I don't own Love Hina, nor do I claim to. They are the rights of Ken Akamatsu.

By the way, this story takes place shortly after the end of the manga series, which I managed to find out ends in 2005.

Chapter 1: A New Landlord?!


The Destined Arrival

It is a quiet afternoon in the Kanagawa prefecture. Just then, a dying car pulls to the side of the road. With a final sputter, the engine dies. This is where our story begins…

Brandon: Crap… Aaaaand the reaper finally get this car…heh.

Peter (getting up while playing his Nintendo DS): Gah! You mean to tell me that you're a Miyamoto and you get a piece of shit car? Weak…

Brandon (glares at Peter): …voyeur…


May: Umm… maybe that inn has a phone?

Brandon: We do have cell phones. (All check their cells and see that they have no signal) Never mind…

They walk up to the entrance and knock.

Brandon: Hello is anyone there?

A 20-year old woman with short black hair peeks through the opening.

????: Sorry, men aren't allowed here…

Brandon: We just need to use your phone, miss.

The girl ponders his request, and opens the door. She is wearing an apron with flour on her t-shirt and pants.

????: Alright then, if its just for that…

Brandon: Thank you. Our car broke down and we can't seem to get a signal with our cells. We'll just be in and out.

????: Okay, but you two guys should stay in the kitchen. (She points to May) Your sister?

Brandon & Peter: Yes.

????: Just wondering. She can wait in the lounge if she wants.

May: Um…Actually (Whispers in the woman's ear).

????: Oh, down the hall, second on the left.

May: Thank you, Miss.

Peter (thinking to himself): Hehhh… she's pretty hot… bust must beeeee… "C"…

Brandon: C'mon now, Pete, we can't overstay our welcome.

Peter: Damn…

Brandon and Peter go into the kitchen, as a tenant of Hinata House comes down the stairs…topless.

????: Hey, Shinobu!

Shinobu: Yes, Himeko? O.O

Shinobu sees Himeko and gets worried, afraid that the men that just entered might see her like this.

Shinobu: Himeko, cover up! We have some people here using the phone!!!

Himeko: Figures. Su just activated her satellite scrambler… she's trying to "get some suckers", she says…

Shinobu storms upstairs. A second later, Su teleports out of nowhere and pouts.

Su: Why'dya tell her?!

Himeko: Because she's in charge as long as Mr. Urashima is gone.

Su: Pooo… Oh well, as long as I'm down here, I might as well see who I reeled in…

Suddenly, Brandon shouts from the kitchen.

Brandon: What do you mean you won't come to this residence?! It's not like there are psychos here!

Su looks at who's yelling and gasps.

Su: WOW! Holy cow! It's Brandon Miyamoto! Voice of Star Captain Alfonso!

Brandon instinctively shouts, "No, you can't have my address!!!", and cowers, as the phone falls in the sink and fizzles out.

Peter: Hahaaa! That never gets old! (Looks at Su). Whoa, you're pretty hot…

Himeko comes in (still topless) and says: Who's here, Haitani and Shirai?

She sees Su glomping Brandon and Peter, with a nosebleed, ogling her. She abruptly bashes Peter's head in, and pulls Su off of Brandon. Fortunately (for Brandon), he's passed out from lack of oxygen.

Himeko: These must be the guys Shinobu said were using the pho-

May: Brandon! Peter! Are you okay?!

May is joined by Shinobu as they both rush into the kitchen. May checks to see if they're alright.

May: Whew! They're alright! They still have that immortality thing going…

Su, Shinobu, and Himeko are all shocked: THEM TOO?!!

Just then, a familiar voice yells: We're back!

Shinobu: Sempai's back! And Naru too!

Su: Still got a thing for Keitaro, huh?

Shinobu pulls a frying pan from nowhere and chases Su and Himeko upstairs: Gyaaaaaah!

Naru: Keitaro, are you sure giving the position of landlord to the next new guy who comes in here to stay the night is a good idea? What if he's an absolute pervert? Even more than you are? I don't want unnecessary problems weighing on us as soon as we get back from our honeymoon…

Keitaro: I've got a feeling things will work out. Now wait here, I need to see what Shinobu made for dinner.

Naru: Are you sure you're not going to KISS HER? HMMMM?

Naru chuckles, as Keitaro goes into the kitchen. At the same time, Brandon wakes up from passing out. The two see each other and are immediately slack-jawed.

Keitaro: Brandon?!

Brandon: Keitaro-sempai?!

Keitaro grins, then walks over and hands Brandon the deed.

Keitaro: Congratulations, kid. You're the new landlord!

Every girl in the house goes: WHAAAAAAAATTT?!

Brandon sweatdrops: Oh boy, I think I'm in over my head now…

Yeah, Brandon and Keitaro know each other. Anyways, how do you like the story so far? Love it? Like it? Hate everything about it? I am willing to take any ideas about what to do with the characters I created (Brandon, Peter, May, Himeko, and Kaoru). Constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated, while flames will be sent into the sun. By the way, for those of you who have Final Fantasy XI Online and Playonline, I made my author name after my screen name. So if you want to talk to me directly, (or just want to hang out) feel free to find me. I'm usually on Sunday-Friday from 9pm PST to 12 am PST. Hope to meet you. If not, PLEEEEEESE LIKE MY STORY!!!