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Train whistles filled the air as Draconis Julius Malfoy the second stepped out of a black Bentley. Muggles stopped and watched as the sixteen year old boy was ushered through the station by three large men in black suits. Bodyguards by order of his father. Draco brushed some of his hair from his eyes and sighed deeply, they would escort him the entire way to the Hogwarts express and wait until the train left before they would return to the Wilshire manor. Draco glanced behind him and noticed that Potter and the Weasley clan were walking a bit behind him. He sneered and turned to face forward again, just as a teenage girl and a large group of her friends came hurtling towards him.
"Ohmagod, can I have your autograph ohmagod," She screamed loudly and shoved pad of paper and a pen at him, her friends all began screaming nonsense at him and soon a small crowd had formed. Draco yelped as one clawed at his arm, he looked at one of the bodyguards and they tried to hold back some of the people. "What in hell do they want to see that git for?" Ron asked, trying to shove his way towards the wall through the thickening crowd of young girls and women.
"He's a model, seventeen covers in the past three months. They're all about him now, every designer in the muggle world wants him as the face of their new lines. It's crazy," Hermione handed them a copy of Witch Weekly with the Slytherin' s face splashed across the cover.
"He's not even attractive! I'm better looking than-"
"He's a lot better looking than you are, it's in his genetics," Hermione said, watching as men nearly threw girls out of their path.
"What? You really thing Malfoy's attractive? Honestly Hermione, that's just sick," Ron blanched.
"He's a Veela Ron, everyone finds him attractive, he just came into his heritage in June, from his sixteenth birthday and all. Don't you read?" "No, and I'm surprised you know when his birthday is too, what are you, one of his fan-girls"
"Really Ron, Veela come to heritage when they turn sixteen, since he's been this wanted for three months it's obvious to assume his birthday is in June, three months and all," Hermione said, rolling her eyes.
"Oh," Harry stifled a laugh at how dumb Ron must have felt. Hermione rolled her eyes once again and began to shove her trolly down the station, leaving the two boys in her wake. "Come on Ron, don't want you to get yelled at for loitering back here," Harry nudged his friend and they set off after the girl. They got to the platform and saw the bodyguards talking to Malfoy who was leaning out the window, he was nodding to them and looking annoyed about having to do so. Malfoy gave a motion for them to give him something and one of the guards grudgingly removed a silver Zippo from his pocket and handed it up to the blonde. The Veela smirked and pulled back into his compartment.
"Stupid git," Ron growled, he threw his trunk into the storage and helped Hermione with hers and then Harry with his. The trio climbed onto the train and sat in a compartment, silently waiting for the train to start.
"I'm sick of it Theodore, absolutely sick of all these screaming children launching at me like I'm a sodding piece of meat. It's disgusting, and terrifying. I'm not even trying, if girls our age are like this, how will the younger years be at school? I'll never get any work done," a voice outside their compartment said. It had a slow drawl and obviously belonged to Malfoy. Ron sputtered a laugh and Hermione shot him a glare. The door slid open and Malfoy took a step in before he really noticed them.
"Hello ferret-boy, can we help you?" Ron asked.
"There's nothing you can do Weasel-bee. Where's little weaselette? I expect to see her wearing your hand-me-downs any day now," Malfoy leant again the door and gave a terrible smirk. Strands of white hair fell casually down into his eyes and he gave a single shake of his head and expelled them to their original place.
"Shut-up Malfoy, you don't have a right to talk about my sister," Ron jumped up.
"Really? She's not worth talking about anyway, there are some things that are loads more entertaining to make fun of," Malfoy looked between Ron and Hermione and smirked. He turned and left, the door slid shut of its own accord. Ron looked horrified, he turned to Hermione and she raised her eyebrows and shook her head, trying to prove she knew nothing.
The way Harry knew nothing about what they were talking about. "What's going on you guys? I'm totally lost," Harry put a hand on Ron's shoulder and brought him back down to the seat.
"Ok, Hermione and I, well we finally started going steady. Early this summer, we didn't tell you because we thought you'd get mad," Ron looked nervous. Harry counted a silent ten before he nodded.
"I'm glad for you," Harry smiled reassuringly.
"That's not all," Hermione said.
"That's not all?"
" 'Mione is pregnant," Ron said, fidgeting.
"PREGNANT?!" Harry jumped from his seat, he looked between them and slumped back into his seat. "How did this happen?"
"Well, we're not sure, well, we know how it happened but not really...oh we don't really know, but it did. I don't know how Malfoy found out but I already told my parents and Hermione's told hers, we're going to get married soon Harry. Before the baby is born," Ron moved to sit next to Hermione, he held her hand and looked worn from the stress already.
"We're sixteen, what were you two thinking? You can't keep the child, much less get married. We're still in school, there's a war about to start! I don't get it, Hermione, you're responsible, how did you let it happen?" Harry bent over and put his head in his hands.
"I didn't Harry, but now that is has, I'm glad it did, I'm ready to have a baby, and I love Ron. Everything will be fine. Harry, really, just trust us. Besides, we want you to be the godfather," Hermione gave a smile. Harry jerked his head up and broke into a soft smile. "Really?"
"Of course, you're our best friend, why wouldn't we want you to be the godfather?" Ron reached across and patted his friend on the shoulder.
"Are you two sure about this?"
"I'm scared out my wits, but I'm ready," Ron said.
"So am I," Hermione nodded.
Malfoy burst into the compartmen. "What?! You're sixteen, you can't honestly be ready to have a child. You're a pissy know-it-all and he's a loud cowardly slacker. Your child will be a demented little cretin! I was kidding about knowing you two were together! But you two honestly think you can have a child? It's difficult enough for people who have jobs, houses and incomes, but your in school, poor and involved in a war. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of," Malfoy growled, he waved his hand at them as he yelled.
"It's none of your business Malfoy, you're not involved in this!" Ron stood to push him out.
"No, it is my business, you know why? Because a child in the castle means danger for us all, of there is a newborn here and a pregnant girl at that, Voldemort will be more prone to attacking us because we have a weak point that would need to be evacuated, so our forces would be split watching the child to safety and protecting the castle. Got it? The child will do nothing but bring the Dark Lord to us faster, he's desperate, he'll come, and soon," Malfoy yelled back, he whirled around and left, the door slammed shut and the window pane shattered. Hermione jumped and then gave a sigh. She flicked her wand and the window replaced itself.
"What does that git know about having children? God, I hate him!" Ron paced back through the compartment.
"I was just thinking Ron, he is a git, but he does have some good points, we are really much to young," Hermione said, she looked at him nervously, waiting an answer.
"I know, that's what I'm scared of," Ron nodded in agreement. Harry looked at them in astonishment.
"No! No, you said you were ready and you are! You can't let him convince you not to have a child. Ron, what if it's a gorgeous little baby girl? How would you feel if you lost that? Watching her ride a broom for the first time? The expression on your mum's face when she says her first word and takes her first step? You'll miss so much if you don't have her. You have to," Harry stood and tried to talk sense into them. Partially because he wanted this child to be happy, but more because he didn't want Malfoy to be right.
"I know Harry, but, I don't want to have this child and then loose it to the war and miss all of those things. What if we have her or him and then Voldemort gets them? What then? That would be so much worse," Hermione stood with him.
"You won't loose your child to the war, I'll make sure of it, I promise," Harry put a hand on either friend's shoulder, he drew them into a hug and he felt Hermione start to cry.
"Okay, we'll have the baby, for sure," Hermione nodded and Ron smiled at her. "
Good," Harry smiled at them.