(12/11/04) You can tell I'm bored when I'm ignoring my other stories and starting a new one based off of an old video game.

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Author's Notes

1 – If you haven't heard or played Legend of Mana … er … you're in trouble. I'm not really going to describe characters physically … unless I find them hot or something. But … if you really want to see what they look like, just e-mail me and I can send you some pictures.

"The Artificer Phillip is dead. A mob from Lumina, Domina, and Gato finally found him and killed him." Pokiehl said solemnly.

"And this is … bad news?" Asked Rosiotti.

"Well, yes, it is in a sense." Said Selva.

"I say we forget the Artificer, it'll cause less trouble that way." Said Olbohn with a smug look.

"We cannot do that." said Tote. "Our world will die if we do not have a proper Artificer."

"I agree." Said Gaeus. "But the question is … who is to be the new Artificer?"

"He cannot be hereditary." Said Rostiotti.

"Well of course not." Replied Selva. "Phillip had no children … and if he did, they were illegitimate."

"So we'll have to pick someone?" Asked Gaeus.

"That does seem the case." Old Tote said with a smile.

"He cannot be like Phillip." Said Pokiehl. "That is an obvious fact. Phillip abused his powers which ultimately ended in his death."

"So he needs to be trustworthy …" Said Rosiotti.

"And helpful and everything else that defines a hero." Said Selva.

"And I think this 'he' needs to be a 'she'." Said Tote.

"A girl?" Asked Rostiotti in shock. "A woman cannot possibly fill the position of Artificer!"

"I agree." Said Olbohn. "It would be susceptible to whatever you wish the Artificer not to be."

"Actually …" Said Pokiehl. "I believe that a female would fit the position perfectly. Women tend to be more compassionate."

"Precisely." Said Tote. "The previous Artificer caused many problems and left them unresolved. Tensions will be growing because of the state the world is in now that the Artificer is dead. Our new Artificer needs to resolve these problems … and a stubborn man won't be able to do what is needed to be done."

"Fine … a woman then." Sighed Rosiotti. "But which woman?"

"Elle is not courageous enough …" Murmured Gaeus.

"She will be busy with that horse boy Gilbert anyway." Said Selva with a nod.

"The Jumi race would suffer with Pearl as Artificer." Said Tote.

"Perhaps we should create someone?" Asked Selva.

"Create someone? How?" Said Rosiotti.

Pokiehl cut in. "Not precisely create but mold, in a sense. We take someone of Fa'Diel, who has the type of characteristics we are looking for and give her a fake past. To make things similar, she will not know of her title and will think nothing of her powers. We shall give her a guardian to set her on her way and she will carry out her duties as Artificer."

"What if she discovers what we have done to her? Or what if she abuses her power?" Asked Rosiotti.

"If we choose carefully, that will not be a concern." Pokiehl replied. "I, with help from Selva, will find this person and we will have a final council before giving her the powers of Artificer."

"So that's it?" Asked Gaeus. "We shall have an Artificer that is good and true?"

"Yes, we shall." Pokiehl said with his odd smile.

"And the world shall be set to rights?" Asked Tote.

"We can only hope." Said Pokiehl.

"Well …I think this Council of the Seven Wisdoms is adjourned." Selva said smartly.

"Let us hope that the next time we meet, we will have a candidate for Artificer." Said Gaeus joyfully.

Something was poking my face. What was it? What was so sharp? WHAT WAS CAUSING BLOOD TO COME OUT OF ME???

Oh. It was Lil' Cactus. Stupid plant … always wanting … stuff.

I tried to push away Lil' Cactus so I could continue sleeping but I then realized that I just put my hand onto a sharp, prickly surface that draws blood.

'Smart move Tris.'I thought to myself as I watched my now bleeding hand spew blood.

"YES." I yelled as I threw off the covers of my bed. "THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I LIKE TO WAKE UP!!! BLEEDING AND RUINING MY FLOOR!" I screamed then and tried to wrap my hand in my bed sheets to prevent the more-than-average-blood-spillage-from-pricking from dripping onto my hardwood floor.

Finally, I succeeded in stopping the blood and looked down with a glare at Lil' Cactus who was doing some kind of crazy dance.

"I hate you." I muttered. Lil' Cactus' mood changed; it was suddenly sad and pitiful and … I couldn't hate it.

"Er … well … at least for the moment." Ha ha. Touché Tris. Touché.

"Why'd you wake me up Cactus?" I said as I pulled on my clothes and put my hair into its pipes.

"Sproutling!" Cactus yelled.

"Sproutling?" I asked curiously. "Is that some kind of new beer?"

Cactus shook its head back and forth and gave me some sort of 'Grr, I'm mad at you' look. "No. Sproutling outside!"

"Oh, there's a Sproutling outside?" I asked, walking over to my window and peering out of it. "But … Cactus … it isn't even the afternoon yet. It's not right to drink before dark."

It seemed that the anger in Cactus either had made it pregnant or he was simply bloating.

"Just kidding!" I said with a grin. "But seriously … what's a Sproutling?"

"Go see! Go see!" It began jumping up and down in its little pot. Ohmigosh. Cute.

"Okay! I'm going!" I said as I skipped down the stairs. I walked down into the familiar downstairs with the fire blazing in the fireplace, my desk full of papers and books, a table and set of chairs for eating at, and the ajar door that led into the library. I walked past the table and noticed a random treasure chest sitting in the corner.

Without much disregard for what could possible be in there, I opened it and found 100 lucre. YES. SCORE FOR TRIS.

"There's no real reason to stay in here …" I muttered to myself. "I guess I should … I dunno, go drink some Sproutling." At that, I walked out the main door and into my front yard. Nothing special … there was an empty workshop in the back and an empty orchard to the right but otherwise, there was nothing except for the pet farm.

And that strange … thing walking around on the main path to my house.

What the fudge is that?

It's like a plant … that moves!


I pulled out my spear from my items pocket that hanged from belt and charged at the little thing and … missed it completely because it took a step to the side.

"I'm a Sproutling!" It said enthusiastically as it watched me with my butt up in the air because I fell down.

"You're not a beer …" I murmured after I got up.


"Nevermind. Um … you're a Sproutling?" I guess the name sort of fit the creature. It was like a toddler that had been mutated into a plant-like creature. Its head was large and it had many leaves surrounding its middle coming up to the top where its head came out of. It had little feet and short arms and legs that were green. In one word, I could describe it as … weird.

"Yes!" It replied. "Did you know that the world can be shaped by your imagination?"

"Er … no … not really." I stuttered. This thing was obviously either retarded or on LSD or something.

"Well … here!" It handed me some little colored blocks. "This is the town of Domina."

Yep. It's on LSD.

"Sure … this is Domina … that town that is right next to my house that I haven't really cared to go to for a very long time …" I then laughed. "Whatever, I'll go along with your little game. What am I to do with these blocks?"

"Put it where you want it to be!"

"How?" I said as I moved the blocks from one hand to the other in boredom.

"Just … put it somewhere!"

"Fine fine …" I walked away from the Sproutling and walked down the path of my house for about ten minutes until I reached the end of my property. And I found something strange that I did not remember from before.

All of the land before me was completely barren; there was no life, no trees, no … anything.

"What's … going on?" I looked down at my feet that were still on the lush grass of my home. I looked further until I saw a very distinct separation of the grass from the barren land.

"I should … do something." The words came out of my mouth without me even thinking. Oh great, the Sproutling gave me its LSD high. In fact, I had opened up my hand which contained the colored blocks that the Sproutling gave to me. My empty hand went to my items pack and pulled out a map of Fa'Diel that I had not realized was there before. I unrolled it with one hand and suddenly the map flew out in front of me and began to float. In one corner there was a small person on a land called "Home." Upon further inspection, I realized that the tiny person was me.

"Yay! LSD indeed!" I said, trying to calm myself down. This was all too weird.

I suddenly had the inclination to put the colored blocks on the map … so I did. There was a strange light on the map and another one far off in the distance. I shut my eyes because of the sudden brightness and when the light was gone, I saw that there was a new place on the map called "Domina."

"The Goddess." I murmured. "This is all too … how did this …? … man … I gotta stay away from those druggy Sproutlings from now on.

"Might as well go to Domina … but I'm facing the wrong direction." I looked at the map and saw that Domina was to the north."

I turned on my heel to face the opposite direction of the freaky land. I walked up the path again, walked past the Sproutling (who, by the way, I scolded for giving people LSD by breathing the air around it), and then came to the end of my property.

But there wasn't any barren land. Oh ho!

There was Domina!

"See, I totally knew that was going to be there. It had nothing to do with that Sproutling or anything. Psh. How lame."

As you can see … it's basically a parody. But I'm going to have most of the story in there … I'll try doing one event per chapter if I actually keep up with this.