, Black does not have a chivalrous bone in his body, and did not follow.

God that would have been terrible.

Have spent the whole of the lunch period in dorm hiding, but it is now time for Charms. Have decided that the only course of action is to go to class and act completely normal, although there are things that need doing asap.

1.Find James Potter and assure self that he knows he is the only one for me

2.Think of a way of doing that without enlarging his swollen head even more.

3.Find Black and hit him very hard. (numerous benefits including 1. Have always harboured secret desire to knock him on his bottom 2. Will hopefully reinforce to public my general dislike for Black 3. Will serve as revenge just in case he is the one spreading terrible lies!

4.Find the person (if not Black) who did this and introduce them to the bat-bogey hex.

In fact, finding James Potter and Sirius Black will not be too difficult as we have Charms class together.

1:00 p.m - Charms Class

Feeling very down for being in Charms. Normally a very happy class as it is my best.

Have taken seat in front row that is normally occupied by Becca on right, James Potter on left, Sirius Black on his left, and Peter Pettigrew at far end of row. It is generally nice being beside boyfriend and best friend at same time.

Not as much fun when boyfriend and best friend are late.

Actually, am really not surprised as James Potter and Becca are often late. For everything in fact.

Still does not excuse the fact that they have left me alone with Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, and with an audience of Slytherins no less.

"Hello Lily. I was wondering if you would help me with my homework. You're just so easy. Oh! I mean, you make it look so easy."

1:10 p.m.

Was Jillian Snapson of course. Like she could call anyone easy…

Not like my plan to ignore her could actually work with Sirius Black in the general vicinity. The conversation that followed went something like this:

SB: Shove off Barbie.

JS: Oh please! Defending her virtue now are we? (snickers all around of course.)

SB: Like you're one to talk.

JS : Oooh! That one hurt. Couldn't come up with something just a tad more original Black?

SB: If the shoe fits… you'd snog it.

JS : Wretch!

SB: Harlot!

JS : Dog!

SB: You know it.

Becca: Don't we all! (yay! Becca has arrived! Love Becca beyond words!)

SB: (to Becca of course,) You don't know the half of it. You would just love my tail.

Becca: (to Black) Already do.

Jillian Snapson left with a huff. Sirius Black does not find her as interesting as Becca by half.

REALLY REALLY looooooooovvvvvvveeeee Becca.

Honestly! How can anyone possibly think that Black was at all interested in self when he was so constantly flirting with every girl who was not me. Namely Becca who would never give him a chance on a cold day in Hell, but indulges him just the same, returning his flirting tenfold.

Kind of a tease really.

And that's all I have for now folks… A meagre offering, I know. I swear I'm trying to get back into this story and I promise there will be more.

Ms Lippy: Glad you find it funny, humour's always hard to write. As far as the thinking of Sirius like that… I don't mean in a serious way of course, but in a 'he's oh so annoying but can't help but think he's cute sometimes' way. Of course her one true love and the object of her complete lustiness is James. I think that I write Sirius as a guy that I would be crushin' on, therefore I can't imagine that Lily wouldn't have found him yummy too because I identify with her so much in a story like this. I promise there will be no Sirius/Lily lovin, but can you really blame her for thinking he's cute? Sorry if I confused you.

Teenbibliophile12: Glad you're intrigued… if you're still going to read this. I'm really sorry this is taking so long. I swear I do have a plot, and yes… isn't it just exciting to see what Sirius will have to do with it evil smirk I basically know what's going on, but I could always change my mind down the line. I hope he didn't do anything too bad… hehehe

Caffeine: Honestly, I posted this just for you. I have a tendency to read older fics too, but I rarely review the unfinished ones because I just assume that the author will never look at it. It made me really happy to see that someone still wants to know what is going on in my version of Hogwarts '77. I'm planning to keep this one going, and I hope you will keep reading.