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Chapter 41: A night of love or IT'S ABOUT FING TIME.

December 31, 2006…

After having six days of celebration at the kingdom of Mol Mol, the entire gang went back to Hinata House (except for Peter, Adara, and Himeko, as they wanted to party a bit more in Mol Mol). Partied out, they all went into their respective rooms for the night, or so it seemed. Kitsune was certain that Brandon's, Shinobu's, DrgnmastrAlex's, Motoko's, and Barbara's libido were kicked into overdrive, and wanted to get rich off of them doing so. So she gathered up the remainder of the occupants at Hinata House.

Kitsune: Alright, guys. I have a feeling that there's going to be some "X"-rated things happening in their rooms, and I want to get it recorded so we can make a lot of money.

Sarah: This again? You tried to do this with Naru and the dork, and the micro-camera Su gave you broke in their bags.

Su: I've got something better this time around!

Su pulled a sheet off of a random object somewhere and started ranting about the recorder's newest features.

Kaoru: -.- (is not pleased)

Mutsumi: Does it come with DVD-ROM?

May: Where would you get an idea like that, huh?

Mutsumi: It's a recorder, so I figured that it needed something to record onto.

Kitsune: (sweatdrops)

Just then, Sasami, in her cat-girl form, came down the stairs.

Sasami: Nyaa…I'll never get used to walking….

Kitsune: Hey, Sasami. If you help us get some footage of Brandon and Shinobu doing it, I'll pay you a good portion of the cash I'll make.

Sasami: -.- No.

Sarah: Wait. You didn't say anything about giving cash to those who help. I'm in.

May: Me too. I just won't watch. XD

Kitsune: And you, Kaoru?

Kaoru: (sweatdrops) Uhhh……..I give. I'll help.

Kitsune: Alright, lets get this stuff ready! We're gonna make millions!

Later that night, about 1:04 am…

Brandon and Shinobu were hanging out in their bedroom, still clothed.

Brandon: Well, we've watched an hour of New Year celebrations, once again. You want to call it a night?

Shinobu: Okay, just let me get changed first.

She walked off into the bathroom a few doors down the hall, and Brandon turned off the T.V. Right on top of it, unnoticeable since it was hacked into the EyeToy, was a mini-camera that showed everything in the room. In another room, where the others were watching, there were some pissed off glares in Kitsune's direction.

Sarah: So, you mean to tell me that they're not going to do it tonight? God, how long are they going to cling to their virginity?

Kitsune: Hey, we got footage of Drgnmastr, Barbara, and Motoko, didn't we?

Kaoru turned beet red, having heard this and seen the footage in action.

Kaoru: …..I got turned on from watching that. They were really…wild.

All: O.O

Su: Guys, Brandon's taking his shirt off!

They all turn to see him taking his shirt off, and in a pair of sweatpants.

(scene transition)

Brandon: Meh, it gets too hot in the futon with that shirt on…

Shinobu: (huskily) Turn around…

Brandon stops what he's doing, and looks slowly behind him. He sees Shinobu in black lace bra and panties, with bedroom eyes, and immediately his "little soldier" stands at attention.

Brandon: Alright, you have my attention.

Shinobu, slightly blushing, walks over and sits down next to him.

Shinobu: So, this is it, huh? …This is where we go all the way.

Brandon: (beet red) …yep. Cross this bridge, and we never go back. You're positive you want to go through with this?

Shinobu: I love you, with all my being and soul. I won't have any regrets, so let's do it.

They begin to passionately kiss, their hands moving over each others bodies, and Brandon reaches to unhinge Shinobu's bra.

Shinobu: It clasps in the front, silly.

Brandon: (chuckles)

He undoes her bra, and they go back into kissing. Then, Shinobu presses her breasts against Brandon's chest, and…well, I'll leave what happens next up to your imagination, but there's a lot of groping, rubbing, and massaging of various areas before they do the horizontal shuffle.

Meanwhile, in the other room where Kitsune, Kaoru, Sarah, and Su are watching…

All: o.o ……….

Kaoru: Wow…..for virgins, they act so experienced…


Sarah: o.O…. (looks down at herself) I can do that?

Just then, DrgnmastrAlex walks in on them.

DrgnmastrAlex: Hey, what are you all doing in the laundry room?

The girls turn to see Drgnmastr and his manhood.

All: o.O…


DrgnmastrAlex: WHOA NO! I'M MARRIED NOW! (runs)

Kitsune: Come back here! I refuse to be a virgin at my age! (chases him)

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