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Title: Chasing the Forbidden

Chapter 1:

So Not Fair

"Sexy rack alert! Sexy rack alert!" Harry whispered urgently to his best friend, Ron, from where he sat, cross legged, propped against a maple tree.

"Where?! Where?!" asked Ron, scanning Malkin High's school property fervently.

"You know, you shouldn't even be doing this, Ron." stated Neville, a portly boy who was easily intimidated. "You've got a girlfriend."

"Neville's right, you know." Added Seamus, looking for a girl to drool over like the hormone-driven dog that he was.

"I agree," Dean added, not really paying attention, but just saying it to agree with Seamus, as he always did.

"Hey, stop ganging up on me!" Ron whined, still searching for the girl which Harry had previously mentioned. "Ugh, forget it! I can't find her! I'll just look for someone else," Ron grumbled.

Harry laughed at his best friend's addictive need to goggle over teenage girls' well-framed bodies. It was even more intense than Harry's own obsession over girls. Of course, Harry enjoyed watching girls as well, but at least he didn't have a girlfriend; Ron did. It wasn't wrong for Harry to stare at girls wantonly.

However, as much as he new that it was wrong for Ron to stare at other girls while currently involved in a relationship, he couldn't help but take pleasure in the moments where Ron got into trouble for not holding any control over his hormones, which, Harry could tell, was about to happen.

Ron found the perfect girl to stare at, as she started slowly walking past them. Perfect girl in the sense of her figure, but not in who the person actually was: Lavender, Ron's ex-girlfriend.

Being the troublemaker she was, she stopped to let Ron get a better view of her, and smiled sinisterly, which only served in making Ron stare even more.

"That is one sexy ass," Ron muttered to himself, not knowing that his girlfriend, a bushy-haired girl named Hermione, had walked up right behind him. She glared, before doing what she always did to her boyfriend whenever she thought he was behaving like a moronic ass hole, which, by the way, was just about every minute of the day.

"Ow! Damn it, woman! What the bloody hell was that for?!" Ron asked as he rubbed the sore spot on his head, where Hermione had hit him, and quite painfully, at that.

"For being a complete arse." Hermione stated, matter-of-factly.

Harry simply chuckled to himself as he watched the scene play out. He was used to this sort of thing by now, and he knew exactly what was going to happen next.

"Aw... don't get jealous, Hermione. You can't blame a guy for knowing when he sees something worth his while. I mean, it's not like he gets to see it every day, being as he has you for a girlfriend." said Lavender, whose "sexy ass" had been the magnet to attract Ron's eyes just moments before.

"Oh yeah?! Then why did he leave you for me, you idiotic whore! Honestly, you're a fuc-"

"Okay, I think that's enough for today," Harry interrupted, standing up and quickly brushing off some grass from his jeans. "Erm ... Hermione, why don't we go for a walk over there and look at the pretty flowers?" Harry asked, in a pitiful attempt to avoid what could easily become the "cat fight" of the century.

"Ooh! She makes me so mad!" Hermione said angrily, once she thought they had walked far enough so that they couldn't be heard by the others.

"I know, I know. But you can't just-"

"Oh my God," Hermione said, breathlessly.

"What?" Harry asked, too curious to care that Hermione had just ignored what he'd been saying.

"Over there," Hermione whispered, as if someone where trying to listen over their shoulders.

Harry followed Hermione's gaze to find a young man with platinum blond hair. Although Harry was a guy, he could tell that this man was attractive.

"Who is he?" Harry asked aloud.

"He's the most gorgeous man I've ever seen, that's who," Hermione sighed, with a dreamy look on her face.

"You do realize, of course, that you have a boyfriend, don't you?" Harry asked with a cheeky smirk.

"Boyfriend? What boyfriend?" She answered, with a sneer.

Obviously, Hermione was still mad at Ron.

Harry simply shook his head with a smile, and went back to studying the blonde young man, who currently stood at the school entrance, speaking to the principle, Mr. Dumbledore.

His hair was neatly gelled back, reaching the nape of his neck. He stood tall at a height of about 6' 2" from Harry's estimation. He didn't wear a full suit, as most boring teachers at Malkin High so often did, but instead, a neatly pressed collared-shirt, blue button-up with fitted, beige slacks. He was definitely young; perhaps just out of college.

'But could he really be a teacher?' Harry thought to himself. He didn't remember any teachers retiring or getting fired. A student...?

"Do you think he's a new student?"

"No way! He's much too old!" Hermione exclaimed. "He must be at least in his early twenties."

"But none of the teachers have retired or anything..."

"Maybe not, but how could you possibly explain him being a student at the age he must be?" Hermione asked, preparing herself for whatever stupid answer Harry was able to come up with. She needed a good laugh, anyway, after her little mishap with Ron.

"Maybe he got left back one too many times," Harry tried, dumbly.

Hermione simply rolled her eyes. She couldn't very well get angry with Harry. She had, after all, walked herself straight into that one.

They continued to stare at the blonde-haired young man curiously, until, suddenly, his head turned in the direction of the two, causing a half surprised, half frightened gasp to escape from the two.

The man gave a seductive smile, before turning his attention back to their principle.

"Oh my God! He totally smiled at me! Did you see it, Harry?!" Hermione exclaimed, excitedly.

"Yeah..." Harry answered, slowly. He could have sworn the man had been staring directly at him. He quickly shrugged off the idea. There was absolutely no reason for why the man would have been staring at him, anyway.

"Look," Hermione said, shaking Harry's shoulder. "They stopped talking." And indeed, they had.

Mr. Dumbledore was walking away, leaving the young blonde alone. The man's gaze quickly returned to his previous target of interest. As his eyes locked with Harry's, he began to walk toward the two students with that same, seductive smile on his face.

Harry, who was beginning to panic, quickly tore his eyes away from the other man. He didn't know why, but he was really beginning to feel an odd tingle fluttering in his stomach, and quickly floating up toward his chest. But Harry couldn't just leave Hermione without any excuse.

Fortunately, though, at that very moment, the school bell rang, signaling the end of lunch, and allowing Harry to quickly escape to class, dragging Hermione with him.

Harry was glad to be walking down the school halls, and away from that man- not that it was much better. Harry wasn't daydreaming about the man or anything, that would just be silly. However, he had a fluttery feeling following him around, and every time he tried to figure out the cause for this feeling, he would remember the man.

Like now, for instance. Harry quickly, and quite literally, shook his head hazardously, trying to take his mind off the feeling once again.

"Hey, there. Are you alright?" Came an amused voice from somewhere off to Harry's right.

Harry quickly looked up to see the person who had caught him in such an embarrassing act, only to wish he hadn't. It was Him.

"Erm...yes, I'm fine. I've got to get to class." Harry muttered in a rush, as he dashed passed the man.

...Gray. That was the color of the man's eyes. Harry hadn't gotten a good look when they'd been outside, but just now, he'd seen them. A shade of gray he'd never seen before. They were...nice.

Harry made a disgusted look as he continued walking to his next class. Nice? What was that all about. He didn't think his own, forest green eyes were nice, and now he was admiring some stranger's eyes? Wait-admiring? No, no. More like...just observing.

Yes, yes. He wasn't necessarily saying that the man's eyes were nice and crooning over the idea, simply stating an objective fact. 'Yes, that's all.' He thought to himself. Harry gave himself a reassuring nod, as he entered his classroom: literature.

Harry couldn't help the smile that crawled its way across Harry's lips. Literature was, after all, his favorite subject. He didn't particularly like the teacher who taught it, Ms. Kramer, however. She was a stingy old woman who always reminded him, slightly, of a vampire caught in the middle of transforming into a bat. She had an evil cackle she liked to practice on students who forgot to do their assignments as often as she could, and she scrutinized every little thing anyone did- no wonder she wasn't married.

"Harry, over here." Called Ron, from a seat to the left of the classroom, and in the first row.

"Ron, why do you always get seats in the front of the class? You know I don't like Ms. Kramer." Harry asked sullenly, as he reluctantly forced himself to sit in the seat next to his best friend.

"Because, Harry, mate, this side of the room has the best window view." Ron answered, slyly.

Harry raised a questioning eye brow, and looked out the window to see the supposed "wonderful view" for himself. He slapped the palm of his hand against his forehead; he should have known. Living in the sunny area that they did, students were occasionally allowed to have gym outside, on the Malkin High grounds.

Just a few yards away from the window, there were several girls stretching in ways that showed off some particularly... appealing body parts. Harry gave Ron a look that simply said, 'You've got to be kidding me.'

Ron simply gave an innocent smile- or at least, as innocent as it could be, cast across Ron's lips.

Hermione walked into the room just then, and stiffly took a seat on the right of Harry, making sure to make it perfectly clear to Ron that she was still angry with him. However, being as used to this treatment as he was, Ron simply rolled his eyes and went back to staring at the girls outside, which earned him a very annoyed "Humph," from Hermione.

"He is such an arse," Hermione whispered to Harry.

"I know, Hermione. I know."

"Hey!" Ron exclaimed indignantly.

"Sorry, mate. But quite frankly, I'm more scared of her, than I am of you."

After a moment of consideration, Ron answered with a nonchalant, "Understandable."

While Ron continued to gaze out, beyond the window, Hermione and Harry immersed themselves into a discussion of a book Harry had just recently read, to which held a quote that Harry didn't quite understand the meaning of. Just as Harry was beginning to truly understand Hermione's explanation of the quote's meaning, they were interrupted by a sound coming from the door.


All the students quickly turned their heads toward Mr. Dumbledore, knowing that he wanted their attention. Mr. Dumbledore smiled at Harry, one of his favorite pupils, just before he began speaking aloud.

"Now, class, I know you all love your literature teacher, Ms. Kramer, dearly..."

A few students shifted in their seats at that comment, knowing fully well that, that was most definitely not what they thought about Ms. Kramer.

Mr. Dumbledore continued, oblivious to the reaction of the students. "However, it turns out that her daughter has just had a child, and would like for her mother, Ms. Kramer, to come and stay with her for a few months. It's her first child, don't you know?" The principle asked rhetorically, with a smile.

"So...?" Ron asked, not understanding the point of that entire speech.

"So...we have, of course, allowed Ms. Kramer to leave us for the rest of the year, as it is already March, and you will now have a substitute in her place." Mr. Dumbledore answered.

A rush of curious whispers washed over the classroom.

"Who do you think it could be?"

"Oh, no. Substitutes are always worse than the teachers! I don't know if I can stand anything worse than Ms. Kramer!"

"Do you think it could be one of her relatives?"

"Jeez, I'd like to take a bloody break for four months..."

"Hush now, class." The principle commanded.

"But, Principle Dumbledore, if we are to have a substitute, where is she?" A girl from the back of the room inquired, curiously.

"Actually, he is supposed to be here now. However, it is his first day in this school, so I suppose he must have gotten lost. Ah, which reminds me. He is new to this school, and I would like you to all make him feel welcome. Yes, he is a teacher, but he still needs time to adapt to this new environment, just as you did, your first year here at Malkin High. This is his first job as a teacher, and I would hate for his first impression of this profession to be a bad one. Understood?"

"Yeeees..." the students all mumbled out monotonously.

"Good. Now- ah, here you are, Mr. Malfoy." The old man stated with a friendly smile, as a slightly ruffled blond man entered the room. "I was wondering where you had gone."

"My deepest apologies, Albus. I suppose this school really is much bigger than I first suspected." Mr. Malfoy explained.

"No worries, Mr. Malfoy, I understand that..."

The rest of what the principle said was blurred out from Harry's head. It was Him... again. Oh dear Lord, what had Harry done to deserve this? This... Mr. Malfoy, guy could have been assigned to any class- any class. But nooooo! He just had to be assigned to Harry's class, and not just any of Harry's classes. Oh, no, because you see, that would have been too easy. No, Mr. Malfoy had to be assigned to Harry's favorite class. Ugh!

This was so not fair.

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