This fic will be romantic/fluffly but also have a darker/angsty part.

Ok….I decided to try my hand at Yugioh Yaoi fanfiction. No this is not a Tea bashing fic. I'm not her biggest fan by any means (and I do find her rather annoying at times) she's still a good friend of yugi's. I don't mind fics that have her other wise…this just isn't one of them. Now I don't claim to be an expert on the series but I have seen most of the stuff up through what they are currenly showing on WB. I've also found a site that allowed me to read what happens further on in episode sums. So yes I know that this doesn't completely align with cannon material

Spoiler for end of series

including the fact yami leaves n such


But hey Shrugs this is fanfiction after all. Anyway the main pairing is Yugi/Yami Marik. Others are Mai/Joey, Serenity/Tristan, Duke/Ryou, Bakura/Tea, Yami/Seto. I will probably pair up Malik with someone…just haven't decide who yet (will not be oc!) Maybe some can help make a suggestion. tries to think up possiblities anyway on with the fic please tell me how you liked it.

Yugi took the pale hand lying in the bed beside him and closed his eyes. A single tear fell down his cheek. He had to stay strong, but all the tubes and wires flowing out of the body didn't help. He placed his head on the bed.

It was a simple winter day. Yugi was late coming home from school because he had been placed on the planning committee for the Senior prom. They had just had a two hour long argument on who would be the DJ and again Yugi had been the neutral party. Eventually getting them to agree that this was a romantic dance and not the kind they usually threw after basketball games.

Though honestly even though he was helping to plan it Yugi wasn't planning on going to the prom. It was a couple's thing and well Yugi didn't have another half. And doubt he ever would. He was a councilor and a good friend. You know the kind the ones that make such a good friend you couldn't bare to loose them so you fend off all idea of anything more and go in search of someone else.

Most of the rest of the group had someone else. Joey and Mai were the first couple to hook up. It was obvious to everyone who knew them that it would just be a matter of time. And with Joey happy in love he slacked off a bit with his sister. Who had ended up with Tristan. She kept apologizing to Duke but he just smiled and said it was ok. They'd later find out that he had been dating Ryou for a while now. That was an interesting day actually.

Yugi's PoV

Me Joey and Ryou had 'discovered' Yami and Seto. It was this fancy tournament on a cruise ship Seto had set up. Of course he is the one that assigned the sleeping quarters and yep he and Yami shared a room. I was a little suspicious at that to begin with but it made sense later. I was to room with Ryou. Anyway I needed to find Yami to give him a few things he accidentally left with me. Ryou came with me and Joey caught us in the hall. The plan being to give Yami his stuff and see if he wanted to get lunch with us.

Well when I got there I knocked on the door and go no answer. I knew Yami was in there so that was odd. I called to him still nothing. Then I heard a scream. It sounded like it came from Seto. I tried the door- unlocked and flew in.

Now according to most people I was suppose to be innocent enough not to understand what to men like that were doing. Seto's legs up over Yami's the sheets tangled about them. But I'm not as innocent as most people make me out to be.

They still hadn't noticed us. Joey was in shock. I took his arm and pulled him out of the room Ryou though just blushed and walked out with him. I sat Yami's stuff down inside the door. We would have a talk later about this.

We end up finding out that the tournament was a one year anniversary celebration for the two. And upon finding out the group (including Joey after he snapped out of it) was ok with it Ryou and Duke came out as well.

Normal PoV

Even Tea and Bakura had paired up. As Yami put it "It took the friendship queen to tame the tomb robber" But back to the story at hand. As this isn't about how the others found love. This is about how are little Yugi found it.

Now on this normal winter day Yugi was walking home alone. He'd been alone a lot more lately. Being the only one single. He didn't mind though he was truly happy for the others. He shivered a bit and pulled his coat closer too him. Walking past the shops and seeing the other nameless couples Yugi had to admit that he was a little lonely.

Head turned down he picked up his pace not even noticing when he ran into someone. He tried to balance himself but to late he went down on top of them. "Sorry" he exclaimed as he stood up not noticing who he had ran over then extended a had to the person he had knocked over.

At first sight he thought it had been Malik, Ishizu's brother and fellow hikari. But then he took in the features and realized it had been Marik. Yugi was about to jump expecting him to explode with anger but he just sat there and sighed. A sad look on his face. He took Yugi's hand and stood.

Yugi pressing all sense aside couldn't feel any danger from the situation. Part of him was telling him he should run and run hard the other part though. The stronger part told him this is exactly where he should be.

"What are you doing here back in town?" Yugi asked leaving "not going to cause problems are you?" part out of the question.

Marik looked at Yugi. "You probably wont believe me after what I did but I'm here to watch over Malik and Ishizu. They moved here earlier this week into that house pointing across the street. I realized what I had done to them to you was wrong but I didn't think they would forgive me. So I'm doing what I can to help protect them." He said looking down.

Yugi stood there frozen. Marik was serious there was no doubt in his mind. To others his trust might seem naïve but again he's not as naïve or innocent as people believe him to be. Few knew Yugi was an empath and he could feel the sadness and loneliness radiating from him.

At that moment Yugi through caution to the wind and wrapped his arms around Marik. "I believe you" he said in a simple whisper. And in that whisper his and Marik's whole life changed. Yugi stepped back and watched as the unshed tears in Marik's face started to fall. He simply took his hand and started to pull on him.

"Common lets go get something to eat." He said.

Marik looked up at him. "You mean you want to hang out with me?" he said shocked.

"Why not?" Yugi said with his signature smile.

Marik couldn't help it he smiled back "Now that's much better. Common" Yugi turned to pull him along and Marik followed.

"Anything imparticular you're hungry for?" Yugi said letting go of Marik's had and falling in beside him.

"Um…I've always wanted to try pizza" the Egyptian stated.

"Then pizza it is!" Yugi exclaimed.

Marik couldn't remember being happier. And it continued like this for a few months. Yugi would hang out with Marik while his friends spent time with their loved ones. Yugi tried to talk Marik into talking to the others, including Malik and Ishizu. But fear of rejection from the group kept him from it. And Yugi don't push it. Honestly not sure how his friends would react. They had been scared my Marik.

So Yugi grew to enjoy his time with Marik greatly. He felt relaxed in the others presence in a way he wasn't around his other friends. Marik didn't expect him to constantly be happy and cheerful. He was able to release his worries and fears finally. They would play duel monsters (yugi normally won). Amongst other games. Watch movies. Even just sit in each others presences and read.

"Hey Marik you know how to fight right?" said Yugi off handly one day.

"Well ummm..yah…why?" Marik said confused.

"Teach me please?" said Yugi on his knees.

"If…you want…But are you sure? The only style I know is ancient Egyptian…you could really get hurt…."said Marik.

"I trust you not to hurt me Marik….and I'm not that weak you know. Plus I have to learn something to be able to enter the program I want to in college." Yugi blushed.

Marik blinked "And what has our little Yugi decided to be?" he teased as Yugi blushed harder.


"What was that?" Marik said with a grin.

"Video game designer……" said Yugi finally putting his head down waiting to be laughed at..

"Hmm I bet you would be good at it." Marik thoughtfully.

"You really think so? I've been afraid to tell people that because I'm afraid they'd laugh at me…there are so many in the field…..and most thinking I'm going to waste my life playing games of some sort or another" Yugi said with a sigh.

"Hey if it's really what you want to do I'll support you, and I know your grandpa and other friends will too. You have the imagination and the calculated mind needed to succeed in that business. "Marik placed his hand on Yugi's should physically showing his support.

"Thanks that means a lot coming from you Marik." Yugi said quietly. the blush still on his face.

"Hehe my opinion shouldn't matter that much. Remember I'm the crazy psycho Yami who wanted to take over the world. I am happy to help though. But why do you need to know martial arts to get into the program?" Marik said confused.

Yugi shook his head "Don't say things like that Marik…you're a completely different person now. A good person if even if you wont let anyone else but me know it. As for why I need training its one of the pre recs. For the program seeing as so many people want to get into it. Something about being better able to understand the human body with that kind of training…the flow and such. "

"We've had this conversation a thousand times." Marik sighed. "I'll concede today" as his sigh turned to a grin. "but I'll be happy to help you out Yugi." As the smile reached his eyes glad he could bring joy to the only one who could bring it to him.

Then Yugi by instinct did something that would change their relationship forever. After muttering "Thank You" to the Egyptian blonde he lean up on his toes and kissed him…not on the cheek or forehead…but on the lips. But as soon as he did it he realized what he had done. He pulled back his blush returning with a vengeance as his quickly muttered 'sorry' and turned to go.

Marik was shocked by the action and thus froze unable to move until Yugi was a good two feet away from him. He did see the tears brimming in the boy's eyes as he reached up and touched his lips. Then as his foots steps sounded Marik was smacked back into reality. As he looked Yugi was quickly moving away.

Marik broke out in a run to catch the boy by the hand. "Dear Ra please don't be sorry" Marik said as he swung Yugi around, now noticing the tears in his eyes.

Yugi just looked up at Marik with confusion in his eyes. "I don't think I could take it if you were sorry." Marik said. The kiss had released feelings deep inside, locked up so tight he didn't know he had them. Subconsciously knowing they could cause him harm.

Yugi wiped the tears forming from his eyes, and stared up at Marik, almost frightened by the sheer emotion showing in the usually masked eyes. It made him gasp and he felt Marik's lips upon his again.

This time the kiss wasn't as hasty as the last time. Yugi tentatively wrapped his arms around Marik as Marik did the same to them. Not breaking till they both needed air. They pulled apart- arms still wrapped around each other. Looking upon each other until Yugi's legs collapsed and he leans his head on Marik's chest.

"I've wanted to do that for so long…" Yugi sighed as Marik's stroked his angel's hair.

Marik's heart swelled he didn't deserve this precious creature that had fallen from heaven and saved him. But yet here he was holding the angel in his arms.

"Does this mean I can call you my boyfriend?" Marik asked.

Yugi's heart skipped a beat.."Of course" he said capturing Marik's lips again.

Marik held him tighter. Trying to mark him with his very soul. He knew at that moment if he ever lost Yugi he would loose his life.

Yugi pulled back and then placed his head again on Marik's chest. "Well this is certainly going to make the lessons interesting." He said while issuing a giggle.

"What!?! I would never take advantage of a student…even one as beautiful as you." Marik said with a smile on his face.

But Yugi's face fell a little bit.

"What is it?" Marik said his voice turning to concern.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful?" Yugi said.

"Yes, and I think I always have…" He said


Ok chappie end! Gawh its so fluffy! I didn't know I could write such fluff but apparently I can….but more angst (and fluff) to come. So stay tune and please review and save the little bunnies thanx